Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Characters Already on the Disc, New DLC Outfits Revealed

Richard Walker

YouTube user SoulReaperTTG has had his account disabled, due to a bunch of videos showing that he's managed to hack his way into an early copy of Street Fighter X Tekken, only to find the twelve PS Vita characters that Capcom had confirmed as planned DLC for home consoles are already on the disc. Videos of the fighters and their intros, as well as additional costumes had all been posted on YouTube, but they've been hastily taken down.

Videos of Elena, Guy and Cody had all been floating around at some point, as well as gameplay footage showing Bryan Fury, Lei Wulong and Ailsa Bosconovitch. There's also been footage showing Mega Man and Pac-Man on Xbox 360, indicating that Capcom and Namco's mascots are in the pipeline as DLC unlocks too.

Blanka, Dudley, Sakura, Lars Alexandersson, Christie Monteiro and Jack are also evident on the hacked disc, and shown in a fully unlocked character select screen. You can check out the screenshot over at Shoryuken, and perhaps see some gameplay footage before it's removed.

Meanwhile, in non-hacked Street Fighter X Tekken world, Capcom has revealed a SFxTK crossover costume pack, which dresses Street Fighter characters in Tekken duds and Tekken characters in Street Fighter clothing, like Chun-Li Alpha gear on Xiaoyu or Heihachi hair on Akuma. There's more examples in the seven screenshots below [courtesy of Andriasang], including Paul as Rufus, Law as El Fuerte and Vega as Yoshimitsu. Take a look, then check out our Street Fighter X Tekken review.

