The Walking Dead Debut Trailer Brings Cel-Shaded Terror

Richard Walker

Episodic saga The Walking Dead is coming to the Xbox Live Arcade soon, with the first of five episodes of the graphic novel and TV series inspired surfacing in late April. To mark the announcement of the date, Telltale Games has released a debut trailer, which is suitably grisly.

Boasting a cel-shaded art style that brings the awesome graphic novels to life, The Walking Dead certainly looks the part, and tells the story of a new group of survivors who'll have to endure a similar ordeal to stalwart hero, Sheriff Rick Grimes, escaping from the zombie infestation in Atlanta.

You'll meet both new and familiar characters during your journey through The Walking Dead, which commences with the first of five episodes for 400 Microsoft Points in late April. Check out the gruesome The Walking Dead debut trailer below.

  • Sweet! I wish they would do a Season Pass for 1600 MS Points however!
  • looks like a zombie version of borderlands, lets hope the tv series games are better than movie games, quite like the looks of this and game of thrones
  • Might give this a chance if they're only 400 MSP a pop
  • I wasn't gonna bother with this, but for less than £4 i may as well give it a crack.
  • If this game is anything like Dead Island, then this game is dead to me already.
  • @2. This is actually more based on the comic series than the tv series.
  • I wonder if they will be all on a disc in a year.. i'll wait till then :)
  • I hope this isn't another lame QTE fest like Jurassic Park was, Telltale is capable of doing much better.
  • So it will have 1000g with all 5eps?? Or just the new max of 400g?
  • how do you pre order an arcade game and what is the point.
  • @9 maybe it will have 5 eps of 400g each so 2000g that would be cool
  • Or show up as 200g over 5 separate titles on ur played games list?
  • Spend 90% of your time on a farm arguing with friends 50G
  • Reasonable price since they said each episode will only take a couple of hours to finish.
  • Glad it`s on arcade so I can at least check out the trial. Luckily I got Episode 1 of Jurassic Park with the Blu-Rays so I could treat that as a trial as well, I`m not too fond of TellTale`s work but I can appreciate their apparent attention to detail and accuracies when it comes to doing games based on other people`s creations.
  • I found this video with 13 minutes of gameplay, looks decent.
  • I'll wait for the complete game on a disc. Also not really happy about the cell shader.
  • Love the graphic novel love the TC show hope the games as good
  • obviously i'm not expecting pure gold for a 400 Ms title, but this is definitely a day 1 buy.
  • #16 not anymore its been taken off
  • All i needed to see was ...The Walking Dead ... in the title and they will get all my money on day 1 for sure. I love everything about the tv series and the comics. Just wish i didnt have to wait till the end of april,.
  • the 13 minute gameplay is here
  • 400 points. (double take look) nope thats what it really says...
  • Looks better than I thought it would!
  • So rdiculously amped for this! Been pummeling through the comics recently, and the style of this game looks perfect. Will be interesting to see if they capture the essence.
  • Sweet!
  • Interesting gameplay style. Looks like it could be a lot of fun, let hope that it's as good to play as the gameplay video makes it look ;)
  • Wonder if the last boss will be the slut wife ^.^
  • I know that zombies genre has come to WW2 games but still....zombies are probably one of the most awesome enemies in the world KEEP BRINGING THE HORDE!!!!!!
  • Day one buy!
  • After watching the show,I now am going through the comics and I am a fan of both which is commanding me to get the game...ZOMFG!!!
  • This game looks pretty awesome. Maybe I will check out the comics now.
  • Telltale don't screw this up, this could be a great game...
  • Fully recover from near-death injuries in three days or less - 20G Follow the ever-changing, bipolar logic of your schizophrenic wife - 50G I want to be optimistic, but the series isn't giving me much reason to. Oh, and I'm hoping there won't be any actual gunplay; after all, there's no challenge with headshot autoaim!
  • The Walking Dead = YES! Telltale Games = NO! They made that lame ass Jurassic Park game, and if this is anything similar, I'll be hugely disappointed.
  • At 400 space bucks, I just hope it's longer than 20min. Day one grab either way tho.
  • I really hope this doesn't disappoint, seeing as I'm a fan of the comics and the show. If the writing styles compared to the comics are similar and gameplay is decent, I might get on board for this.
  • New group of survivors? Okay, this is NOT a walking dead game. Just another tired-ass zombie game using the show to push sales. Just get Left 4 Dead from a bargain bin. You'll be better off.
  • Sweet. I have been following the novels for years, since the first one. I stay watching the TV show, so now I will play the game. I only wish they treat the game with the same care they do the books and show. If not don't do it.
  • I wonder if the release of this will tie in to new survivors for the tv series...this has made me super hyped
  • Bring on the zombies :D
  • OH hell yes
  • I Will be getting this, I just wish it was actually like the R-E-A-L The Walking Dead Series from the TV Show that would be a hell of alot cooler!
  • Will it be first or third person?
  • My favorite tv show, love it!
  • @44 There would be no "real" the walking dead tv series without the novels.Im guessing you didn't realise that the exec producer of the tv show also writes the novels? and if your still not sure the bloke at the start of the trailer, he actually created the walking dead. So novel, tv show and game ARE the REAL walking dead.btw read the novels you wont be sorry
  • Needs Daryl Dixon. I think that's one of his arrows in the last walker? Though it's blurred so it could easily be something else /:
  • I agree, they should have done a season pass with this one. Kind of expensive otherwise.
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