Joy Ride Turbo Ditching Kinect and Coming to XBLA

Richard Walker

Kinect Joy Ride is to get a sequel, Microsoft has announced, confirming that it'll also be leaving behind Kinect control in the process. Joy Ride Turbo will instead be a "controller-based arcade racer delivering precision handling" as well as the usual stunts, drifts and colourful racing.

Set in the all-new Stunt Park, you'll be able to jump off cliff edges, get shot out of cannons and more, all in Joy Ride Turbo's huge and vibrant playground. There'll be 42 vehicles to unlock, as you collect trophies, coins and car parts while racing. Each vehicle will apparently have its own characteristics too.

Boasting three modes, namely Battle Race, Pro Race and Time Trial, Joy Ride Turbo will also include support for 4-player split-screen play, as well as support for up to 8 players online. You'll also be able to knock out rivals with rockets, mines, dynamite and more in Joy Ride Turbo, which according to PlayXBLA will be launching in "just a few weeks."

  • So they're going back to the original idea for Joyride......
  • Now make it free like the first one was supposed to be!
  • lol at least they arent claiming that its going to be a free xbla game then switch it to a full retail game
  • It'd be awesome if this game was free to play but either way I'll get it. Finally a Mario Kart like game.
  • Doesnt look that bad tbh
  • @4 Try Sonic and Sega Racing.
  • joyride had prmise, but stupid kinect controls ruined it
  • Free or gtfo
  • it better be free like it was ment to be before
  • Ha, wonder if it'll be free like it was supposed to. Betting no. Joy ride was a pretty good game, I don't think they should throw kinect out all together but have it as an option so you can either use kinect or a controller.
  • Great, I'm glad I did not waste the money on the first one just to see if it had a controler option, but JRT will be the game that will compeat wirh Trails Evo. And it is getting close to the summer were microsoft likes to do there "let's get everybody in the world playin" thing for example 1vs100, the compleat failure Game Room, and the forgotten Full House Poker. Now if they did make this game free it would be great but I could see them comming out with a dlc schedule that would make COD look bad, to pay for the game, but all in all I'm lookin forward to this game dropping.
  • That'd be great if they still made it free but after what happened with the first Joy Ride I don't think they'd do it.. I still enjoyed Kinect Joy Ride and if this ends up being 400 points I'll probably grab it.
  • Says a lot about microsofts faith in kinect when even they drop it from a sequel to a game that was exclusively kinect controlled, not really a vote of confidence. Still this will appeal to the kids and the Mario Kart fans, like the guy above already said Sonic and Sega racing already do's this well.....
  • @10 GODDAMNIT! Why the fuck do the comments do that! I hate you I dont know about this. Maybe for 400...on sale...for 200...maybe...
  • graphics look too cartony and flashy to really appeal to my eyes. we will see, this one is to be waited on for reviews (and a reasonable price of course) - no snap-decisions here.
  • I remembered when this was suppose to be released for free on XBLA.
  • Ill get it as i wanted it before when it was free
  • Hopefully its free but I doubt it. Maybe 800 pts?
  • Kids, you heard it here first - see for yourselves how MS likes to waste their resources. Instead of spending it on some core games we all need these days, they pay to make a sequel of arguably worst selling game on Kinect... without Kinect LOL!
  • Now this is more like it, yeah was originally free but that wasn't the only thing that drew me to it before they shoved it into kinect. I'll probably get this.
  • The kinect controls were terrible, at least someone had the sense to see it didnt work.
  • I might get this. I was interested in Joyride until they went Kinect, so it's nice to see MS giving us what we were originally promised. Now if only all devs would give up the shitty motion controls
  • So is this the way of things to come? Dropping Kinect to appeal to a wider audience?
  • wah wah free waha wah
  • Only if it's free. Yes, I'm still bitter. Kinect Joy Ride was a betrayal.
  • Better be free, like the original was SUPPOSED to be.... "Joy Ride Turbo will be on the Marketplace for 1600 Points"- Calling it now though, knowing Micro$oft
  • way to admit an epic fail with another epic fail.
  • #4, you can play sonic and sega racing and madagaskart
  • I'd never support this game after the free BS they pulled with the first game. Try again M$!!
  • awesome joy ride :)
  • Even if it's not free, I'll still give it a shot. I was genuinely looking forward to this when it was announced for XBLA, because I'm hard up for a game that features avatars and is actually action-oriented.
  • It actually looks pretty cool, I do hope it has good handling for the cars. That can make or break the game.
  • I don't care if it costs money, I'll definitely buy it to show my support for such a BRILLIANT move with the controls!
  • i like kinect and the original joyride but the whole time i played it i was thinking how much better it could of been if it had stuck to the original idea, now this is looking a lot closer and better 4 it.
  • Guess the first one barely sold. They still made more money than they would have had they released it free though! ;)
  • So not free? That's a shame, I was looking forward to the original, when it was still supposed to be a free XBLA title. Well, one can dream...
  • The original was supposed to be Free-to-Play, not free. The core game would have been free, but many extras were to be charged for. I guess people only want to remember whatever appeals to them :/
  • @41 but it still would have been playable for free, which is kinda all that matters, I mean who cares about paying extra for random crap when the actual core of the game is free.
  • They should have made it "Better with Kinect" instead of taking out kinect all together.
  • I understand why it most likely wont be free, BUT I also think they should go through with their previous plan of making it free.
  • it wasn't ruined by kinect, it was ruined by big park, like they've done with kinect sports 2.
  • Joyride, the game that was promised to be released for free on xbla by Microsoft. Thats how most people know this game, the game that was promised by Microsoft and was suddenly made into a Kinect retail game. Would be nice to get the game for free, like it was promised. Maybe Microsoft should learn one more thing. Don't make promises if you're not gonna keep them.
  • Give me something with Mario Kart 64 battles, that's all I want.
  • MICROSOFT LIED to us. This game was supposed to be FREE!!!!!! I'm not buying this just for the principle. SCREW U MICROSUCK!
  • I hope they don't go back on it and say it won't be free any more! But then, this is microsoft we are talking about... they do good but they know how to get money out of you.
  • I'd rather pay for it and be at least decent than free and have a game they were careless about, like that Yaris game.
  • I'd rather shove an electrified pylon up my ass.
  • So many butthurt comments, as per usual. Thanks, GBR!
  • Choking on the sense of entitlement in here. Joy Ride was scheduled to be free a free XBLA game to show case the Avatars, then effectively canned in that context and further developed for 12 months into a full fledged, albeit shit, retail game. Thats where the story ends. It's a shame it was such balls because it along with some of the other Kinect launch titles did more harm than good. Joy Ride Turbo is not the same game, it's right there in the title and what with it being a sequel and all, and was never promised to be free. If they drop it for free enjoy the bonus. #12 - you would have considered buying it just to see if it had controller support?! Reviews... back of the box...
  • As if anyone will buy this!! hahaha, you can make this game (probably better than they did) in the Trials Evolution track editor
  • I was so hyped for this back in 2009 and then they made it for that Kinect rubbish -_- now i can finally play this game! the visuals actually look beautiful
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