Rumour: Soul Reaver Reboot in the Works at Crystal Dynamics

Richard Walker

Rumour has it that Crystal Dynamics not only has the upcoming Tomb Raider up its sleeve as far as reboots are concerned, but the developer is also apparently working on a reboot of Soul Reaver, a spin-off from the popular Legacy of Kain series starring the vampire wraith, Raziel.

Details are of course scant, what with this being a rumour and all, but the Soul Reaver reboot is reportedly a full reworking of the classic game, with a new art direction. It's unknown where the reboot will lie in the overall IP and lore, and whether Kain and Raziel will return, although you can assume that they will if this rumour turns out to be true. Why on earth wouldn't they?

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain first released for the PSone in 1996, before spawning the spin-off Soul Reaver in 1999. That in turn led to a direct sequel in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 in 2001, which was then followed by Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain and Legacy of Kain: Defiance for PS2 and Xbox in 2002 and 2003 respectively. The series has been on a long hiatus ever since.

Whether Kain and Raziel will be back for a reboot alongside Ms. Croft this year is rumour for now, but we'd certainly be all for it, as we imagine a lot of people would be.

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  • *throws wallet at screen*
  • Words cannot describe how amazing this is !!!!
  • Hell, I'd settle for HD remakes of the old games. Hope this is true, love this series.
  • take my money! rape my wallet! i will have this! Soul Reaver has got to be one of the most epic games ever!
  • We can only hope. Great series. The first blood omen would fit right in on xbla arcade as well. I still wake up in a sweat remembering the day Raziel got his wings snapped off by Kain. Painful viewing.
  • If this turns out to be true I'll be a very Happy Bunny! (A blue wingless Bunny)
  • WOW. I was just talking with some friends the other day... saying... with all the HD collections... they need to bring back Soul Reaver. I loved all these games. So much fun... And Soul Reaver was by far my favorite... till defiance came out lol @5 that part was amazing!!
  • I'm not in for an HD remake of the collection (I don't know, maybe these game are too fresh in my memory for now), but... a reboot (ine the sens of a new vision of the universe and the scenario) or a new sequel (or spin-off) ? HELL YEAH ! Raziel's one of my all-time-favourite game character and I'll be glad to see him back on 360/PS3, that's for sure !
  • I hope they make this happen!! I still have the originals of all these except for the first Blood Omen.
  • Sweet!
  • I would fall to my knees and cry tears of joy. My faith in CD would be fully restored. Legacy of Kain is my favorite game series and the best written one in all video game history. I'd rather they start with Blood Omen but Soul Reaver is a start that I would gladly enjoy.
  • I just messed my pants.
  • Great news, hoping that this is true. Really enjoyed the originals!!!
  • Why wasn't this done sooner, I cannot wait for this!!
  • @#1 I literally LOLed so hard... Soul Reaver was an amazing IP and I would love if they did a reboot. *throws wallet at screen*
  • I just wish we could have the Elder God, but Tony Jay unfortunately has returned to the wheel. Speaking of (loosely connected), it seems like they're planning on ignoring Defiance if Raziel is used. Bums me out if that's the case, what with "History abhors a paradox." :) It's the second best game in the series imho tied with Blood Omen. First is Soul Reaver 2 as the quote probably indicated. Soul Reaver 1 is third. Blood Omen 2 doesn't exist. I'd like some HD remakes so I can play my favorites in the series. I think the original Soul Reaver is on (don't lynch me) PSN. I know Blood Omen is. At least put Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance in the XBox originals. As much as I love these games, I'm apprehensive about this given Amy Hennig won't be involved. I have no doubt they could make some great new mechanics, but without a great narrative it won't be a BO/SR game. I'm wishing for the best.
  • PLEASE BE TRUE! And please have the original voice actors. I can imagine anyone else as Kain and Raziel.
  • MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!! have always wanted to know what happens after the last one plus keep hearing rumors that Uwe boll was ment to be making the movie but that guy needs to die if he does
  • Sweet
  • HD remakes would be great, a new game would be better! BOTH would be epic!
  • Please oh please be real!
