Dragon Ball Z Coming to Kinect

Richard Walker

Namco Bandai has announced that you'll be able to bust powerful moves like a real Super Saiyan later this year, as Dragon Ball Z is coming to Kinect with over 50 playable characters and more than 100 moves for you to perform.

You'll be able to mimic said moves using Kinect's motion detection, meaning you'll be able to pull off everything from basic punches and kicks to ki blasts, charge stances and even the Kamehameha move. Whatever that is.

Characters confirmed so far include Goku (obviously), Piccolo, Gohan, Vegeta, Goku, Krillin, Trunks and a host of other Dragon Ball Z regulars. You'll also be able to acquire QR cards that you can scan to unlock new characters, although how you get these cards is under wraps for now.

Dragon Ball Z Kinect is slated for release in October 2012. There's no screens or video for the game yet, so we've just shoved an old Dragon Ball: Ultimate Tenkaichi screen below to help remind you what a Dragon Ball Z game looks like. You're welcome.

[Via Destructoid]

  • That actually sounds pretty cool. Definitely gonna keep an eye on this one
  • Will I burst into a glowing yellow fire ball with awesome spiky blonde hair when I go into super sayian (sayain?) in real life if I do it in the game?
  • The picture shown is exactly the image I had in my head when I saw the headline.
  • Waiting for people to add videos on YouTube people shouting "KAME-HAME-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" or "My power level is OVER 9000!" on their Kinect.
  • Sounds fun. However I feel people are going to look retarded doing kamehamehas in thier living rooms.
  • This is a surprise ... a worthwhile Kinect prospect!
  • @5 - If you're alone then you won't look retarded.
  • Will you be required to spend like 30 minutes shouting at your connect to charge up your power before you attack?
  • yay kamehameha with kinect!
  • I've always wanted to act like Nappa and ask Vegeta about the scouter and what it says about power levels.
  • Is it just motion or can I do the voice too?
  • @7 good point.
  • Kinect* Same shit different wording.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhhnN2Nlo28 cant wait hahaha
  • Spirit Ball! *raises hands in the air* This shall be interesting, defo looking forward to this. Hopefully they give us demo so I can try this before buying it in October.
  • i just busted a nut ITS OVER 9000!!!!! cant wait to bust out a few dodon rays
  • I hope my body can take it.
  • THIS IS THE WORSE NEWS EVER!!! Why can't they make a decent DBZ game instead of making a new style every year thats shitter than the previous years???? I'm sorry but as a die hard DBZ fan since Budokai 1, heck even the arcade games and Nintendo games suchs as Dragon Ball Shenlong no Nazo... This game will flop, I'll tell you straight now... Thumbs me down all u want, i'll be right in the end
  • Does this mean that one fight will last a few days like in the show? :')
  • L0L
  • I remember when they tried doing this on Wii. Very tiring trying to do most of the moves, and since Motion Plus didn't exist yet, you only had like 3-4 input styles to do all the special moves. I wonder if Kinect will actually pull this off better (but I highly doubt it). Need more adventurey DB/Z games. As great as the fighting games are, we don't need a new one all the time, retelling the same parts but with a few new inconsequential characters.
  • Easy way to cash in on fans that would solely love to Kamehameha, just as Star Wars Kinect cashes in on fans for their sole wish of using a Lightsaber
  • this should be awesome! haha but really hard....i cant wait to beat Cell and Buu! with my Skills! My Power Level is over 9000!!!!
  • RPG DBZ Please :) I will prob get it anyway have all the other Dragon Ball related games lol
  • Why not just go back to the Budokai 3 days when these games were actually good. 'Listens out for the sounds of whip on carcass'
  • Im with #23 on this one. I think it might be all hype and turns out to be a let down like star wars. Get ready to have Goku, Cell, Piccilo and Vegeta(to name a few) pair up for a dance off. Just saying :/ I never thought I'd the Emperor strutting his stuff in floor length robes.
  • You know, when I first heard this I thought, oh my god this must be a joke. Then it clicked, it could actually work. It could work really really well. Just imagine it, combat like your average DBZ game, but now you need to memorise said moves in order to actually win. I really think this could work.
