505 Games Acquires Adidas miCoach Publishing Rights

Richard Walker

With the 2012 London Olympic Games fast approaching, 505 Games has announced that its acquired the publishing rights to Adidas miCoach, after THQ lost the license having been sued for $10.6 million by Adidas after failing to deliver the game in January. 505 Games will now be looking to release the fitness title this summer.

Adidas miCoach is a "personal training system" suitable for all ages, that enables players to build their own custom workouts with the ability to track your progress, get coaching feedback and hopefully see improvements in your personal fitness. Using Kinect motion tracking, Adidas miCoach will also feature 18 pro athletes and more than 400 exercises.

All 18 athletes in Adidas miCoach will be sponsored by Adidas, and include the likes of Kaka, Dwight Howard, Manuel Neuer, Jessica Ennis, Jose Mourinho, Ana Ivanovic, Will Genia and Eric Berry, all of whom will provide their own masterclasses based upon their own sport. Does that mean Mourinho will be teaching you how to manage a football team then? Weird.

Adidas miCoach has been in development for over a year and a half at UK studio Chromativity (formerly Lightning Fish Games) under exclusive license from Adidas, and will be launching in summer 2012. Check out some screens below.

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  • Ha ha THQ getting sued is karma for following EAs footsteps by using online passes on their games.
  • Do we really need another one of these games?
  • Just like EA Sports, only this time Adidas is the main company. I don't really play those games a lot, but when I play them, I expect them to be a good assistent. Maybe this can be a pretty good one?
  • i do like the fitness games, building up toning muscles while earning cheevos its a great combo and especially if you can't afford gym memberships i do own and do like the EA Sports active 2 i've used a few others.
  • I will do anything Ana Ivanovic tells me to.
  • @2 Actually THQ was the first to use the pass, it was thought of by EA but THQ used it first with UFC. I like the first screen.
  • I'm waiting for WiiU Fit
  • Dwayne Wade in 3rd picture???
  • Nvm... pictures distracted me from the article where it says athletes are in the game.
  • Game looks TERRIBLE!
  • KAKA!!!
  • @#9 I think thats Dwight Howard but he looks too short in the pic to be DH.
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