  • Oh Yeaa!...I remember it took me, my pops, and lil bro to beat Soul Reaver Glory Days ┬ŽD
  • omg omg omg
  • Blood Omen on XBLA please! Shouldn't be difficult, just do it like Castlevania SOTN (best arcade game on the market and probably the reason I bought a 360!!)
  • If this turns out not to be true I'm going on the biggest drinking binge of my life.
  • Rather would play a new Gex.
  • Loved Soul Reaver on dreamcast 2 was PS exclusive so missed it. BO2 was average but still fun and Defiance was great. Getting this and JSR would be like chistmas!
  • YES!!!! i love this game raziel was so badass
  • I would love to see soul reaver to get HD remake's i well enjoyed them on the ps1 back in the day they where just pure fun. I would allso welcome an new soul reaver game too that would be great neaws. Lets hope this happnes!
  • @27 - It was planned for the DC too, but got canned when the console went down the spout. Shame, as the first game ended on a cliffhanger.
  • let this rumor be true! I would even take an HD collection thing that seems to be every japanese companies new thing.
  • I can't wait for the long awaited return of the legacy of kain series...give me a new game or game me an HD collection and I will be happy, now if we could only reach rare and have them release Killer Instinct HD collection and KI3 my dreams would be achieved!
  • I haven't had goosebumps like this in forever. I'm already earmarking the money in my budget to pick this up, even if it isn't out for two or three years. Gentlemen, we live in wonderful times.
  • LoK was my favorite series as a teen. It's been so long since the last game, I seriously doubt it will rely on any of the information from the previous games. From a business perspective, if they don't start over they will alienate so many new business opportunity. Normally I would rage, but this time I would be ok with that. LoK was helping to pave the way for deep stories and subject themes, like Mass Effect. (I know, oranges and apples but consider how much back story is in both.) Considering how far voice acting in games have come, I wouldn't be surprised if Raziel was recast. I love Bell, but his delivery was starting to sound like a broken record. The guy that plays Kain is still showing up in games all over the place. In Mass Effect 2 he played the bad doctor in the Overload DLC. All I could picture of Kain when he was talking. Considering how many plot holes were created with Blood Omen 2, I'd like them to start from scratch with a similar origin set up and dark, intellectual tone.
  • Please please please let this be true.
  • I wouldn't call it a long hiatus, the story was told. but ZOMBFG... gimme!
  • Ooooooooooooooo
  • (L) *throws all possible money at screen* MAKE IT HAPPEN
  • Just a Soul Reaver reboot? pfff... and here I thought they would stick with the actual protagonist, you know KAIN. If you must do a reboot, start with Blood Omen and leave Raziel where he belongs, in the sword >.
  • That original Legacy of Kain was just the bomb back in the PS1 days. I would buy the entire series again without questions.
  • 10 days till a GameInformer cover reveal? Please?
  • Please made this happened because I loved first series on DC and 2nd series on PS2 so much!! Please made this happened. I want Soul Reaver returns and I look forward add this into achievements list for gamerscore. I want Soul Reaver joins my achievements list. Anyway I really hope they bring this series returns. My favourite part of Soul Reaver series is that you change dark and light side throughout levels with puzzle solves using dark and light side.
  • Please be true
  • But I want a sequel instead... (But I'll take the reboot nontheless)
  • They better not screw with the story.
  • I too was hoping for a "Legacy of Kain: the Final Chapter" game. Granted they resolved Raziel's fate in Defiance, but Kain's was yet to be told.
  • Am I dreaming??????????????? *runs into door just to check* nope not dreaming but seriously this is the best news since.............wait this is the best news ever!!!!! i'm excited to say the least!!!!
  • Eternity is relentless, Raziel. But it seems this turn of the wheel, you may be awarded another throw, a better throw at destiny... ...without Tony Jay... /cry... Looking forward to this. Been hoping for a long time. LoK is one of the best written in the industry.
  • I'd rather they just finished the storyline they left us hanging with in Defiance. Finish what you started. Then worry about rebooting it.
  • This game just reminded me of Medieval for PS1. Anyone remember that!?
  • Soul Reaver is my favorite game of all time, hope it true
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