New Madden 09 Mechanics Video

Dan Webb

The Madden series has under gone some changes over recent years, some good and some bad. However, if the recent video posted at Gametrailers is anything to go by, the upcoming Madden 09 title will have some pretty fancy new mechanics on display... Oh and some better looking grass. I'm not sure how we put up with it till now (the grass that is). Anyway, check out the video and marvel at the sidesteps, faints and shimmies that the new Madden titleis bringing to the table.


  • Looks Awesome
  • Wow, that's impressive.
  • This is the same game dont be fooled
  • Pretty cool.
  • This might be the one madden game I buy in years...
  • It's a potential purchase for me, my mate and i used to play the madden games on PS2, but i couldn't be bothered to play that over PES or FIFA. This might be the year the game finally tempts me enough to buy it.
  • this game is trash. it hasnt been good since 04.
  • yeah it's pretty much the sam game every year but with updated rosters and a few tweaks hear and there
  • omg just end this game already. I really dont see why people riot over it.
  • Whatever. Still going to go buy this.
  • This game is gonna be awesome, can't wait to get this game. I'll be up there at midnight to get this game, like I do every year. And NFL Head Coach 09 comes with the 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition. Game is gonna be awesome.
  • I buy madden every year the first day it comes out it really pumps you up for the season
  • WOW did you see that guy? He ran and then did some turns! JUST like in the other games! Holy crap!!!!! This is gunna change the gameplay SOOOO much! hehe well I guess if it's not broke, don't fix it.
  • Comment #4 by DBobMane Wednesday, June 04, 2008 @ 09:03:11 PM This is the same game dont be fooled Until you play it, and experience Madden 09, keep an open mind. This game is freakin' great.
  • i love madden and ncaa football, i get em both to make a draft class i dont care if people say the game is the same every year its still fun
  • Wow, I didn't really ever notice how awful the grass looked in previous Maddens. It's a nice touch. The smoother animations are always welcomed too. May actually get this years game.
  • Looks a lot better than last years.
  • KG will be on the cover
  • I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • sweet cant wait hopefully it has supersim achievements on it :D
  • Brett Favre is on the cover, noob.
  • Nice.
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