Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Richard Walker

Capcom has today revealed a trio of pre-order incentives for Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, offering additional armory items for customising your Vertical Tank (VT), boosting attributes like defensive power, offensive force, speed during combat and more.

A pre-order from Amazon will net you the Carbon Assassin Armory with Savannah and Storm armours, while a pre-order at Best Buy will give you the Chrome Blitzer Armory with Impact and Tiger armours. Finally, pre-ordering Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor from GameStop will get you the Iron Guardian Armory pack with Rock and Jaguar armours. Each of these armours brings unique boosts to your VT.

Heavy Armor is set in 2082, at a time when computers are absent from the world and war is fought using stomping bipedal VTs and other rudimentary weapons. Playing as VT pilot Sergeant Powers, you'll need to battle against enemy VTs to take back the US from Chinese occupation. Steel: Battalion: Heavy Armor is out on June 19th in North America and June 22nd in Europe.

Check out the promo images and accompanying videos below for the full Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor pre-order offers and details.

  • This Kinect game seems interesting, still don't have a Kinect though.
  • In before "lol capcom, will wait for steel battalion hyper edition" jokes
  • Pretty cool
  • I think the iron guardian looks the best. The zebra stripes on the carbon assasin mech look horrible. Might wait a few weeks though before I pick this up.
  • this game and kinect enabled skyrim along with ghost recon:FS and mass effect 3. Its about time im gonna pickup a kinect now. its long over due
  • What about the uk? Or Europe?
  • @2 No you're not, you made it. :P
  • Meh
  • the scarry thing is, this story is coming true already. with the current state of world affairs. this is already knocking at our door. sciense fiction now becomes science fact. now thats scarry! pre orders are nice. i'm more concerned about how kinect controls will work with this. i'm not sold on hybred controls. i have a kinect. its awesome, but they should have made it with a choice of controls. hybred isnt the way to go. its being able to choose either the kinect or standard controller. wont be getting this till i hear reviews from players. also a demo is a must with hybred controls.
  • I would have picked this up day 1 if it wasn't a kinect title.
  • finally a proper kinect game from a proper company! still won't buy a kinect yet, too lazy to work to raise the money and to lazy to use it if i did have one...
  • The game looks awesome, but im wondering how much Disk Locked Content it has as well.
  • @10 I would rather use a kinect than the original controller! I know I was one of those Lucky enough to own it.
  • Remember "Steel Battalion" for the original Xbox? You couldn't play the game (or its follow-up) without that SUPER-EXPENSIVE, SUPER-CONTROLLER that came with the original game! At least with this one... it only requires the Kinect, which can be used with all other games that utilize or require Kinect. I saw someone trying to sell that original Steel Battalion game with the controller (in the original box) a few weeks ago, for $300.00... it didn't sell (duh)! As long as the game only requires hand gestures and voice commands, I'm in! If I have to stomp my feet around like a damn robot... forget it!!!
  • Armored Core V was the last game I'll ever buy from "FROM SOFTWARE" at launch. I'll pick this one up used a couple months later.
  • I still want normal controls with a HUGE mech controller like the first game.
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