Has Bayonetta 2 Been Cancelled Before it's Even Been Announced?

Richard Walker

It's not even been officially announced yet, but word on the grapevine is that Bayonetta 2 may have been cancelled as part of SEGA's effort to restructure and get its financial performance in order. Apparently that plan could involve putting the brakes on one of the publisher's best IPs.

A source close to our good friends at SPOnG dropped the bombshell, claiming that development on a Bayonetta sequel has ground to a halt, following rendunancies and a major reshuffling at SEGA following a poor fiscal year. According to the source, Bayonetta 2 was past its pre-production stage.

Platinum Games' projects have had a history of being critically lauded, then falling short at retail, so its rumoured that Bayonetta 2 could be a casualty of SEGA's new focus on more lucrative projects going forward. The original Bayonetta launched in January 2010 and garnered a well-earned high score on X360A. We're hoping that the rumours of Bayonetta 2's demise are just that. Rumours. SEGA's official line? "No comment." Pah!

  • This is a sad day.
  • I never really got this games appeal , sad to see a game that many enjoyed will not back , just yet
  • Shame. Bayonetta is one of the best action games out there. Hope the sequel sees the light of Day. @3- I don't even care about the Avengers movie, but You Sir, suck!
  • at 3 .... sir spoil a lot!
  • Sega, cancelling a bayonetta sequel would be a bad move. Keep it and drop something less interesting
  • bit surprised #3 hasn't been banned yet
  • That's just unfortunate. Bayonetta was one of the great surprises of 2010, despite not having a coherent story. Hopefully it is just delayed and not cancelled.
  • #7 Harsh!
  • It would be great to be a Bayonetta sequel. @3 I was about to see the Avengers movie, thanks for spoiling it u stupid cunt!!
  • @3 Fuck off.... And this makes sense. Probably to concentrate more on MGR: Revengance.
  • @3 - Get it together and ban this cunt already
  • Kind of surprised, really. I didn't really get the appeal of Bayonetta, just seemed like another boring God of War style button masher to me (also I didn't think Bayonetta was super hot either like so many other people seemed to). But with all the good word of mouth it got, you'd think they'd want to keep it going. SEGA should cancel something with less appeal, like every game with "Sonic" in the title. Those usually aren't good anyway. @3: I hope you die in real life. Sooner rather than later would be preferable.
  • Sad. I liked the first one. It had a special place in my heart like the DMC series.
  • @14 Your long ass post nearly bored me to death so you nearly got your wish :)
  • @3 why do you spoil? attention whore
  • I hope someone other than Sega picks this up if this news is the case. I loved Bayonetta, it snuck up on me in how good it was and because of the game I will now look out for anything Platinum games does.
  • This better not be true, I would love to see a sequel to Bayonetta.
  • @3 Bruce Willis is dead in the sixth sense, see how you like it, sorry to everyone else he just made me so angry.
  • IM GOING IN..FOR THE KILLLLL..damn commercial
  • SEGA will no doubt make more money by finishing and publishing a good sequel... Stop thinking short-term, and don't let the suits ruin this nice IP! For the love of god, will companies pleeease stop canceling games already!
  • @20 The titanic sinks in titanic! Suck it biatch!
  • Wow, I was late to the party. What did #3 say exactly? Now I'm curious. Lol.
  • @24 i was just wondering that same thing. he certainly seems to have pissed off quite a few people though. it seems like there is more commentary on him than on the actual topic
  • If this is true, I'm going to blow something up. -.-
  • @23 no you're lying and i'm not sucking anything
  • Noooo gutted!
  • Sad to hear this and i hope its not true :( Whatever 3 said spoiled the avengers film for some and im glad i didnt come in here earlier. I dont get why people do stuff like that? Its puzzling tbh, like they think they are being a bit of a badass, lame.
  • As long as sega doesn't release a Binary Domain 2(not a horrible game) before Bayonetta or Vanquish 2, I'll be okay.
  • Just hope that it's not true, Bayonetta was a great game, kinda bought it on a whim and couldn't stop playing, the gameplay was just so sadistically hilarious in all the right ways.
  • @14 If you think it's just another God of War masher, then you clearly don't know what the game is. That's no surprise though, with the current generation.
  • @23 excellent random Jay and Silent Bob insert :)
  • I saw his spoiler before it got deleted, unfortunately. Not as bad as the day Mass Effect 3 came out and this douche "ruined" the ending of that in the comments below a YouTube video. It's getting to the point where you must avoid the Internet at all costs in the weeks leading up to release of something you're interested in. So many spoiling assholes out there.
  • But somehow some garbage Sonic Kart game is announced?!?!
  • @36 He was trying to save you from a shitty game, dumbass.
  • @38 What game is shitty?
  • Bayonetta was a great experience. I' m still hoping for part 2.
  • @38 - Oh yes, Lord Solomon Fuere says a game is shitty, and so it is shitty for everyone, no matter taste or opinion. Dumbass.
  • @34 Took the words from my mouth. OT: Makes me feel bad for not purchasing this. I liked what I played a lot more than the spiritual predecessor I did pay $60 for (DmC4).
  • "Bayonetta 2 could be a casualty of SEGA's new focus on more lucrative projects going forward." "Moving forward" = shoveling out more Sonic games. Would rather play a new Condemned game, more in line with the first game than the "hardcore" second game that managed to deflate the series as much as Warrior Within did in Prince of Persia.
  • A sad day if this is true.
  • Since no one said anything..... @11 Konami have always been behind the new Metal Gear game,unless I'm missing something? Also this gives room for them to focus on Shenmue 3 and releasing those HD Shenmue 1 and 2 ports that have apparently been finished for over a year!
