Max Payne 3 Launch Trailer Isn't Pretty

Lee Bradley

Rockstar has revealed the launch trailer for Max Payne 3, ahead of the game's release next week. It's a typically joyful affair.

As previously covered, Rockstar Social Club - the publisher’s fancy re-designed website - is also now letting you register and create your own multiplayer Crews. You can even add friends and recruit people to your Crew by rounding up teammates from your Facebook and Twitter accounts, meaning that you'll never be short of backup. Get to it!

Max Payne 3 is out on May 15th in North America and May 18th everywhere else. Rich already has it in his grubby little mitts, so expect a review soon.

  • 1 week to go!
  • This looks a great game, with a great atmosphere!
  • I am excited to play this game finally but this trailer does not do a very good job of trying to sell the game imo. Look to mass effect 2 for a good launch trailer! Ill be playing this next week for sure.
  • Wish you would sort vids out to play on iPhone! Don't have time to put laptop on!
  • Been so long since MP1+2, I don't remember the stories and how they ended even though I loved both of them :-( Can't wait to play 3, just need to finish The Witcher 2 first
  • I got this baby today. Can't wait to play. Already joined 2 crews and started my own. Going to have a blast with this one.
  • Looks sick. I wonder at what point he shaves his hair unless he gets cancer and it's some Walter White type story, oh god I think I have just made the Max Payne story even more depressing, loses his wife and kid and then gets cancer. Can't wait I know Rockstar won't disappoint it's not physically possible.
  • @6 it's not this sites fault, vids don't play on iPad and iPhone, it's apple being total bellends with the flash player
  • im definatly passing on this.ill spend my summer playing the trash multi on gta4.may as well finish it before i try to grind out to level 50 here.good game with shit multi. no one will be there after the hliday games comeout anyway.really i dont think many people will stop playing the big3 for the summer to play this multi.i msure everybody will give thumbs down and negative comments.but are you really gonna stop playing your other games and put ur time in to mp3.i dont think so.and im pretty much a bad ass.
  • Fuck i want this shit now.. Think ill go DL the Original on iPhone today just for fucks sake..
  • This game IS awesome! R* never let down gamers.
  • Hey! Can anybody help me? I can't post on the forum, i don't know it it's a glitch or something or if I got banned, can somebody tell me, please?
  • If anyone needs an extra player for their crew, I'm on call.
  • The grammar Nazi in me really wants to point out how the opening sentence in the trailer has a grammatical error.
  • @10 ye rite apple are bell ends h8 my 4s!
  • Five... Days...
  • Waited four years...I can wait five more days!!
  • this trailer made me more excited! 5 days is too long, i'd like to play it now
  • Max, we all will look for you and play as you when you make comeback next week. We all will give you a great gameplay as myself, Payne!!! Cannot wait for MP 3!!!
  • @11 We don't thumb you down for your differing opinion, we thumb you down for your terrible grammar.
  • @22 With that Gamerpic I'm surprised you can thumbs down anyone.
  • Trailer looks great, just a couple more days til we can finally play this.
  • Look awesome, this game can be one of the best of the year
  • Rockstar has some of the best game trailers. This game looks pretty kick ass.
  • i shat soo many bricks i can build a house with them can't wait for this game man
  • @22 ha ha thats great.well done @23 nice one
  • Amazing
  • I adore the first two. I think I've beaten MP2 more than I've beaten any other game. The fact that it's five hours long might have contributed to that... but it doesn't matter, I still love it.
  • @23 Nice, Nice
  • Loved the first and second games we have waited and it looks like its gonna be great
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