Dead or Alive 5 Fighting Worldwide This September

Richard Walker

Akira may not be the only Virtua Fighter guest star making an appearance in Dead or Alive 5, according to Team Ninja's Yousuke Hayashi, who revealed to Famitsu that he pestered SEGA to allow him to feature Akira in the game's character roster.

Given the effort that's gone into making the collaboration happen, Hayashi will be attempting to cram more guest characters into Dead or Alive 5, reports Andriasang.

Meanwhile, in other Dead or Alive 5 news, a release window has been given for the fighter, which will be boasting even more interactive arenas and more characters.

Dead or Alive 5 will be launching worldwide in September 2012.

[Via Joystiq]

  • My wife loves the series. I'll wait for TTT 2 thank you
  • I think I will stick with Soul Calibur 5.
  • I really cannot wait for this, been a fan since dead or alive 3!
  • Man the achievements will be hard as hell but I still want this day one regardless.
  • Day 1 buy for me, absolutely adore this series!
  • I hope they get more characters, one thing doa lacks is a characters, keep them coming please!
  • @5: This is gonne be epic bro! :D @6: Yep you are right mate! ;) Day One Buy ,this is pure badass power. Can`t wait for it ,i hope we will see much more characters than in the previous DoA Games. Super Excited for this. ;)
  • looking back at DoA 4 achievements makes me want to be dead than alive. Purely evil and it makes Dark Souls achievement look like a pushover (though there's no relation whatsoever). I just hope it's more doable this time.
  • On second thought, I take back what I said. Street Fighter is the biggest pushover.
  • Picked up DOA4 at a local pawnshop for $3! Can't wait for the new version. I hope each console does not have specific exclusives, as my 360 MK Fight Stick is perfect for DOA games.
  • This would actually be interesting. Turn DoA into DoA x Virtua Fighter, and then Capcom pushes out Darkstalkers, and then we have all the biggest fighting franchises out almost back to back.
  • @6: The lack of characters doesn't really bug me. After all, the ones it does have are pretty good, and it has more cool characters than most games. What I really want from them is better costume design. Lisa is totally awesome, but I just can't stand any of her costumes in 4. improve the costumes, and I won't care if we only get two or three new people. I have my complaints about the series, but the characters themselves has never been one of them.
  • Awesome. I remember I spent hours and hours playing Dead or Alive 3 on Xbox when it first came out. Good time!
  • Love the fighting game resurgence! DOA 5 in Sept., An improved digital copy of VF5 this summer, Skullgirls. TT2, tho not a fan. A new KI is on the top of my list, followed by a new Darkstalkers and Capcom vs SNK 3.
  • Awesome! Looks like September is filling up lol. Borderlands 2 and now this. Anyhow, can't wait for the DOA 5 demo! :D
  • @8: you sure not the only one, let hope the achievement nicer this time
  • Been a fan since the first DOA. Hopefully the achievments will be not so much grinding as DOA 4 was. Can't wait for DOA 5 demo!
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