Streets of Rage and Golden Axe Coming to XBLA as New SEGA Vintage Collections

Richard Walker

Another pair of SEGA Vintage Collections have been leaked on today, following the unveiling of the Alex Kidd & Co. and Monster World Vintage Collections leaked last month. Of course, the listing on has since been removed, but not before we got our grubby little paws on the cover art and screenshots.

This time it's Streets of Rage and Golden Axe getting the SEGA Vintage Collection treatment, which isn't quite as exciting as the previous Alex Kidd and Monster World collections, as all of the games are currently available to play as part of the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis Collection, available to purchase on the cheap.

Still, if you want to own Streets of Rage 1, 2 and 3 or Golden Axe I, II and III on their own, then this will be your chance. Both SEGA Vintage Collections will also come with leaderboards and achievements, as you'd expect, and if they're anything like the Monster World and Alex Kidd collections, they'll also have downloadable and recordable game sessions and extra trial modes.

You can check out the first screenshots from the second pair of SEGA Vintage Collections below, neither of which have been priced or dated yet.

SEGA Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage

SEGA Vintage Collection: Golden Axe

  • Awesome, can't wait to get these!
  • sounds like sega gotta pay the bills.
  • Goddamnit Sega, why the hell isn't the Revenge of Death Adder included?!?
  • Love SOR but its time for Toejam and earl 1 soon imo
  • Aren't these both available separately already?
  • Good old 90,s - games were a lot more addictive, no online passes, no stupid game lark like banning trade ins, decent prices...... only if that was now.. anyway Golden Axe was my fav
  • @5 - You can get Streets of Rage 2 or Golden Axe on their own, but the other games are only available on the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis Collection.
  • Great games, but you can play all of these if you simply buy the 'SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection' game. You can get it pretty cheap now and you'll get twice as many games! Waste of money in my opinion, but great classics none-the-less!
  • Streets of Rage 2 and Golden Axe 1 Arcade are both XBLA games. However, you can play all three Genesis versions of Golden Axe and the entire Streets of Rage trilogy bundled together on the Sonic's Sega Genesis Collection. The games only have one achievement a piece on that collection, so it might be worth picking these packs up if they're 3 games for $5 even if you already own them like me. The arcade (real arcade, not XBLA) exclusive Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder still seems to be ignored by Sega for getting any chance of a console release. A fuckin shame, as that game allows you to play as the dwarf riding on a giant, who in turn is able to ride on an oversized praying mantis mount.
  • I'd also like to see the arcade version of Alien Storm bundled together with something.
  • desert/jungle/urban storm next please! yeah they aren't sega games, but a guy can dream
  • I may actually get the SoR collection (although I already own the SEGA Megadrive collection and SoR2 on XBLA); if it has interesting achievements.
  • I just wish they'd put Ristar up on XBLA.
  • Vectorman!
  • I loved Streets of Rage 1 and 2, never liked 3. same goes for Golden Axe. Hated 3. This is nice I guess if you can't find the Sega Collection disc. Although people will buy all these games 4 or 5 times to keep getting achievements.
  • So I will buy them for a third time....mhh... Fuck that, get the wallet, honey!
  • I'm having these!!! Again! You can't go wrong with old classics like these. Long live side scrolling beat em Ups!
  • These games should support online co-op mode.
  • @12 ditto
  • Was never a big Golden Axe fan, but S.O.R is epic, I already have all 3 on the Collection Disc, but will still buy them again.
  • already own the sega mega drive ultimate collection as well as the arcade versions of goldenaxe and streets of rage 2 but for 2 of my favorite games of all time i'll by them again :D
  • I'd be more interested in the Streets of Rage Collection.
  • love playing them all. so even though i have megadrive collection and sor 2 on its own. ill get them again. :)
  • Awesome! keep these vintage coming! Like others have said, I probably have most of these games for 360 in one form or another but they're classics and hey new achievements! :)
  • Phantasy star vintage collection please? Pretty please? Or just ps4 as a stand alone arcade game??? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?
  • YES! I dumped hours into Golden Axe, looks like I'll be able to do it again.
  • sweet! i am one of like 12 people in the world to 1000/1000 golden axe beast rider. I will destroy these like nobody's bidness
  • Streets of's about time too
  • SEGA need to pay the bil- oh, no, that's what the sack-o-shite PSU is for. The only solution: It must be a important birthday soon.
  • I don't understand why anyone would get this if you already own the mega drive collection. Is there something extra in this or has it been remade.
  • Cool - good value and day one purchase for me !
  • I find all this a bit odd, i have the megsadrive collection so dont infact need any of these games. I have streets of rage 2 (not just on XBLA but on my megadrive, wii, pc, emulators, dingoo and gopher!) and I have all the golden axe games. To me the only thing these collections offer are just achievements. I can still see myself buying these late one night after 10 pints!
  • yes bring back the golden axe, if you havent played it before i really think you need to. :)
  • Maybe finally I'll be able to beat Streets of Rage 3. Stage 6 still gives me nightmares.
  • Love streets of rage and golden axe but i dont know why but didn't like them as much when they came out on the marketplace. its not because i dont like the game either as i still play on them on my sega
  • Shining Force vintage collection? Plz?
  • Wish they would release a Shinobi comp.
