Bungie Ends Halo Stat Support, Releases Insane Infographic

Lee Bradley

Bungie has ended its support for Halo statistics, marking the occasion with the release of a great big ream of facts and figures.  Turns out it was quite a popular series. Who knew?

"We have followed your careers with great interest here on Bungie.net, and you have gifted us a mountain of heroic moments to memorialize," said community manager DeeJ. 

"It is with a sense of awe that we step back and admire the impact that you have had on our games, and upon our studio. Thanks for sharing your stories with us."

The stats reveal that since September 2004, when stat tracking began and just two months before the release of Halo 2, more than 20 billion games of Halo have been played online. 20 billion.

Broken down, that's 5.4 billion on Halo 2, 11.5 billion across Halo 3 and Halo: ODST, and 3.9 billion on Halo Reach. In total, that's over two billion hours of playtime, or put another way - 235,000 years.

You can see the full infographic below. There's some fun stuff in there.

Microsoft's 343 Industries is now the primary developer of the Halo series. Its first full game, Halo 4, is out this year.

  • Oh
  • Didn't see the full thing initially... but shit, that's crazy. Can't wait to see what Bungie has planned next. Also can't wait to see if 343 can emulate these sorts of numbers in the future.
  • crazy
  • Well, fuck a duck!
  • I should go...(outside).
  • It's a sad day. Good luck to Bungie on whatever they work on next and I hope that 343 can take Halo back to it's glory days. (Halo 2&3)
  • in otherwords, their online numbers are dwindling and instead of publicly allowing everyone to easily see this right on their website, they're going to try to save face by disabling it...even tho we can still see MajorNelson's top 20 list each month that Halo 3 is barely even on the list at 17 and Reach is barely in the top 5 anymore being surrounded by 3 COD titles in the top 6 lol and only 1 spot ahead of 2 games that are primarily single player RPGs in Skyrim and Mass Effect 3.
  • guys.. guys.. i dont wanna toot my own horn but.. i think that was me..
  • Bungie will always be Halo. All the best to them in the future.
  • I look forward to both Halo 4, as well as Bungie's next release.
  • This is simply...breathtaking. It's been a long journey, Bungie.
  • @7 They don't own Halo, they sold it off, and chose to go down that route several years ago. Why would they continue to run something they don't own any more? And oh, Halo3 is in the top 20 list... how many years after it was released? And reach is still in the top... meaning its still going strong... Surrounded by 3 CoD titles... yet it still stands, and CoD is a game any moron can play in general, hence why its so popular. Interesting stats though, that's allot of time. Hope 343 can replicate the success of the previous halo series.
  • @7- nice use of punctuation. And the reason Reach's numbers are lower than 3's is because it hasnt been out as long
  • Bungie I will miss you. I still believe you'll oneday own the world. Don't forget us :D
  • @7 - Halo through the eyes of a cod fanboy who tried to play Halo, but ended up taking it so deep he cried.
  • God, I miss playing Halo 3 with my chums...
  • Damn that's a lot of really big stats...
  • Good run Bungie.
  • Thanks for an amazing run, without you bungie I would have never played Xbox, to this day I own all Halo Games Made - R.I.P Bungie
  • I can't wait to see whats in store for us next from Bungie
  • Halo may be finished... But I think we're just getting started. I'm sure this will not be the last time we hear from Bungie. Whatever is next on their agenda will be bigger and better. I'm sure of it.
  • Halo 3 custom games...good times...
  • What #7 said.
  • ...and I would do it all again
  • @22 Halo isn't finished... it's just getting started...
  • @19 Bungie isn't dead.
  • Great times with Halo 2 and 3. Never got too deep into Reach MP. Best of luck Bungie, whatever may be in the future.
  • Shame it doesn't have a stat for how many people are now obese
  • Halo 2 best game ever! the reason i got xbox live!
  • Oh, My!
  • 490,000 cows? PETA is going to be piiiiissed
  • I'll take my steaks medium-rare.
  • #7 - You are a moron. I don't play or even like the Halo series BUT I respect the impact it has had on the industry. It is a testament to its impact that their games are still in the top-20 after years and years of being out. If it wasn't for Halo MP there likely wouldn't be COD or other MP 'army-man' games. In fact, there may not even be an XBox Live 'community' without the influence of the Halo series. To insinuate that they are shutting it down to hide how they cannot compete is absolutely stupid.
  • Hmmm I blame Stosh for this
  • Man, I wonder how much larger Halo 2's number would be if it tracked campaign games like Halo 3, ODST, and Reach do.
  • we will miss you bungie! you guys are halo forever in my heart
  • I'm sad :( Why did Bungie have to stop making Halo games? It won't be the same anymore but I'll still be hyped for Halo 4, 5, and 6 :P
  • And I had a big (little compared to the total) part in it! =D
  • Bungie might be insinuating at something in it's Farewell...They are working on a new IP for MS. Bungie created only the second IP franchise that I was a true fanboy of. People like #7 are just silly,it surprises me that he can get out of bed and not break his legs. Remember BUNGIE created/honed the MP lobbies/options that most other games try/should model them after. All Hail the SEVENTH COLUMN!!! QQ
