This Week on Xbox Live [XBLA and DotW]

Richard Walker

It's a double dose of gaming goodness on the Xbox Live Arcade this week, as Shoot Many Robots offers frenetic side-scrolling blasting madness and Defenders of Ardania offers up some fantastical and rather attractive tower defence.

You'll also find some hack 'n' slash deals, including Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer 40K: Kill Team, The Baconing and Torchlight. This week also sees some selected Konami XBLA titles and add-ons getting price cuts, so there are plenty of bargains to lavish your Microsoft Points upon.

And naturally, there's a crapload of other stuff to check out too. Have a look at all the new content below:

Xbox Live Arcade

  • Shoot Many Robots - 14-Mar - 800 MSP
  • Defenders of Ardania - 14-Mar - 1200 MSP

Game Add-Ons

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Map Pack drop to ELITE Premium Members only - Black Box, Black Ice, Negotiator
  • Dynasty Warriors 7 - New Weapon Pack 5 - 160 MSP
  • Dynasty Warriors 7 - Legend Stage Pack 2 - 320 MSP
  • Dynasty Warriors 7 - BGM Pack 2 - 240 MSP
  • UFC Undisputed 3 - Ultimate Fights: Upsets Pack - 400 MSP
  • UFC Undisputed 3 - Fighter Pack: Fight of the Night - 400 MSP
  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Weapons & Armor Bundle - 400 MSP
  • The Gunstringer - El Diablo's 'Merican Adventure - 240 MSP
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Opponent: Jihl Nabaat - 240 MSP

Deal of the Week

Hack-n-Slash - March 13-19

  • Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale - 600 MSP (50% off)
  • The Baconing - 600 MSP (50% off)
  • Torchlight - 600 MSP (50% off)
  • Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team - 400 MSP (50% off)

Sales & Specials

Konami 50% Off Sale - March 13–19

  • X-Men Arcade - 400 MSP (50% off)
  • Castlevania: Harmony Of Despair - 600 MSP (50% off)
  • Castlevania: SON - 400 MSP (50% off)
  • Zombie Apocalypse - 400 MSP (50% off)
  • Zombie Apocalypse Never Die Alone - 400 MSP (50% off)
  • Battle: Los Angeles - 400 MSP (50% off)
  • Hard Corps: Uprising - 600 MSP (50% off)
  • BurgerTime HD - 400 MSP (50% off)
  • Puddle - 400 MSP (50% off)
  • Leedmees - 400 MSP (50% off)
  • Castlevania Lord of Shadow: Reverie - 400 MSP (50% off)
  • Castlevania Lord of Shadow: Resurrection - 400 MSP (50% off)

Games on Demand

  • Carnival Games - 6-Mar
  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - 6-Mar
  • Brink - 13-Mar
  • The Gunstringer - 13-Mar

