Microsoft Agency Registers "Halo Infinity" Domains

Lee Bradley

The Halo hype-wagon is charging its batteries once more. We’ve already got a look at the franchise’s return in Halo 4, but it looks as if Microsoft may have another project up the sleeve of its MJOLNIR armour.

Fusible has spotted that several domain names bearing the Halo name have been snapped up this week. These include and, web addresses registered by a company called Mark Monitor, a brand protection agency that works for Microsoft.

None of the sites are active just yet and Microsoft has not made any official announcements, so we can only speculate as to what they may represent. It has been noted that Infinity is the name of a multiplayer map from the PC version of Halo: Combat Evolved. It is also the name of a ship, the UNSC Infinity, from the Halo: Grasslands novel.

So then, what do you guys reckon it is? Speculate away!

  • new halo waypoint me thinks
  • Please not another Halo Micro$oft. Get some more Exclusives!! Im tired of the same games!
  • Halo is THE game that made xbox what it is now. Without halo, I doubt none of us would be playing on the 360..
  • Halo, it's just another FPS really. Pretty good if you like FPS's.
  • halo isnt just another FPS halo DEFINED fps.
  • I'm with #1
  • @4 I think Halo is more than another FPS to be honest. Not just in terms of its historical importance, but even now there's just so much to a game like Halo: Reach. Your average FPS has a bog standard 6 hour campaign with little scope and a repetitive MP component. The Halo franchise has a huge amount of lore to go with it and more of a multiplayer suite than anything. I think I've spent more hours playing Grifball alone than I have playing most other FPS games! To each their own though!
  • You got it spot on #5
  • Don't care what it is I love it already =)
  • @5 Ok i like Halo as much as the next guy. But really? Defined FPS'? Are you fucking kidding me? It defined the Xbox Live FPS experience yes. But when i think of defining FPS games its not exactly in the top 5. 1. Quake(s) 2. Doom 3. Duke Nukem 4. Counter-Strike / Half-Life (story telling done so well) 5. GoldenEye/Perfect Dark Possibly Halo next in terms of bringing a real FPS to consoles, but aside from that i could go on for many more PC games. Tribes/UT/SystemShock...
  • I say, it could be an arcade game.. or a new waypoint type thing
  • @5 Despite being a big Halo fan, I don't think it defined FPS games. Maybe FPS multiplayer on consoles. In fact yes, it did that for sure, but I'd point to games like Wolfenstein, Doom, Half Life and even Counter Strike as equally (or more) influential titles.
  • @12 THANKYOU.
  • I think 9 halos will be enough Halo Wars Halo CE (anniversairy edition counts here too) Halo 2 Halo 3 Halo 3 ODST Halo Reach Halo 4 Two more, 5 and Infinity will finish the series then start on some new exclusives. Not bothered if its a sports or FPS, just summat different
  • #3 couldn't have said it better myself the return of the only online fps
  • fps 1: quake 2: doom 3: counter-strike 4: counter-strike 5: counter-strike console fps 1: halo !
  • I think you mean Halo: Glasslands, not Grasslands.
  • This is Halo's time to shine once again. Two great games coming! Halo 4 and this! (hopefully)
  • I have no clue to what Microsoft is up too, but more Halo is a good thing!
  • @5: You must be about 12 years old if you really believe that. Ever hear of Wolfenstein? Doom? Quake?
  • Not sure why some people are complaining about another Halo, by the time Halo 4 hits it will have been 5 years since a main Halo game has been released, the other Halo games are great but there just spin-offs or prequels, its time for the mascot of Xbox to shine again.
  • Seriously, I cannot give enough thumbs down to 5 and 8 and enough thumbs up to 10 and 12.
  • It's Halo's version of CoD:Elite
  • I wouldn't say that it defined FPS as the controls have never felt fluid IMO. But no-one here can deny that Halo has an amazing story and rich lore that can still be tapped into to continue making compelling games for years to come.
  • i hope its more Halo 3 and less ODST/Recon
  • @23 Halo has had "cod elite" since halo 2 on the bungie website...the old halo games even have better stats and statistics than elite..
  • I'm not a fan of Halo much myself, but without Halo the Xbox probably wouldn't be as successful as it is now.
  • Like #23 said, halo version of elite, I think it will tie into a season pass for Multiplayer, I think they are doing the same thing with Forza Horizon
