Anomaly: Warzone Earth Lands on XBLA Next Week

Richard Walker

Acclaimed PC real-time strategy game, Anomaly: Warzone Earth is coming to Xbox Live next week, bringing its own brand of 'reverse tower-defence' or 'tower offence', if you prefer, to the Arcade.

Including six new Tactical Trial stages, exclusive to the XBLA version, Anomaly: Warzone Earth will be releasing neatly within its originally announced spring 2012 window with its April launch.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth will be heading to the Xbox Live Arcade on April 6th for 800 Microsoft Points.

  • Wow, that actually looks good. Might check that one out. Been waiting for a good TD game since Defense Grid.
  • It's not a TD game, though. Imagine Defense Grid if you were playing as the aliens.
  • It's called "Tower Offense". :D This game is just awesome. :)
  • Looks interesting, And for 800 points its definitely worth a trial at the very least :D
  • It's always great when games launch at 800 points.
  • gonna get this , looks great :)
  • Got this on my phone, this game is good fun!
  • 3 games for XBLA again next week? Seems like they want to push a lot of games before the achievement change or something. Devs don't want to edit the finished games..
  • @8: I doubt that's the reason, changing from 200 to 400 would just mean editing the current achievements to give double that amount if you want a quick change, probably takes 10 minutes tops. Anyway, this game is alright, picked it up on Steam a while back. :)
  • @10: But Microsoft as a very long and complicated verification process. It would take weeks to get a game approved by Microsoft.
  • I hope for 400 Gamerscore. We will see.
  • The picture looks cool.
  • @12 doubtful this would have 400GS, as it's not part of the 'Arcade Next' promo. I imagine those will be the first 400G games, then it'll be open for any others. Of course I could be wrong... :)
  • And I also should of checked the front page first. Achievements have been announced - 200GS it is:
  • I think you can snag this for $5 on the Android Marketplace. I'll probably snag that version at some point, as a small handful of extra maps isn't worth that much to me. I've wanted to try this game for a while. Glad it is able to reach a broader audience.
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