Avatar Marketplace

  • Shoot Many Robots - 13-Mar
  • Marvel Collection Update - 13-Mar
  • College Game Day Collection - 13-Mar
  • Is Sine Mora not out this week :(
  • just picked up torchlight and puddle using the free microsoft points i got from xbox rewards this month :) the only thing better than cheaper games is free games :)
  • No time.... I'm I'll dealing with this little reaper invasion.
  • Hoping minecraft gets released soon..
  • @2 and the only thing better than free games are games that pay you
  • I already have Torchlight, which is the only one of those four games that's really worth playing. I'll probably pick up Hard Corps: Uprising and the two pieces of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC.
  • Great another week I won't be buying anything "(
  • Might finally pick BLA.
  • And shoot many robots I will.
  • Additionally for Kinect Fun Labs, Musical Feet has been reduced from 240 MS points to free.
  • Oh!? I thought Saint's Row 3 DLC was going to be released this week since we got an achievements update last week. Should be better doing my homework I guess. Bit disappointed...
  • Pick up battle LA if you want 200G in a couple of hours at most
  • Sine Mora next week! Nothing for me until then.
  • Same old stuff on sell. When will they put some good stuff on sell.
  • I've been wanting to check out Hard Corps and Torchlight for a while, so I am happy about these deals!
  • X-Men Arcade for me!
  • The Baconing with points from Xbox Rewards :D points just deposited into my account too, perfect timing
  • Good list for both Arcade and DoTW. Shame they were all already on sale at one point or another...
  • Will trial Shoot Many Robots and Sine Mora looks awesome :D yay for Akira Yamoaka.
  • Burgertime?
  • maybe i'm retarded, but can anyone else not find the Konami stuff on sale? God I hate this new dashboard....
  • All I'm getting is the DLC for Lords of Shadow. I've been waiting for them to go on sale since forever. I loved the game and completed it 100% and I've been dying to play more.
  • @21 I agree. This new dashboard sucks. After all this time, still not used to it.
  • was hoping that the battlefield map pack would be on deals of the week
  • Minecraft also got some avatar stuff today. Can't wait for that game.
  • Wow this looks familiar.
  • Not much, but still this is the better DOTW by far for the last 2 months imo. Love the half off Zombie Appocolapse, Torchlight, and that Deathspank Game though.
  • you forgot to mention the new final fantasy xiii-2 dlc that came out today
  • Really ?
  • thanks for updating post :)
  • Just bought The Baconing. Gonna get Shoot Many Robots when it comes out too.. I wonder what is included in the KoA:R weapon bundle... Anyone know?
  • Got the DLCs for Castlevania Lords of Shadow, loved the game and I've needed a reason to go back to it.
  • Think I'll grab the Lords of Shadow DLC just in case I go back to that game at some point.
  • @17 So that's where the extra 300 Microsoft points I found in my account today. Damn I really wish they would send an email or something letting us know when they are giving us rewards before I panic and rush to my computer to make sure my account wasn't hacked. OT: Glad that they put The Baconing back on sale. Forgot to pick it up last time because it was a one day sale and I thought I had purchased it with the other 3 or 4 games I downloaded in the sale but then to find out the next day I didn't.
  • i have a feeling South Park: Scott Tenerman's Revenge is out tomorrow because all the themes and pics went up with the shoot more robots stuff
  • Would get something with my 600 points, but I'm saving that for the inevitable 50% off I Am Alive. Played the demo, it was great, but spending $15 on it wouldn't be justified
  • Might pick up Burgertime, loved that game as a kid but I couldn't justify 800 MSP. Also anyone with a Kinect, Gunstringer is awesome, though I haven't played it on my account in forever. @ 34 - they do send emails; they're probably going to junk or you may not get them if you've opted out of receiving emails from MS.
  • Had the Castlevania LoS DLC gone on sale about 3-4 months ago I definitely would've bought them. Now it just seems pointless.
  • I still wish that The Simpsons Arcade was part of the Konami sale. After this, who knows how long it'll take to go on sale.
  • @38 - That doesn't even make sense. How is it pointless?
  • Well looks like i'm spending some points this week. Probably gonna get Battle: Los Angeles, both Castlevania games, and gonna try a couple of the others over the next few days. Just gotta kill me some reapers first. You know Shepherd should be rolling through space blaring Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper". Well that's just my 2 cents.
  • @31 the bundle is the 3 packs (might,finese,sorcery) in one. Shoot many robots for me when i get home from work, i thought it was 1200,but its 800. Cheering.
  • I shall be making Microsoft very happy this week will all of the purchasing I will be doing. Probably time I start actually playing some of the arcade games I have instead of letting them pile up...I just can't say no to a good deal though :P
  • Just bought Torchlight! Been waiting for this sale
  • Anyone know why there's Resident Evil: ORC dlc in the marketplace a week before release? its not in the PSN store so i found it weird
  • Just picked up Battle LA, mainly to take up a few hours for 200G and a completion.
  • Battle LA, gonna try that one for 400 msp, and maybe the 2 Caslevania DLC's, although I don't know when I'm gonna pick that game up again, still have a stack of game lying around.
  • Castlevania DLC! YES! It's about friggin time!
  • @21 and 23 I'm having the same issue trying to find the Konami sale area. Is everyone else using the list here to find the Konami sale games or is it on their dashboard?
  • I can't find the sale on the Dashboard anywhere either. But the sale is on, I've checked a few of the prices.
  • pinked up a few B.T.hd,Z.A.nda,40,000K.T,+Castlevania dlc hellyeah. best deals in two years neden more good deals ...YSSUP
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