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  • well this just went from a maybe...... to a, FUCK YOU CAPCOM!!!!
  • capcom work their magic again...
  • *groan*.......when is this going to stop
  • I like Capcom..they've given me good games since I was a kid.. but I WISH they'd stop re-enforcing peoples money grabbing opinions of them BAD CAPCOM!
  • is anyone really surprised at capcom doing this?
  • Wow so all in all 14 characters are locked away on disc, must be some sort of record... and this is what DLC has been reduced to...
  • it always has to be that one loser to ruin a game for still getting this game no matter what its going to be amazing
  • If your 3MB downloads for whole campaign add-ons wasn't enough it is folks!
  • well this settles it won't pay for the dlc then im gonna be buying the 360 and vita version anyway why can't they just support their fan base and give them something for free.
  • "There wont be any super or ultra edition this time" we'll just rape the fans with overpriced dlc.. with no achievements..thats already on the disc.. So glad I decided not to get this as I almost gave in and pre ordered but didnt.. I love street fighter but the way capcom support their games with dlc is always a let down..ill wait til it drops to 20 bucks and most likely never get their dlc judging by the way they have done with past dlc its unlikely there will be a price drop *sigh* oh well fuck capcom as usual.
  • Things like that are always on the disc so that they can be used online against people who've not bought it. Its unfortunately not surprising.
  • they don´t finished the characters in time, thats why they aren´t playable. just because the data is on the disc, the chracter itself with balancing and techniques isn´t. and if you don´t like it, then don´t buy the DLC. thats what you crybabys wanted all the time and now its still not good enough? all people complaining now are total morons, not worth getting the game. please keep the servers clean. Thank you.
  • capcom have been doing this for years , its just how they roll, still a day 1 purchase but im not very happy about it, i always think dlc should be extra, not inclusive of the games content.If developers are going to cheekily make the dlc at the same time they make the game, then the very least they should do id keep it of the disc and hidden away until they decide to release it,so we dont feel robbed.
  • of course they are guna be on the early version they have to have a way of testing them for bugs cus anyone who buys the game will complain if they dint work properly. N capcom have every right to make as many versions they want. nobody makes you buy them but true fans get the extras ie more fighters like ssf4 ae. N plus come on street fighter is the of best n most prisise fighting game on the market.
  • Capcom gives Japan a bad rep IMO.
  • @13- Thank god somebody understands things and doesn't just complain about everything. Don't like it, don't buy. Nobody gains anything from people whining like little girls on a x360a post.
  • @#15 Capcom already came out and said they wont be making a Super Street Fighter x Tekken so all this is is someone was brave enough to investigate inform the public about the already well know and apparently still being used shady practices of Capcom.
  • This seamed pretty obvious as there was speak of DLC characters a good while ago. I was thinking to myself if Capcom would already have the characters on disc and it seams my suspicions were right. If 4 characters on Super street fighter 4 cost 1200msp i wonder how much 12 will cost on this? Probably ened up buying the game 3 times over. Think i'll wait for the game of the year/complete edition. As much as i love Street Figher this just seams a total rip off.
  • Under the UK trade descriptions act it should be changed to DLK, not DLC DLK = 'Downloadable Key'
  • @13, I don't think you understand why people are angry. The content is already on the disc, yet we're having to pay extra on top of a full RRP to unlock it. DLC should be content that is developed and released after the game has come out. Not content this is clearly ready from day one. If capcom want more than £40 then they should have the stones to charge £40+ from the release date, rather than passing content off as DLC. So, you see its not down to people moaning about things they don't have to buy, if the content already exists on the disc it should be accessed without having to pay for 'DLC'. You sir, are a moron -.-
  • @13 So, that 108kb unlock code you download has all the information all the characters need to be playable since they were incomplete? I don't think so.
  • why complain about this who cares if it's already on the disc "oh no Capcom put the dlc on the disc I'm not getting the game" be a man and suck it up or be a girl and stfu
  • @13 They are all playable, and completely functional. It's BS and you know it. Also, If the "characters weren't finished in time" please explain Mega Man and Pac-Man. If they weren't finished, they wouldn't have left all that they did about the characters and they wouldn't be trying desperately to cover everything up. And balancing? Don't bother bringing up balancing in a fighting game in this day and age as an excuse. The hardcore fighting game community who go to Eventhubs, SRK, and all the other sites and fighting events know and have seen that all these characters are in completely working condition just like all the other characters. It's just sad that there are always FAN BOYS who honestly try and justify it no matter what. And someone with x360a in their gamertag shouldn't call others morons especially when said person doesn't even know half of what they're talking about. Set the example.
  • @24 lmao I just saw the gamertag lol
  • DLC is supposed to mean Downloadable content NOT Disk Locked Content
  • @26 Nice one there! I was coming on here to see the amount of complaints about the 360 version getting Pac-Man and Mega Man after hearing for months how unoriginal the idea was and how everyone is glad they didn't have those characters. I can't say that I'm surprised and at the same time I will more than likely get them.
  • If you don't want to pay for them, don't. Simple as that. I own the game, I love the game. If the DLC characters are good and/or I am interested in using them, I'll buy it, if not, I wont. Simple. Complaining won't help alter the deed that's been done.
  • @13 You're octopus on dick retarded.
  • This is one of the reasons why I rarely ever buy dlc.
