Call of Duty's Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling Exits Infinity Ward

Richard Walker

Infinity Ward's Creative Strategist and public face of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Robert Bowling has announced today that he's departing the studio behind the MW series, although where he's heading next is unknown.

"Today, I resign from my position as Creative Strategist of Call of Duty, as a lead of Infinity Ward, and as an employee of Activision," Bowling declared via his Twitter feed, neglecting to say what he'll be doing next.

Activison responded to Bowling's resignation with an official comment [via Joystiq]: "We sincerely thank Robert for his many years of service. He's been a trusted and valued member of the Infinity Ward team. We wish him all the best on his decision to pursue future opportunities."

  • Cool... IW falls apart further. Also, you posted that he's FourTwoZero. Wrong. He's FourZeroTwo.
  • I will miss the stealth clown !
  • Maybe he will go to dice and try to make battlefield as good as modern warfare.
  • Aww didums :[
  • He probably wanted to work on a something that wasn't at the end of every punchline.
  • he will be in respawn.
  • Off to Respawn Entertainment.
  • @3 I hope you're being sarcastic.
  • I wouldnt be shocked if he were to go to EA and be the face/spokemans of their lackluster MEDAL OF HONOR games or maybe even BF3.Another option is he's heading to RESPAWN.
  • @#3 I doubt that. That's a VERY tough job.
  • LMAO @ #5. Great comment.
  • Activision made him sit down for an hour and play mw3, he couldn't take anymore
  • Good for him Call Of Duty blows now bring out Call of Duty 4.. 2
  • #5 wins.
  • I know people enjoy hating anything call of duty, but he seemed like a nice guy to me.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Now who the frak will reset my rank on CoD 4? Dammit, dude.
  • Weird timing; the "creative strategist" who was there when Elite got it's kickstart. Four months later, he resigns. :/ Not tying anything in; it's just that it seems a tad-bit suspicious.
  • "Creative Strategist", he probably needs a break after all the creative strategies he put into MW3 to make it stand apart from the other....oh wait.
  • Robert finally got the sense knocked into him. His job was to take other people's shit. I'm glad for Robert. He doesn't need to take people's shit all day every day.
  • Maybe its a good thing its gone downhill since CoD 4, its needs a complete reboot to get back to what made it popular in the 1st place.
  • These comments on modern warfare 3 news are always so dumb...
  • Watch the 'behemoth' as it falls and dies.
  • I'd resign too if I was in any way associated with the massive pile of shit that is MW3.
  • I prefer a game thats more team based like supporting your team as a medic or giving them ammo compared to being on a team full of 14 year olds thinking that no scoping is epic pwnage.
  • Be funny as fuck if he gets the ban hammer in mw3
  • Call of Duty? Creative? *snicker*
  • The bloke is a tosser anyway
  • I will miss his famous CoD XP Quote: "No Last Stand... F*** you Last Stand!" (and the CoD community finds out that Last Stand is in MW3).
  • It seems like a fairly brief and cold farewell announcement on both sides, wonder if something else happened to bring this on. Regardless, best of luck to him, in my opinion he deserves that much at least after putting up with what must have been nigh-on constant abuse for so long about the series and company he was with.
  • Hmm, didn't Josh Olin leave Treyarch last year? Seems these guys are dropping like flies, can't say I blame them, CoD had its run, it was great four, five years ago, but they've slipped, any talent these guys may have is better used else where. Maybe he'll jump on Respawn and go on to help make another game as fun as CoD, CoD2, CoD3 or even CoD4. Many people seem to forget that the Infinity Ward guys started out at EA and while there made what was probably the best MoH game ever, so there may still be hope for them yet.
  • This is literally the single best piece of call of duty related news I've heard in years. I know it isn't entirely his fault for the demise of the modern warfare series but considering he more or less became the spokesman for the series I'm glad he's gone... Just hearing him talk up/lie about the series and defend this thing and that thing has made my blood boil for the last few years. I know it's the guys job and I also know it's all about selling your product and making money at the end of the day but this guy has done that on the back of portraying himself as a true gamer, one of us, while at the same time blatantly lying his ass off. I can't believe some people are actually defending him and wishing him luck. Are you serious? If you are you deserve the shitty modern warfare games that we've been delivered since COD4. The further away this particular "creative strategist" is from the next modern warfare the better it will be for all of us true call of duty fans. He's exactly the type of person Bill Hicks had in mind when he talked about people that worked in advertising or marketing... No integrity whatsoever.
  • @ 27 - My thoughts exctly...
  • Proud to say I killed him once. But he killed me like 10 times, so I guess it's not worth bragging about.
  • Bad idea for him to leave IW and Activision.
  • The best thing that could have happened to the Call of Duty series.
  • Hmm.. Best of luck.. no one wants to work on the same shit forever.. Understandable.
  • @15 I agree
  • didnt think il'd see him leaving for years