  • After playing them all like a thousand times in my youth and more recently on the Sega Collection my love of them begain to decline so having an excuse of new achievements to keep playing is what I needed. Will welcome both collections with loving arms - now sega - concentrate on bringing back more old school fav's like Two Crude Dudes, Road Rash and Quack Attack!! lol
  • When the hell is two crude dudes getting a remake/rerelease?? Now thats a Sega game i would love to play again!!
  • Oh for goodness sake, are they STILL not releasing Bare Knuckle 3 in the west? Streets of Rage 3 is an abomination, Bare Knuckle 3 is an amazing game that gives Streets of Rage 2 a run for its money.
  • ..."which isn't quite as exciting as the previous"... Uhh, really?... no.
  • If you haven't got the Sega Megadrive Collection, then I understand why you're getting this. I have the SMDC, so i'm not going to get these. I'm not wasting points on games I already own, just for the Achievements.
  • I love these games, but the Sonic Mega Collection is still your best bet at less than $20. You get all 6 of those games plus about 25 more. Only for the die hard cheev hunters, really. Still love you Sega, even when you don't make sense. Now give me Alisia Dragoon!
  • I'll take Streets Of Rage Trilogy for 400 points PLEASE!!! :)
  • Sega? Team up with Disney and release a Vintage Collection consisting of Castle of Illusion, Quackshot, and World of Illusion? Please?
  • I already have all 6 on the Genesis Collection. C'mon Sega, where's Toe Jam & Earl? How about the Saturn classic NiGHTS Into Dreams? or Crazy Taxi 2?
  • i cant believe how greedy MS is getting. even if these are released at 400pts each. you can still get over 40 great games for less than that. dumb MS or dumb consumers who buy these games. if you can find the collection. get it! i got it usde at gamestop recently. plus williams pinball. companies would be smart to release these on disc. do anouther 40 plus collection. make it worth our money. we need to change the trend thats out now. stop buying from MS. encourage companies to make collections for 20.00. thats the way to do it. not MS charging an absurb amount for games i cant get cheaper. heck i can buy a genesis with all the games for cheaper than xbla. now thats logic for ya.
  • @27 your probebly one of only 12 people in the world to have bought beast rider :D
  • Nobody talking about just getting the Mega Drive Collection has seemed to point out that while this release will probably contain Xbox Live Co-op, the ones on the collection are local only. Some might say this is the way they should be, but I think the more options the better. Just wanted to point out that achievements aren't the only benefit to these releases. But talking achievements, I really hope these have 400G a piece! :)
  • @40 Two Crude Dudes was Data East who went. bankrupt so who knows who owns the rights.
  • I really hope the next one isn't a Sonic collection as enough is enough with Sonic already. lol But I wouldn't be opposed to a Shinobi collection next.
  • I have to wonder if a Phantasy Star collection is next.
  • You can now buy Streets of Rage 2 for your Xbox 360 a third time. Fourth if you got both "Sega Megadrive Collection" and "Sonic's UGC" like I did. Well, it's a good enough game.
  • how about a "shining" collection? maybe shining force 1-3, or at the very least shining in the darkness, plus shining force 1&2.
  • Golden Axe 3 is total garbage and ruined the series. It will be nice to play 2 again and while Golden Axe is available to download, that's the arcade version. The Mega Drive version had an extra level. Streets of Rage 1 isn't as good as 2 but is still a damn great game and perhaps harder. 3 is a good game. Not quite as franchise destroying as GA3 but definitely not in the same league as SoR 1 and 2. But it's nice to have them available as downloads. Bring on the Phantasy Star collection, although I imagine they wouldn't include 1 being a Master System title if Sega are till obsessed with no more than 3 in one collecitons.
  • If Sega was smart they would release the arcade version of Golden Axe 4 The Return of Death Alder and Spider-Man to xbla.
  • Spider-Man the arcade version would be perfect for co-op. You can play as Black Cat, Sub-Marine Namor & Hawkeye from Avengers, and Spider-Man himself. Make it happen Sega. it would bring huge revenue and profits for the company.
  • I just realized that the Spider-Man license for video games is currently own by Activision. However if Konami can pull off a deal when they released the X-Men arcade then so can Sega.
  • @27 great achievement mate. Now it's time to live life
  • So, the screenshots look like it will be the arcade version of Golden Axe. Will there be the console version, too? I kinda doubt it, but I thought I should bring it up anyway, at least to clarify what version we're getting here.
  • Sonic Adventure 2!!!
  • Golden Axe, shweeeeett! i hope they're 400msp, but know they'll be 800msp and only 200G STILL!!! i want's me some 400G. Hopefully they're by backbone so i can save when i want.
  • Been waiting for Streets Of Rage 3 to hit xbl for years! Also i know i say this all the time, but i really do think it's about time they add sonic adventure battle 2 to the list!!!! I need to play that game again!!!
  • Been waiting for Streets Of Rage 3 to hit xbl for years! Also i know i say this all the time, but i really do think it's about time they add sonic adventure battle 2 to the list!!!! I need to play that game again!!!
  • I miss the 90's :-(
  • @ 40 / 51 You can play arcade ports of Bad Dudes and Two Crude Dudes on the Data East Collection for the Wii. I wish they would have ported that compilation to the 360 but I guess my Wii needs something to justify its purchase.
  • Pointless as many of us already have the Genesis collection. C'mon SEGA dust off Shining Force 3 and slap it on xbla.
  • The arcade version of golden axe is included and is the best of the 3. They should bring out GA 2 the arcade version. Too many re-hashes of the same old games we finished and played to death in the 90's. SEGA - bring out Arcade Wonderboy and Wonderboy 3(very doubtful with a collection already in the way without these games) Choplifter Arcade, Outrun Arcade
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