Rockstar Social Club Gets a Lick of Paint in Time For Max Payne 3

Richard Walker

Rockstar has introduced the all-new Rockstar Social Club, which has been completely rebooted and redesigned, with new features and a completely new look. It's all been nicely spruced up, so it's clearer, bolder and easier to use than before. You can now link in and login using your Facebook and Twitter accounts too, and there's status updates and notifications that are simple to access.

From tomorrow, you'll also be able to register and create your own multiplayer Crews in time for the launch of Max Payne 3 next week. You'll be able to add friends and recruit people to your Crew starting May 9th, and find, import and invite friends using your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you link your Gamertag to the Rockstar Social Club, you can also track yours and your friends' achievements and keep tabs on their activities via the activity feed. Check out the all-new Rockstar Social Club here, then prepare your Crew for Max Payne 3's launch on May 15th in North America and May 18th in Europe.

[Via Rockstar Newswire]

  • I love the idea of having your crews transfer over to other R* games.
  • R* Social Club is the best official game linking resource for any company! I love being able to see what me and my friends have specifically accomplished in games.
  • Do you have to pay £40?
  • Another example of Rockstar getting it right.
  • Always been using the Social Club and glad their making improvements, will get much more use out out of it with MP3 coming.
  • I am liking the social club, although it says I have only done 99.8% of LA Noire >.< Must of finished it off-line or something stupid.
  • The social club integration with RDR was amazing, well constructed community events and even in game content, i'm looking forward to a similar service with MP3.
  • I've been on the social club since 2010 and it makes it so much easier to keep track of your stats on Rockstar games. If you plan on getting 100% in Max Payne 3 or GTA:V you should definitely sign up.
  • Blackhawks/Pittsburg crew here we come LOL!
  • Max Payne! Literally one week to go. Man I haven't been this excited for a game in awhile, I mean that. I'm even going to the midnight launch, and I'm psyched.
  • This is news?
  • the 100% checklists on Rockstar Social is one of the best game website things of all time, if not THE best.
  • And this is why I give Rockstar my money.
  • @11 - Yes.
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