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Lol at everyone who hates on cod. Its not going anywhere. Mw3 sales should point to that. Battlefield 3 tried to go head to head with it and got smashed. Black Ops 2 will smash whatever competition it faces this fall. Battlefield just isn't good enough. Deal with it bad kids.
  • inb4 April fools
  • Take the money and run. Smart man.
  • As much as I wasn't a fan of Call of Duty, I wish him the best of luck. Hopefully he can get onto some projects that will allow him some creative freedom.
  • Look at all the fanboys coming to talk shit lol
  • "Creative Stratagist"... There hasn't been anything creative about these games since 2007...
  • There's gotta be something more to this. Even if you don't like COD, you have to admit that it makes a metric fuckton of money with every release. People don't just walk away from that kind of money without a good reason. I'm sure he'll do fine though, he's too high profile to just fade into the background of gaming history.
  • COD kids will never stop South Park kids. Hihihihihi :D
  • who cares hes prolly the person who decided against putting bots in MW3 after treyarch already implemented them in Black Ops and instead gave us some stupid 2 player co-op fake horde mode which isnt a true MP bots mode, leaving either playing with glitches or not playing it at all.
  • Bashing CoD = thumbs up. Saying anything slightly negative about Battlefield = thumbs down. BF fanboys, you're a tad sensitive about your game aren't you? Sad to see him leave. He's pretty much the face of Call of Duty, and a great one at that.
  • Too bad. He really did try to bring some changes to the Call of Duty series.
  • @51 no one could tell that better. I didnt like BF3 but I'll not going to say anything negative about it or I'll just going to bring the trolls out. Anyway I wish him the best of lucks, I will continue following him on twitter...
  • Nomatter what people say, i enjoyed reading all the love/hate messages off this young man This guy will always be remembered
  • Good for him. I hope he has more appreciable success wherever he goes next.
  • GOOD!... Maybe now new stuff will be added to the new games, there's been no real change since CoD4.
  • @47-Much like the comments on every article about CoD.
  • Hopefully CoD will get better now.
  • @23 i doubt that very much.
  • The bloke is a Nice guy regardless of how pathetic activision are they have lost the core of their infinity ward team and as much as I bash CoD Robert was a respectable bloke who did his job and did it well. Yes he talked rubbish about how good/innovative the games were but he got paid to do that. All the haters point me in the direction of a creative strategist who slags off their own game? You won't find one, his job was to promote MW and promote it he did. In all honesty he deserves better than working for activision I hope he ends up with his infinity ward buds again
  • wow is there ay one key left? by COD?
  • working on the same franchise for 6-8 years might as well make me abandon it to go on new ways
  • Best of luck, Robert Bowling. Enjoy your $50,000,000.00 severence pay.
  • @3 The only job at DICE for him is in the Mail room. Good riddance.. very annoying voice.
  • Yeah... Quite sure alot of people wont mind this at all. I for one could not stand this guys fukin voice or face :/ Lets hope his future oportunities have nothing to do with microsoft so we wont have to his prick face but I doubt it...
  • PLEASE DON'T GO TO RESPAWN!!! I never liked Robert Bowling, for being the 'Creative Strategist', he knew NOTHING about the product he's trying to present to people. I mean, for Call of Duty it really doesn't matter, but it's irritating to listen to him during press conferences and gameplay streams where he's talking like he's a 12 year old discovering a shooter game for the first time-WAIT A MINUTE...HOLY HELL, ROBERT BOWLING IS THE REASON WHY THERE ARE SO MANY 12 YEAR OLDS ON COD!!! HE'S BEEN SELLING COD TO THE CHILDREN'S MARKET WITHOUT US EVEN KNOWING IT
  • I didn't know they actually had a CREATIVE strategist. I couldn't find that word in the COD dictionary.
  • @47 - agreed
  • @44- Hah awesome
  • @3 Go back to your terrible game from 2007.
  • @71 ok kid I will. At least it's better than that POS game that you put on a pedestal.
  • About time, the guy is a liar and a douche.
  • Maybe he will help remake my favorite game ever NO ONE CAN STOP MR. DOMINO?!?!?!
  • For all you haters who are slamming COD and Robert, why are you here? This is a COD forum so let the COD fans discuss their thoughts and opinions without having to scroll through all the pointless BF comments, if you want to talk BF go on a BF forum
  • I dont understand why bf3 users have goes at MW3 users and the other way around. Surely if u dont like the game u just dont play and leave the other to play their game. After all the whole idea is to enjoy your game not bitch about a game u dont even play
  • @76 It's because the ego some players have is nuts. I like COD, it's fun, but I hate being demoralized and yelled at by players, about how I killed them nooby or some stupid shit like that.
  • @77 surely they could just start playing battlefield 3, or another game. Luckily there is always the mute button :)
  • @76 Many of us own both MW3 and BF3. I bought MW3 for the single player campaign/local co-op and BF3 for the online multiplayer. On topic though, I wish Robert Bowling the best of luck on his next venture. Hopefully, people won't see him as a black cloud in the future.
  • guess he wanted to make something else than cod
  • When is the may dlc coming out
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