  • Maybe now that 343 is kind of taking the reins here, perhaps NOW somebody will listen to my pleas for help to get my Graduate achievement on Halo 3 fixed. I don't care if they have to just wipe my service record clean. I just want that damn achievement.
  • numbers are mind blowing...
  • @7 I think you've got it all wrong dude. @13 If you're going to pull someone up on their punctuation don't forget the fullstops. :) O/t sad to see these stats disappearing, halo 3 was the reason I got a gold membership. So many good times.
  • LAN parties for Halo 2...such fun
  • I'm still waiting for my damn steaks....
  • Damn, I wanted to see the stats for Server Dropouts in ODST. 54.3 billion?
  • Impressive numbers for sure but I'm still not sold on the idea of any of the Halo games being great. To me, those numbers just mean bandwagoneers have a lot of free time to mess around online.
  • I wanna see the stats for dickhead quitters that give me stupid losses.
  • A single tear just slid down my cheek...
  • Halo was the reason i even bought an X-Box. Thank You Bungie.
  • Reach sucks :(
  • time must go on "maybe" in 10 years they will sign back with microsoft....... nah they will be racking in activision money
  • I look forward Halo 4 for single-player campaign, co-op modes and achievements :):) I pray Halo 4 will have 10 hours or more for one playthrough in single-player campaign. I wish Halo 4 have this but guess will never happen since too much FPS games with short story playthrough :P My opinion I most look forward for FPS game in 2012 is Bioshock Infinite because will have better story for singleplayer, devs of Bioshock 1 and Infinite promise Bioshock Infinite will have more longer then Bioshock and more then 10 hours playthrough from what I read other website before. I wish wish 343 learns from what devs of Bioshock series that single-player need have more FPS with long story :):) Anyway I been waiting for whatsoever title Bungie working at moment with Activi$ion :P
  • #7 I understand what you mean but let you know your story look so much repeatability from many many comments recent.
  • I loved CE, 2, 3, and ODST. Reach (Barf) does not exist to me, it was as rancid as the waste produced by all those cows. But the original trilogy and the great atmosphere of ODST will always have a great place in my gaming history. Thanks Bungie.
  • @#$- Saying Halo made what "army man games" are today is more than ignorant. You've had these types of games since the N64...
  • Holy testicle Tuesday! (even though it's Monday)
  • Good for them i mean hal ois the best game ever
  • I spent a lot of time with all of the Halo games. I even downloaded and played Halo Zero, a game no one else seems to have heard of. I have read a few of the novels and have a UNSC shirt. While it's not my favorite video game franchise, it's provided a lot of good times for me and a lot of my friends. It's too bad that some people put the controller down and go away or think it's fun to team kill, but there are douche bags everywhere. The good far outweighs the bad.
  • Jesus Christ
  • Well, that's 86 steak dinners I'm owed. I like mine well-done. I'll eat my first one to celebrate the release of Halo 4 and the last for whenever you release your project, Bungie. It's been a blast.
  • Thank you bungie for the halo games. I especially enjoyed the third one cause it was a masterpiece the campaign and multiplayer were perfect.
  • Swear I thought I was going to cry at the bottom pick and how Bungie ended their final words in pic..... Please 343.... do what must be done
  • All these stats show us is the following: We are all just a bunch of homicidal mother fuckers at the end of the day. Bungie, here's to the undiscovered country and whatever y'all might be working on next. 343, y'all got some pretty big shoes to fill so for the love of all things spark related, don't fuck it up
  • Whats this? Halo 3 stats have been moved to halo.xbox.com? *Frantically types in address* ALL YOU'VE CARRIED OVER IS MY K/D, WHICH IS AWFUL BY THE WAY!!! *Begins to twitch*
  • 0_0 damn
  • Bungie was, and still is, THE developer on the X-Box 360. Here's to their everlasting success, and I can't wait to see what you come out with next!
  • Halo Reach Is my fav Halo game. I just hope Halo 4 won't be a let down, but looking forward to playing It with my friends.
  • I will miss you too bungie
  • 2 billion hours played? ive contributed a hefty portion haha
  • I grin when I think how many of those hours are mine from Halo 3 and Reach. I played well over a thousand games of matchmaking on 3 and I'm getting to that point on Reach. 3 will always have a huge place in my heart. I have many fond memories of getting together with a bunch of friends and wreaking havoc in the Big Team playlist. Thanks, Bungie.
  • I never saw this until now. Made me tear up a little with the message at the end. But the overall stats are absolutely insane. Thank you bungie for many glorious hours, I could of gone out and got laid but I decided Halo was more important (sad I know right). Thank you Bungie, can't wait to see what you come up with next! I hope 343i don't -blam- it up & I wish that marty could still be doing the soundtracks as he is an amazing composer, the ODST Soundtrack was godly. I think i was at least 99% of the total playtime ; )
  • When 343 saw these stats.....they sh*t bricks.
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