  • I didn't even know they were working on a sequel. I really hope this is just a rumor. I loved the first game.
  • http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xqhcid_custom-trailer_videogames?from_fb_popup=1&code=AQClAOQSXgcApsYkwk8pVyHqeLC-Nwr6RF3kAp4ov4yXPzIYPqGl9AOK1tyTg_p1d-N_BohctD6MQ47jYd9o4nGAWvjIaJy8AmDbowxRG-iJXIFzWR05GGeTgUt7vgyrs-VqewE_6ih6jnJliy9HAGtCsM1kiy7RPNNEwIwOF1G7UCMgFbhEXW61kah9IYvwX3A&fbc=813
  • No Comment? I believe that mean "In progress", right? Yeah, ppl love this game, so y not make a sequel?
  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • I don't see why they would cancel it. Everybody liked the first one and it had good sales. It would a bad idea and upset fans to cancel it. Besides what are they going to make another sonic game
  • That's real annoying, Bayonetta was actually one of my favourite video games ever. A sequel would have been more than welcome to most
  • Bayonetta was the only Platinum Games/Clover Games output that I didn't enjoy. Okami, God Hand, Vanquish and MadWorld are some pretty tough acts to follow, but I wasn't feeling this game in anyway other than art direction (i.e. It looked real purty and had some creative flourishes). To be honest they should at least try to release MadWorld or it's sequel on the 360, the Wii is directed at families and kids so it's no surprise it didn't light a fire over there, but I feel the 360 fanbase is more mature and can appreciate fucking up the Black Motherfucking Baron several times.
  • Awww well I not sure if I can say but I am believe 2nd series will be in working title for some reasons. I wish Bayonetta 2 will release before next generation consoles and so 3rd series will be on next generation consoles. My eyes hope so and in my heart are agree lol :):)
  • Wha-WHAT? NO. WHY. PLEASE. NO. ;A;
  • Never played the 1st one was it any good?
  • Whaaaa? Weren't we all just talking about this with the. . . . games come around once in a blue moon and now this happens. . .
  • This is sad news. Bayonetta is a great game, one of the good surprises we had that year. Sucks that this game gets cancelled while they will probably replace it with some crap game.
  • "Bayonetta 2 could be a casualty of SEGA's new focus on more lucrative projects " - How about its just a casualty of being associated with SEGA in the first place. When is that company going to get it right?
  • I really loved Bayonetta so I hope that this is not true.
  • Noooooo i really wanted them to make a sequel
  • One of the Best Hack and Slash of this Gen, it even surpasses DMC in gameplay. Story was lacky, presentation was terrible and had a slow start but It definitely grows on you. It's a sad day that such a great IP with so much potential had to get canned, I wish either it's bogus or some developer with huge cash picks it up so the money ain't a problem while going for sequel
  • Sega, put the focus on Condemned instead!
  • they have financial problems and cancel bayonetta?! hope they donĀ“t put all on the sonic card although the last was quite good. but hey, at least they announced binary domain for PC yay -.-
  • Ffs bayonetta is one off the best games on the 360 .....
  • I never played Bayonetta but everyone I know that did seemed to really dig it. I thought it had actually sold quite well. It's a sad day though that something good is cancelled given how much crap comes out these days.
  • worst video game news i heard in a while. This was the GOTY for 2010.
  • Bayonetta was fucking awesome. Some would argue that it was more Devil May Cry than Devil May Cry 4 was. It was the only game without the words King Kong or Fight Night Round 3 that I got 1000 achievement points on. If it turns out that they've cancelled Bayonetta while some movie based turkey like The Golden Compass or any of their Marvel comic movie efforts get the green light, I'll be livid. I still have traumatic memories of when Infogrames/Atari cancelled the XBox version of Grand Prix 4 while foisting Enter the Matrix and Driv3r on the gaming public.
  • this will be a sad day if this is 100% legit.. just beat this game last night. was hoping for another!
  • Bayonetta and Vanquish were two of the best games of this generation, its a shame no one played them, their loss has turned into our loss!
  • This is just plain dumb by SEGA, they waste their time, cash and sweat on games like "Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed" and decide to cancel the production of Bayonetta 2. I'm disappointed with the gaming community for not buying many copies of Bayonetta but they flock to buy the next CoD and Fifa, with sales for those respective franchises just continue to increase more and more every year. @#45 by Q Dawg187 - I'm a huge Shenmue fan and I would love to see that happen "one day"...one day but its unlikely to happen at this time and I just think it's a waste of creativity of not continuing a series like Bayonetta. Bayonetta was an incredible experience whilst being seriously fun and having a hilarious cast. For Bayonetta to be forgotten and left alone like this, is ludicrous. It will just become another Shenmue, another great franchise left to rot by SEGA. I'm disappointed with you SEGA yet again.
  • No, just no. better not be true.
  • Oh poo.
  • what did no. 3 say?
  • If Platinum Games owns the Bayonetta IP, they should take their talents to South Beach, as it were. Sega is the sinking ship that just doesn't realize it's sinking.
  • @74 gave away a load of spoilers for the avengers movie, just a troll looking for reaction
  • Let's hope not bayonetta was a masterpiece definitely would like to see a sequel
  • #55 imo the best action game besides ninja gaiden 1
  • R.I.P. Bayonetta
  • Terrible news if true :( First game was so much fun.
  • If this happens and it better not, I'm going to go Father Balder and drop some satellites on them after combing my hair with a feather of course.
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