Enemy Territory: Quake Wars demo now available

Neil Christie

A demo of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - "the ultimate team and mission based online warfare" has sprung up on Xbox Live Marketplace this morning. In a very traditional manner, the content of the demo is said to revolve around two teams, the human "Global Defense Force" and the "invading alien menace".

The game was released to favorable reviews last year on PC and this 848.78MB trial version should let you know what you've been missing.

  • First coment?!
  • No one cares. ^ Ill download it later, think it looks ok, but Ive heard mixed reviews
  • Lame ^^ but its a good no-forced-story shooting game. Id recommend it to people looking for mindless guns 'n' vehicles action.
  • i bought it played it for 10 mins and returned its rubbish no where as good as quake 4 on 360
  • Hey X Dboi X, at least spell "comment" right if you're going to make a stupid post. As for the game, I'm looking forward to the demo.
  • Hey NiNGods, You smell like a fig roll..
  • Got it, played it, it's all right, not as bad as people say.
  • Downloading now...
  • "i bought it played it for 10 mins and returned its rubbish no where as good as quake 4 on 360" And how is it no where near as good?Just answer me that.Its not a single-player experience, so if you bought it, played ten minutes of the "campaigns" and then took it back....well, then you're missing most of the fun.Online trumps Quake 4's in every way.
  • no this game is so much fun I posted the achievement guide for this game so rent it and look at my achievement guide :)
  • The games ok I just rented it yesterday along with the bourne game which is awsome.
  • fig roll ? lol, wtf
  • game is better on pc
  • wtf is a fig roll...? and im a silver member now :( guess i'll have to wait.....
  • Sweet, i'll be downloading this tomarrow, along with several others.
  • Fig Roll? Kaaay... Anyway, I've played Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (Free PC game) and I enjoyed it. I heard they were making Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, I was excited. Usually when they make something based on a older game, I expect change, Which Quake Wars Lacked in great deal. Yes new (Outdated) engine, yes it's in the Quake universe, yet it plays way too much like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. The levels are too quick as well, or just enter a stalemate at a very boring and open area. The graphics are weak, I know the DOOM 3 Engine is old but these graphics look horrible, Doom 3 looked better! The game just has a new (smudgy) skin now. The gameplay is just a repeat from before, the developers took all this time to just add nothing to the gameplay. Yes the old gameplay was fun, b
  • wow, got to continue post? Anyway let me sum it up, Quake Wars brings nothing new to the table. No new gameplay elements, nor game modes. Just new (crummy) look. Simply, Don't get Quake Wars.
  • wow...I'm gonna save my time and money now...thanx
  • they removed the leveling system for consoles... wtf?
  • Bought this game on release and have played it loads, the game gets very tired very quickly even online and after downloading and playing the Battlefield: Bad Company demo Qwake Wars is getting traded in on the 27th.
  • I agree 100 percent with you Ghost. I thought when you play like 5 minuets of the game thats all there is. Even in the training mode, thats all there is. There was nothing new. Battlefield on the other hand... I bought Battlefield 2 when it came out on the PC. Loved it even though it was a monster to run on my PC (my PC is built more towards running F.E.A.R.)But I enjoyed it. So when I hear the next Battlefield is coming out, I'm excited. I was turned down a little from the "buy items" or earn items on the web or pre-order stuff. Yet the demo showed change and what a great change. I mean the destructible environments are absolutely amazing. First thing I did was use the MG (which they finally have a balanced and useful MG)on top of a tower. I was gunning guys down as they ran for the gol
  • Ugh need more space or something telling me too many characters 8( Anyway, these guys are running for the gold and I'm gunning them down. I was doing great until the tank came and shot my tower. When the smoke cleared I realized that I was on the first floor. BF: Bad Company looks extremely promising and definitely will be playing this on the end of the month. Can't wait.
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