All of Skyrim's Kinect Voice Commands in One Place

Lee Bradley

Kinect support arrives for Skyrim today, bringing a whopping 200 voice commands with it.

As detailed in the rather nifty Kinect Voice Commands manual below, the instructions can either be issued in English or dragon, though quite clearly everyone is going to shout “FUS RO DAH!” rather than “Unrelenting Force!” 'Cos it's more fun, innit? You must hold the right bumper to use the dragon language.

There’s more to the Kinect integration than just shouts, however. You can command followers, navigate items, barter, fiddle with your skills, use the map and all kinds of other cool stuff.

Which is all great, right? Go download it, then hold onto your helms because news of Skyrim’s first DLC is due to arrive today too. Excite.

  • The kinect stuff is all dandy but bring on the dlc news!
  • SICK game just got SICKER
  • I think everyone will naturally be always shouting fus ro dah.
  • Just downloaded it!!! Woop woop one chieve to go then it's dlc time!
  • That's what I love about this Kinect DLC, for the first time it's not just a gimmick with a few commands (COUGH COUGH xbox Dashboard - I mean there isn't even a command to turn off the console lol) This feels part of the game itself. Hats off to you Bethesda
  • Screw Fus Roh Dah, I want to get my minions to attack by just looking at anyone who offends me and shouting "Ally! ATTTTTTAAAAACK!" that sounds far more amusing. Though I will be hitting up some Fus Roh Dah tonight just to try that too. Might I add, pretty solid patch from Bethesda, this is a (pointless) but cool upgrade to one of the best games in recent memory.
  • They posted on Facebook that they are announcing the dlc today as well!
  • Anyone played this yet and Mass Effect 3? Want to know if this is as awesomely responsive as Mass Effect 3's Kinect commands. Playing Mass Effect 3 is so much more awesome with Kinect than without. Currently playing my Insanity Run on PS3 and it sucks not being able to just say Liara Warp, Javik Dark Channel, Shockwave. Really hope Skyrim works as well as ME3, as I still need to finish the bulk of the game.
  • Surefire way not to get laid tonight: have your girlfriend walk into the room while you're speaking dragon to your TV. Lol
  • What a useless feature. They should be fixing bugs instead. I can't wait to see what this update breaks.
  • Sweet
  • Maybe if they decide to release that DLC, I'll be more than happy to give this a shot. ;)
  • i did not get the update. can you force it some how
  • This works better than mass effect 3! Absolutely loving using kinect!
  • I must admit you do feel a right douche talking Dova to your TV, but it's implemented well and it works great, cant understand people's problem with it. If you don't like kinect functions don't use them, it's not like they force you to, its just a neat extra and it's FREE whats there to complain about?......
  • @13 I had to clear my cache and redownload the update, it will be 34mb and then you have to turn on the kinect function on in the settings of the game, it's under gameplay. Hope that helps mate
  • hahaha That is going to be even more nerdy, shouting to your xbox and have to lear shouts ^-^
  • @16 thx works like a charm
  • Just when I thought it was safe to go outside.
  • The one reason why I want a kinnect! Plus with the DLC being announced sometime today, I'm gonna be a happy chap. Hope its released in time for my birthday, gettin me some MSP for it. Wonder how much it will cost.
  • @10 skyrim has been running perfectly since day one for me and the new feature looks pretty damn amazing and i dont even have kinect(im too poor).
  • wait there missing a voice command something about being able to shoot arrows at guards knees :D
  • the only thing that makes the damn arrow jokes cool anymore to me is that I always hear Arnold aka "The Terminator" in my head saying it! I swear that was the first thing I thought when I heard the nords talk! Anyways,this is an awesome feature that they added. It kinda makes me jealous that Kinect users dont have to pause the damn game :( Do you have to press a button to activate speech recognition or is it automatically picked up by the kinect?
  • @23 Button press is required. I'm so excited for this new DLC. Can't wait.
  • @22 automatically picked up except for shouts, you have to hold RB and say the shout, or shout the shout, whatever you prefer.
  • @23 It says above mate, no button for English, button for Dova speak, it is pretty cool....
  • I have to agree with Darktower (#1). DLC news would be great, come on Betheseda, fan awaiting.
  • I maybe be tempted back to playing this but that is a big maybe as I cant be bothered with the endless wandering especially after Witcher 2 spoiled me with its story driven streamlined story.
  • This is nice, but i wonde if i can use my headset to do the voice commands?
  • Really? Just think of all the cool hot chicks you'll be able to pick up now! -end sarcasm- wow
  • About to play kinect skyrim the glder scrolls v
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