  • There comes a time where enough is enough. I can deal with alternate costumes already being on the disc and being DLC because, really, they're just costumes. They add nothing to the game. I can deal with a partially complete Jill and Shuma-Gorath being on the disc because at least they can cling to that "they aren't done yet" excuse. I can deal with Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 not being DLC even though the game before it was less than a year old. But this? Having ALL these characters already on the disc, finished, and making us PAY to unlock them? Fuck you, Capcom. If I ever get this game now I'll be getting it used. Or I'll wait for the "Super" version. I know Capcom says there won't be one but if there's one thing we've learned about Capcom it's that they're full of shit. Also, it's always hilarious when Capcom fanboys come in here and try to justify this shit.
  • Amen @#26
  • Ogre as Gill FTW!
  • Think i'll be getting the game second hand so Capcom don't get any of my cash. I recommend that you do that too
  • Thanks Capcom! Second hand it is!
  • I'm pretty angry but I think i'll still get(am i dumb?). Game looks very fun. Capcom should really stop screwing the people.
  • As long i can play as Megaman...
  • @24 i can say what i want especially if its the truth. i am a hardcore fighting game fan and i visit IPW, Shoryuken etc everyday to check if news are up. those characters weren´t finished when it went gold, end of discussion. as if you would be able to play all of them or are interested in all. don´t like it, don´t buy it.
  • Don't get me wrong I'm liking this game can't wait for it but when I saw "Megaman" gameplay. He was a short little fat ass guy that looked like a lazy guy you find on couch sipping beers and watching t.v. all day. I'm not kidding short and fat as hell.. But still getting this.
  • @39 I never said I would and I don't plan on it. I'm not a mindless Capcom FAN BOY. That's a link to just ONE article pretty much telling everyone that Capcom did it and knew what they did and they admit it. They say that it was to minimize file size and/or allow everyone to see the content that they don't have. While a "plausible" reason, it's not a very good one to be honest. Most likely that reason, to make a quick buck, and create the illusion of DLC and support while they focus on Darkstalkers 4. No mention of balancing. No mention of "techniques". No mention of them not being completed. So you're wrong and again, you don't know what you're talking about. You're probably even bad in SF, MvC, BlazBlue and every other fighter anyway. You salty bro? HYPER SODIUM FORCE
  • @39 The 'DLC' character not finished when the game went gold? Funny because the article I read on joystiq yesterday talked about how someone found a glitch that actually put Elena in the game with full skin, moveset, and everything else. Today they had an article where Capcom actually released a press statement saying they did have the characters on the disc because they wanted to 'save hard drive space' and 'ensure the fans they wont do a super version'. Not enough proof for you? Then explain to me how the Vita version which also comes out the sale day already had all 12 of these characters in the game already? Please get your facts straight before you you make an ass of yourself again. As for Capcom doing this, I am not surprised. The company has been doing shady stuff with their fighting games this console generation. Other then Resident Evil and (maybe) Dead Rising games, I will not be buying any more Capcom games.
  • @39 Yeah i am pretty bad, just former top 100 (now 4-500) in SF and top 500 in BlazBlue but hey i forgot i am talking to someone who is probably world number one, as you don´t seem to have job, since you are crying about a little money on DLCs. @42 wow, you mean the article that has been up for days? the vita version comes out in 3rd Quarter 2012 if you are talking about getting facts right. i don´t know where you live, because it seems you are able to get it 6 months earlier. now explain to me why it comes half a year later then console, if not for technical and balancing issues? you people don´t want to buy another disk version, now you cry over DLC, some gamers going to bitch about everything.
  • of course capcom is going to say they aren't going to make a super version. if they did why would anyone buy this one? i've been looking forward to this game since they announced it, and i'm sorry having 12-14 characters locked for later purchase is going to make me have to wait till october/november when the obvious ultimate/super edition comes out. you know its coming
  • @43- ok I messed up about the release date. Accidently looked at the wrong game on amazon. But...
  • @43 (Continuing from my last post since only the first part of my coment got posted) The links I posted were the articles I was talking about. As you can see tron the dates they were posted within the last 2 days. The first one talks about how Elena was shown to be on the disc via a glitch with full moveset and balancing. The second article talks about how Capcom pretty much all but said that they held back all these charactersfor DLC. They claim that it was to ensure "less hard drive space is taken up" and "compatibility". Nowhere do they mention these technical and balancing issues that you keep going on about. Face it, Capcom is taking advantage of their fighting fans by making them buy 2-3 copies of their last 2 games (SF4 and MvC3) and now releasing only a 2/3 of a game and making the fans pay almost the price of a new game for the remainder. Anyone still defending Capcom after all the times they have screwed them are just mindless tools, just like the CoD fanboys.
  • @46 i am totally fine with "money is the reason" but would these 12 characters even exist, when they didn´t plan to sell them as DLC? anyway, this discussion could be endless. have a nice day sir.
  • @47 Apparently they would exist considering they are already ON THE DISC. Or Capcom would have just released Super Street Fighter x Tekken Hyper Turbo Championship Don't Question Us And Just Buy This Edition.
  • @43 I have a job and I get a decent pay check. I'm not complaining about the DLC because I have money, I'm not buying it since I don't want to support this plan and boycott the DLC. And for once, you're right. This discussion will be endless, since you don't even have any response other than "HERP DERP HIGH RATING ON LEADERBOARD". It's been nice proving you wrong time and time again. By the way, in post 43, you were talking about yourself since YOU were #39.
  • @49 yup, thats exactly my response, being not far from the top among tenthousand other people and don´t know how thats proving me wrong but after a while i think you just like saying that. anyway, you´ll probably read this but i won´t read your response since i am outta here but i know that YOU don´t need two people for a discussion.
  • I don't know what to think. I like to judge chars when I play them but the wait is killing me!
  • @50 Dude just stop being a fanboy and give it up. Capcom is shitty and only care about the money. But Once Tekken x Street Fighter comes out sfxt will be going back! Fuck you capcom!
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