  • theyll finally get me to cave if its like cod elite..halo's a game that i would pay to play.
  • Halo games have been solid experiences. The last few Quakes,Dooms,and Wolfensteins have been horrible. Then we had that Doom movie... XBLA Doom 1 and 2 were awesome. while XBLA Quake Arena and Wolfenstein are crap. The newer games in some of these FPS series would give Sonic Team nightmares :/ Perfect Dark Zero,Duke Nukem Forever,Goldeneye 007 reboot. but really, no one mentioned Rainbow Six? or Ghost Recon? Call of Duty or Battlefield? Medal of Honor? Metroid Prime?Left 4 Dead? Team Fortress 2? well any Valve game...since FPS is all they make. having said all that Counter-Strike would be close to perfect. Halo defined FPS in that you could make money and have a more main stream level of acceptance.
  • @3 I do not like Halo, and I am very happy with my Xbox. I do not like Gears of Wars either, or Fable, almost none the exclusives actually. Exclusives are not at all important to me. I need great games, not just any games as long as they are exclusive I am not a hater. It is just like CoD or BF. They are both popular, and both have large number of fans and enemies. You could make CoD an ex, and it would mean nothing to me. If BF, GTA or Fallout were exlcusive, then I could have something to be excited about. But wait, what do I care if PS3/PC players can play the game or not? It is actually better if they can, because that way more people can enjoy those masterpieces. The PS3 has so many exclusives, and the only one I am interested in is Gran Turismo. Well, you could add The Last of Us to that. So unless one of my favorite franchises becomes a PS3 ex, it is unlikely I will own a Sony console.
  • Agreeing with #1 on this.
  • They have also registered with halo infinity. At the moment i can only guess, but i cannot see Microsoft start charging for stats that have been openly free for years. Anyway, Halo defined console FPS, i'm off to play CoD now, i fancy making my own maps and customising my solider so he looks exactly how i like. Oh wait, thats halo, sorry.
  • since bungie doesn't have the stats online this infinity could very well be a stat tracking system but I'd rather have it something new to the story a new species or group like the covenant
  • @23 Its called Halo: Waypoint and its been out since Fall 2009. Almost 2 years before CoD Elite was even announced. Anyway, I think Halo: Infinity is just going to be a new name for Waypoint.
  • Just dont pass down to next gen
  • @30 I'm sorry but when did Doom 3 suck? When did Doom 2 suck? Halo has never redefined the FPS that would be Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein 3D. There are more games but Halo isn't one of them I'm afraid, I respect Halo as a franchise though as it did redefine the FPS multiplayer side of things that other games like COD etc followed soon later. Games like GoldenEye first did the if you shoot a target in the head then it will kill them in 1. I will say again, Halo has not redefined the FPS in my opinion, all it has done is redefined the console FPS multiplayer allowing online play nothing else.
  • I bet Microsoft and 343 are putting together a stat tracking service just like ELITE for Call of Duty or Battlelog for Battlefield 3. As long as they innovate the system and add new features like unlocking specific armor pieces and achievable objectives for players, it could be pretty successful.
  • @30 'while XBLA Quake Arena and Wolfenstein are crap.' Sorry, your argument over what defined FPS's lost all credibility the moment you branded Wolfenstein as 'crap.' Wolfenstein 3D WAS, without a doubt, one of the things that defined FPS's. To define it as 'crap' is an insult to that game's legacy. OT: I hope it is a stat-tracking system. Frankly, if its another stand-alone game, one has to wonder whether Microsoft actually know how to make exclusives anymore. 'Ummm... sir, what are we going to do about exclusives?' 'Oh, it's alright, we'll just give them another Halo game and they'll be happy!' Yawn.
  • If someone thinks that Halo defined FPS games then they are fucking stupid as hell.
  • There were 12 Halo installations in total... so 12 main Halo games maybe??
  • @2 i agree, It's pathetic that you got so much thumbs down. was it because you are smart enough to see that the sequels are being done to death and will continue to?. one day we will see some more real exclusives. i have nothing against halo so if i get thumbs down by halo fanboys for stating my opinion, then they can all go blow something. excuse some people for wanting xbox to have more than the same 3 or 4 exclusives it has left. they're the reason Microsoft wont budge and make us some BRAND NEW IP'S because the sheep will happily buy another 10 halo games.
