Gotham City Impostors Getting Free Arkham Asylum Map Coming Soon

Richard Walker

Gotham City Impostors has had a lot of free content of late, and that's set to continue with the next free update for the game, which will add the Arkham Asylum map to the already rather generous selection of multiplayer maps currently available for the manic shooter.

Monolith and Warner Bros. have released a video showing off the Arkham Asylum grounds, showing the new playground you'll be able to leap and shoot around when it releases as part of the upcoming free update.

Check out the Gotham City Impostors Arkham Asylum map trailer below, but be warned... The annoying voiceover guy returns once again.


  • awesome
  • Would have been cool if it looked like the Arkham Asylum games version of it, far too bright for my liking
  • Sweeeet
  • This is how you support a game, good job Monolith! I think this is the 3rd new map/update since the game came out. Just waiting for it to come out on PC. Seeing how games like CoD charge you quite a lot for maps that were in the previous version of CoD -_-
  • That voice is enough to put you off gettin the game
  • This content was accidentily 'leaked' to PS3 users the week (comes with a Steam punk styled Electric Gun and Jetpack). :p
  • The map looks shit, and that guy REALLY needs to calm down.
  • I wish more games did DLC like this one dose free is cool for maps :)
  • "KEEEERRAAAAAAZY!" Shut up, bellend.
  • Meh, it's just a map. Gamers are screwed over so much these days with DLC, seasons passes, we've been brain washed into thinking a free map is the greatest thing ever..
  • @10 Of course not, the greatest thing ever would be the price reduction of games, no over priced dlc and no online passes. But this is a step in the right direction.
  • @10 On the contrary, Monolith have been rolling out free updates and maps since the game first launched. Quite frankly, this is the best support I have ever seen from an XBLA game so far. ESPECIALLY an XBLA game.
  • I still got some MP left and I liked the trial when I played it at release. Can anyone recommend this game or does it have to many flaws?
  • I def recommend this game. I really like the support it is getting. paid content and free content. I wish more companies would use this business model.
  • @2 It's bright because every level is in the day (except 25th floor) because if they weren't Batman would put a stop to it immediately. Besides I'm glad they commit to their own style rather than copying a far more successful title like you think they would. On a side note does any one else think that the announcer when you play as the jokerz is in fact the Joker? He would totally endorse this behavior.
  • Everybody is praising Monolith for all these freebies, but Monolith still refuses to fix a networking issue that has left thousands of people unable to play the multiplayer. Shame on you, monolith.
  • Havent played this game in awhile do to the fact that there isnt much variety in the maps this will help though for sure.
  • I just wish that I could actually play my game. Two updates ago, it just stopped putting me in games. It took me about 5 minutes to get into a game before but now I can't even play it.
  • @18 same here. They don't even have plans to fix it.
  • This game needs way more than free maps to survive much longer! How about some free achvs for starters (take advantage of the new achv rules) then unlock everything its tedious to do it otherwise few bothered due to the time effort involved.......
  • Annoying indeed.
  • I wanna play but my Xbox live recently ran out
  • looks good...i wonder how much this will cost me though???
  • I'm so excited that they finally made this map that they taunted me with back when the 25th floor came out.
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