Community Spotlight: X360A Kicks Ass & Takes Names in the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier MP Event... Kind Of

Dan Webb

In anticipation of this week's launch of the much-anticipated Ghost Recon: Future Soldier multiplayer beta, we took a handful of community members to a secret location in London to give them their first hands-on with the title to hopefully win some prizes.

Team 7 (AKA Team X360A) held their own for large portions of the event before eventually succumbing to superior tactics of an opposing team - if you ask them, I'm sure they'll blame the spawn points though. Yes, I went there! Fortunately for us though, one of X360A's attendees, Lee, actually got separated from the majority of the X360A team and went on to not only win the event and a prize, but also beat the team of Ghost Recon developers. That's how you leave your name on an event! So yeah, we kind of won... Frankly, we'll take anything we can get. Congrats Lee (and us). Anyway, we grabbed the guys of the X360A community to see what they thought about the game and the event in general.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's multiplayer beta drops for Splinter Cell: Conviction owners, pre-orderers and code monkeys tomorrow. Keep an eye out for it.

  • Cant wait for this, hope its going to be epic
  • So pre-orderers get the beta how? Was I supposed to have been given a code? I'll figure it out tomorrow.
  • So, for the the beta, all I need is my Conviction disc, yeah? Though it's a second hand copy?
  • I just bought a copy of Conviction yesterday off of Amazon new for a tenner, coming tomorrow. Can't wait :D
  • awesome event my friend, cheers for the hook-up :)
  • Game looks like shit.
  • Nice!
  • lol @ 1:32 'Fuck Me!"
  • I preordered and bought Splinter Cell : Conviction on release because I love Sam Fisher's story and the stealthy action violence he brings. Plus, Michael Ironside is a fantastic and iconic voice, much like Lance Henriksen. However, I will not be downloading this Beta because these Ghost Recon games have nothing that appeals to me any longer that isn't done better in several other games. Sure, back in the early to mid 2000s, Ghost Recon filled a hole in the market, but nowadays this game doesn't even register on my gaming radar. And no, check my Gamercard, I have never nor will ever play a CoD game either. Congrats on your "big win" though, X360A. Winning doesn't matter, it's the taking part that counts. Yeah, right...
  • I got an beta code in an email from UBISOFT, so I'm very happy about that! ^_^
  • Is it really so much to ask for a -good- cameraman to film these events? The switching between screens is fine, and over-the-shoulder angle shots are a necessary evil - but from two bodies away at some times? Come on, man. And pick a zoom and stick with it - I see just the crosshair at one moment, and the minimap the next. Never a full screen for long periods of time. Not much of a decent preview for me, despite the nice TVs and good camera. But the cameraman...
  • @11 Even though he wasn't in this video and I don't even think he was at the event, we will blame it on Minty, everything is Minty's fault Xp
  • @9 you've never played a call of duty game.... is that supposed to make you better than every one else who has. The truth is your the one missing out there's been some great call of duty games (not all of them but some).
  • anyway I myself am really looking forward to this. (cant be any worse than MW3 right)
  • so I wasted 3o minutes downloading this shit and can't access the ubisoft servers! fuck you
  • Just a quik update to all gamers that had a code or an email from Ubisoft, yes you can download the beta but the official start when servers get on is the 19th! So again you allowed to download it right now but the beta goes live at the 19th ;) For owners of splinter cell:conviction pop in the gamedisk and there probly will an update after then just press start then wait untill the running text below will show up "Ghost Recon Beta now live ready for download press x" After that just press x and start downloading it ;) hope this helps.
  • i got a beta from ubi soft and won a beta code to 8) thanx airborne will try 2moro
  • @9 Why is it that every article about an FPS turns into COD within like 10 comments. Give it a rest guys, we get it, you don't like COD
  • @13 : Evidently you're either very inexperienced with the shit people talk on the internet and their dumbshit logic that they use or you're just ignorant to it's existence. If I had not mentioned that I do not play CoD then a raging Ghost Recon fanboy would have said "If you don't like Ghost Recon, then F*** off back to CoD then, u fag!!!" or some words to that effect. Instead, I get essentially an identical response accusing me of being elitist. Thanks guys, I knew you'd understand. A shame people can't accept a differing opinion on the internet. It's the breeding grounds of intolerance and idiocy of the highest order.
  • An identical response, despite it being the exact opposite.
  • @20 : An argument, criticism or insult born out of ignorance, needless hatred or stupidity. Welcome to the internet. The longer you stay, the more brain cells you'll lose. Opinions are no longer allowed to exist anymore thanks to the internet. The people who use it the most make sure of that. I'm sure even the Morlocks are more attractive and erudite than the "people" who think it's their divine right to "argue" and "challenge" subjectivity.
  • A quik word in some parts i gotta agree with you guys, i don,t like the fact either every new military game that comes out or is announced always get these kinda posts from ppl that compare it with COD, not get me wrong there is nothing wrong with COD, either you like it or you hate it and thats everyone,s personal toughts about it ofcourse. To justify or better to correct something, how can someone compare a game like COD with a game like Ghost Recon, because in the first place Ghost Recon is 3th person tactical game where COD is a FPS with less tactics but more intense firefights and on rail sections. Besides the fact that Ghost Recon MP rewards you playing as a team, while in COD MP doesn,t, its more about lone wolf running of and gather as much kills as possible. I think gamers should stop to compare two totaly different games with eachother.
  • Can anyone Help I want a Code to play..The Game looks Great..
  • This hame is so much fun
  • Have just had my first go on this title, very good, a well polished game system gonna be a very good title to own.
  • Hard to join a game ATM...
  • IV pre orders the game and apparently your meant to get a code still waiting for it so you aren't in getting the code? Any help please?
  • IV pre orders the game and apparently your meant to get a code still waiting for it so aren't i getting the code? Any help please?
  • Oh wow i look like such an idiot in my interview. But seriously that was a well good day and the game is quality
  • I
  • lol @21: challenging and arguing subjectivity is the only divine right that exists in the world. and writing " "people" " in quotes? i thought you were arguing against an elitist attitude.
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