  • HALO WARS 2 yehhh
  • @40 I wouldn't say define, more like redifined as far as Halo 2. It really put FPS on the map for online console multiplayer, helping to draw more people to Xbox Live. So yeah, 90's classics like Doom and Goldeneye were the ones that defined and paved the way for what made shooters great, Halo was just at the right place at the right time. Online play is what put Halo on the map, something that unfortunately wasn't around or up to par back in the 90's for consoles. That and Nintendo sucks when it comes to online multiplayer compared to Microsoft, Sony and PC. But then again there's something special about playing with your friends at each others houses versus simply over the internet. Kinda why when I play with someone on the same tv, I pick Halo CE or Goldeneye (less on the latter as the N64 controllers do NOT last long in terms of the joystick) over CoD or the newer Halos
  • @44 You got that part about split-screen right. I remember James Bond: Nightfire for the PS2. A fairly average game overall, but playing it split-screen round your friends house, teaming up to fight the AI bots and then betraying each other for the hell of it... damn it, I miss those days. Nothing will ever come close to Timesplitters though. That game was the proverbial bomb for split-screen ;D
  • CoD Elite, except Halo style, i'm guessing.
  • There's no possible way that 343 will screw up.
  • @46 that's a very good guess. Methinks too. Except that will be something worth paying for.
  • who cares, the game better be good or I won't be happy
  • @10 I think a better statement on 5's part would've been Halo defined the Modern FPS. And even that is objectionable. However I can support it in one sense and that sense is regenerative health becoming popular after the Energy Shield system in the Halo series. Before that any of us who played Tribes, UT, Quake, or for console Goldeneye, etc can say regening health was not the norm for gaming at the time. Now every shooting wether it is FPS or TPS typically has regen health standard or as an option based on perks or what-have-you.
  • It's probably the name for the next console.
  • @38 You just described Halo Waypoint. Good Job!
  • @46/48 It's called Halo Waypoint, and it's FOR FREE.
  • Halo MMO for the next gen console?
  • Hey, ever think maybe #5 isn't older than 25 and didn't grow up playing DOOM etc? I consider the Halo series to define FPS for me personally. I'm 17 and Halo was my first foray into online gaming. I had played many FPS before but nothing quite like Halo. Perhaps we should put down our knitting needles, get out of our rocking chairs and acknowledge that there are whole new generations out there.
  • I could see it being 343's Waypoint. Being the sole owners of the Halo franchise now that Bungie has handed all stat-tracking over to them, I could see them wanting to make their own suystem to deliver content to the people. Let's hope that, assuming it is a new Waypoint, they keep all the other content feeds from places like RoosterTeeth.
  • @42 well said I've got my Xbox and Xbox 360 on day of release and have to say the 1 thing missing is a new exclusive title dont get me wrong halo is an ok but we need something new to keep the us interested.
  • @2 agreed @3 Halo may have made xbox. but the fact that master cheif dies at the end of halo 3 then they change it 1 to make more money and 2 because super mega fan boys complained they will never get to play as there favourite character again. its time to move on from halo. Time to get back to the drawing board and bring out a new epic saga rather than continue to drag it out. One can only hope that they will leave gears of war and mass effect at 3 they were great.
  • @55 I'm 18, and Halo was also my first foray into the online multiplayer universe. That doesn't mean I'm allowed to be totally ignorant to the bloody truth though. The fact I wasn't even born until just after Doom or Wolfenstein came out, doesn't mean I can't accept it was pivotal. Same with how the Beatles practically defined modern music. Hell, I wasn't born when Darwin established his theory of evolution, doesn't mean I'm totally incapable of learning about it.
  • @59 BRAVO SIR!!! I started played on th xbox becuase of Halo. Anything that expands the lore is a good thing.
  • @41 There are 8 installations (The Ark included). Where are you getting the extra 4 from?
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