  • @ 23 a real star wars fan would go out with his friends buy toy lightsabers and fight with them on a trampoline so they can jump over each others heads.
  • Awesome! I used to re-enact DBZ as a kid, this sounds awesome!
  • Fantastic idea... but I sense a terrible end product, sadly. A bit like Star Wars.
  • OMG! This is the best news regarding xbox that i have heard in a while. AWESOME!
  • If you're hosting a party or something, hopefully you can get everyone to raise their hands for a Spirit Bomb.
  • Sounds like it could be similar to Power Up Heroes, might keep an eye out on this
  • KAME...HAME..H- *Attempting recalibration. Please stand in front of the sensor*
  • If this works as well as my mind is thinking it could I'd seriously buy a kinect for this game. Stood in my lovin room Craig a super spirit bomb would be fucking cool. Not to mention kamehameha or big bang !!!
  • so does: the kamahama need to be shouted? the special beam cannon require 5 mins to do? the spirit bomb need you to keep your hands in the air for a few minutes? the powering up require constant shouting? the krillin own count go to you since the sensor cant pic you up and you lose? the ginyu squad have a crack a pose option? the instant transmission only work if you leave the room? while playing as fat buu make you hungry? going ape mean you need a sock to be your tail? find out next time on dragonball z kinect.
  • Creatig* wonder if you get to stand there screaming to power up and transform
  • well i might finally have to buy a kinect.
  • Lets hope this doesn't get completly effed up like Star Wars. I wanna use voice commands too..... "NGHAAAAAAAAAAAH" screaming while flying somewhere for 7 episodes.
  • Yes. Been waiting for this announcement =D love it!
  • trying to go super sayian will lead to released bowls
  • Kind of got a DBZ feel when playing Diabolical Pitch, but yeah, this looks good.
  • This is going to be awesome! I'll need to rearrange my room so I have space to play this game. Finally something that I'm looking forward to on Kinect :)
  • Might be the first DBZ, anything, that I take interest in
  • If there's a dance sequence, there will be blood.
  • All my Kamehameha practicing has finally payed off!
  • Please no "DANCE MODE".
  • ROFLMAO#48
  • All my Kamehameha practicing has finally payed off!
  • Dunno why it made me double post that again...and I can't delete comments..well then. My statement still stands!
  • I have a bad feeling about this...
  • I hate how people are like "Oh finally a kinect game worth of playing" then the game releases and the game is utter shit a fucking fucking turd and everyone starts bashing the living shit out of it until the developer is dead.
  • OH MY GOD. Now I can finally pretend I'm Goku and yell KAA MEE HAA MEE HAAAAAAAAAAA!! out loud without looking like a fool. Well, I would still look like a fool but at least I would have an excuse. :-P
  • Another worthless Kinect title....my Kinect has pretty much been a dust collector besides for Kinect Sports.
  • @47 ...what about the Fusion Dance?
  • @7 Just 'cause your alone do not mean that you don't look retarded provided you yourself do not think you look retarded (although I guess its kinda a tree falls in the woods scenario).
  • bring Fist of the North Star to kinect.
  • Damn I wish this was retail though
  • Finally, I will probably get this...... when it goes on sale
  • Just read my username :D
  • After reading the news on this, i went to youtube to look up the kid trying to turn into a super sayian.I think i now how its going to be now. xD
  • Pokemon kinect next?
  • Doubtful if you can control a Saiyan Tail on that game. ;p
  • As long as I can shout Kamehameha at my tv then im sold, be interesting to see how this plays. As for the QR codes they'll be posted to the forum at some point. @65, umm, no.. Nintendo mate
  • ok next person that "whats next Pokemon Kinect" I'm just going to give their gamertag to someone at Xbox LIVE support and they'll rage at you for saying that. There will be no Pokemon Kinect what so ever hitting the Xbox as Pokemon is owned by Nintendo and the company that makes it. On another note this game is shaping up to be good
  • @GodsmacKam Your going to be crying when you don't get a copy cause you'll be messing out on the fun everyone will be having whie you are playing some cheap a$$ game that you brought that no ones plays the online part for. How about you grow up drop some balls or your going to be in real trouble when someone tells your wrong cause you'll be seeing all the videos from the game play and such not to mention how to beat the bosses and such on the hardest setting ever. Hands up who here's has Finished HALO Reach on the hardest setting by them self's.
  • @20 No it won't last days like in the show it'll just last for the fight.
  • This sounds cool, i own a Kinect and i am very intrigued however, from what i have seen so far the motion controlls are not very good and instead of a kinect DBZ how about we have a remake or even a close clone to Budokai 3? I want it so badly it was honestly an amazing game, rivaling all others beat em ups.
  • There hasn't been a good DBZ game since Budokai Tenkaichi 2....
  • Update: Namco provided additional details in a press release. Developed by Spike Chunsoft, DBZ Kinect offers a "Story Mode" and a "Score Attack" mode. Story mode features first-person battles and CG event scenes based on the show's storyline, while score attack is a series of one-on-one battles for points
  • I'm defiantly gonna try this out but PLEASE after this game make the games like the Tenkaichi Series or Bukokai!!!
  • I'm 27, and I would still play the crap outta this game and shout kamehameha every time. lol It would be cool if the moves were simultaneous voice and motion activated, so you have to do both to perform the moves. This game probably won't be as good as it seems, but who hasn't ever mimicked a DBZ move or two or at least wanted to?
  • I knew the day would come when DBZ would be used for Kinect ( hope we get to play the without Kinect though ) If they get it right it can be a very good game.
  • "Whatever that is."? You're not fooling anyone.
  • Can't wait to hear that someone shat their self while trying to power up energy for their ki attack.
  • Finally!! I´ll be able to do a successful kame-hame-ha!!
  • I want this game!I cannot wait for it! :D
  • I also thought about the "Fusion Dance" what about the game acting like it's dubbed? that would be genuine right?
  • If I don't have to stand up with my arms up for 6 days to charge up a spirit bomb, then it's not accurate
  • Damnit #82, people like you are why we can't have nice things!
  • Hmmm. . . . . I wish I could say I'm excited, but by the way its looking with its past game (I didn't like it, they dropped the Dragonball with it) and Kinect functionality you'll excuse me if I'm a tad weary. DB/DBZ are many peoples first bridge into anime and having it strung up for the catylst for all these. . . meh games really wears heavy on my heart, not to mention all games from here on out are Dragonball Z Kai cast and not the classics. In my personal opinion the game franchise died when the original cast left so cheers to Dragonball Raging Blast 1. . . . we sorely miss 18's seductive voice and Gohan's raspy tone. Thank god for people like Eric Vale, Sean Schemmel, and lest we all not forget Chris Sabot (to name a few) for staying with the series otherwise I think I'd cringe everytime I played a DBZ game. . . oh well as I stated before we shall see.
  • @whitelion(#68-70): . . . . you are aware your trying to tell someone to man up and drop some balls about a show. . . thats on DXD right? You know. . .the same channel that shows power rangers and advertises Megabloks right? Oh you did know. I'm terriblly sorry you seem to be under the impression that DBZ is still paired up with some of the greats like Ruroni Kenshin, and Gundam Wing in a little program called Toonami. Also Halo on Legendary was not that difficult. . . . I was the 1st person on my friend's list (which is about 60 or so people to be playing Reach at the time) to complete it. Its not something you say "Ehhho!" to. So before you tell someone to grow a pair how about you grow one yourself, not balls of course but brain cells because the powers on up there, the wheels just not spinnin. On a side note to make my post not seem completelly outlandish, I personally want the fights in this new game to be as over-the-top as they are on the show. I want friends of mine who know I can do kickass impersonations of half the cast come over and laugh as I spit out everything to Kamehameha jump over to Solar Flare and ocasionally just maybe. Scream out Freiza's name in a roar of anger that shakes the very PLANET to the core. YES I want fights that take more then 5 episodes YES I want that feeling of "Friendship, struggle and victory" as I nail some mofo with the biggest Dragon Fist man could hope to conceive. If and only IF that game can meet those standards you namco have got yourself a customer. If not, I'll be waiting for TTT2 while playing SCV.
  • Sounds good, but I hope its not gonna sucks like Star Wars.
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