Lionhead Working on MMO For Next Xbox?

Richard Walker

According to a LinkedIn job advertisement post, Lionhead is currently hard at work developing a new next-gen MMO title based on an entirely new intellectual property for the next Xbox console. Spotted by Superannuation, the ad reveals that the MMO will be a AAA project with an accompanying big budget.

"Opportunity to work on MMO like title for next generation consoles. AAA game and budget!" reads the LinkedIn post. "This is to assist in the development of a major brand new IP that is being targeted for the future generation of platforms and will be an RPG based game with a radical new take on how co-operative and multiplayer gameplay feeds into the experience, while blending online and single-player into one complete experience. "

A "complex progression system, multiple routes through the campaign, and an MMO like multiplayer experience that will affect the outcome of the player experience, and many other attributes surrounding their profile (such as the environment and the outcome of certain actions)” are listed among the features being incorporated into the next-gen Lionhead MMO.

With Ubisoft declaring that the free-to-play model could be applied on the next-generation consoles, it's possible that Lionhead's console MMO for the next Xbox could follow suit. Or not. There's no further details on the game at present.

[Via MCV]

  • Sounds interesting. Just hope it isn't like FFXI and instead is Free to play.
  • I've been waiting for a 'good' MMO for Xbox. Maybe it could be coming. :)
  • Noob Question: what is MMO? =P
  • @3 Mickey mouse owns
  • @3 Massively Multiplayer Online
  • I think lionhead will fail without molyneux. I hope not, but I can see it happening.
  • Microsoft looking into MMOs? Blasphemy!
  • The description sounds very Fable like, which I honestly hope isn't the case...
  • Fable Kingdoms! Fable Online!
  • @3 Mums Must Orgasm
  • Sounds like a Fable game from the description. Who knows maybe Fable 4, I did hear a rumor a while back it was gonna be an MMO.
  • Well, I am intrigued......
  • With every rumor surrounding the new Xbox, the worse and worse it sounds.
  • Man I hope so. I just got into playing MMOs and I have to say they're very addictive. And I'm pretty sure it'd be 'free to play' seeing as how we already pay for LIVE. Who knows with Microsoft though...
  • A Fable MMO would be the best direction to take to franchise in. Fable games have slowly been degrading in quality since Fable 2. They need to create an ass kicking MMO thats full of advanced features and aimed towards the hardcore Fable 1 lovers. Fable 2 and 3 where crafted for casuals!
  • @7 I think they will do better with out Molyneux! That guy is a complete wierdo I watched alot of video before the release of fable2 and 3 and hes just plain wierd. OT: i like mmo's gota say I was once addicted to runescape, but free no chance.
  • MMO FOR THE XBOX??? Sign me the fuck up NOW!
  • @12 its not a fable game. the article explicitly says its a new IP
  • "MMO like title" "MMO like multiplayer experiance" actually doesnt sound like it will be an MMO
  • Does sound like fable and I hope it is. Without molyneux it will surpass the previous games by far, always been a fan of fable and despised molyneux and his bullshit lies. @7, this is why lionhead will succeed without him, because he was nothing but a lier.
  • @ 7 they have been failing with molyneux... they will do much better without him
  • MMORPG = Many Men Online Role-Playing Girls
  • Maybe they'll actually be able to make a better game without Molipew making crap up as they go. @23 What are you talking about? Many females play MMORPG's as well, some even play girls.
  • @22 Failing? I'm pretty sure Fable is a successful series. People can say what they want about molyneux but at the end of the day, it sounds cliched but he has big visions and he will be a loss to the company. But thats just my opinion, let's see how this pans out!
  • i dont see the point of these type of games. They go on and on till you create your own ending, sucking up the life inside of you in the meantime. I have seen people get addicted to warcraft, change into cavemen, smelling like horsestables, drinking out of date orange juice, the horror...the horror...
  • I wanna play an MMO so badly but my PC is so outdated. Anyway, wasn't Guild Wars 2 confirmed for next gen consoles?
  • DONT TURN XBOX INTO A DAMN COMPUTER!!! WOW thats like the post they had a few weeks ago about how they were gonna have Internet Explorer on the Xbox. I have a Computer for a reason. and i just feel that they are really forcing Xbox to turn into a computer. I LIKE MY GAMING CONSOLE.
  • @28 it is already happening and will continue to go tword's the cpu side. This is just how they have to do it, no other way to make xbox better really (experience wise).
  • Yeah, this will work as well has RTS on consoles. "But Halo Wars!" Halo Wars was shit.
  • Please, yes!
  • @ #29 Defineately not.
  • @9, 10, 12, 16, and 21 - Did any of you read the article? "It sounds like a new Fable game." Yeah, that is until you get to the part that says new IP.
  • @19, 33 Yeah 'coz a developer has never lied to try an throw us of the trail.
  • There was talk about the free PC game Runescape coming to consoles. Last I heard, Microsoft wanted it to be exclusive to the Xbox and was trying to seal the deal with Jagex (creators of Runescape for those who don't know) by offering them a lot of money for that to happen but Jagex want it to be on all consoles and was rejecting Microsoft's extra money. An MMORPG like Runescape would be epic if you consider all the skills, quests and so on. There's a lot of potential there if it does come to consoles.
  • @33 thats why we are saying "sound like" we're not saying it is
  • @35 I stoped playing Runescape as soon as it became 'Runescape 2' with it's god awful 3d graphics and slowwwwwwness. Bring back the original!
  • Does anyone remember a little game that was supposed to come out for the original Xbox called True Fantasy Live Online (TFLO)? Level 5 was making it and I even saw screens, as well as, gameplay video. I'm not buying it until I see the game on the shelf. It is a new IP as well, so it won't be a Fable game right?
  • I predict a fail, especially without Molyneux to overhype it
  • @28 Why would it be so bad for your system to have all the capabilities of a PC that you can use on your television? I strongly encourage them to keep moving things this way. I hope we do get Internet Explorer and I hope it even supports Kinect voice and swipe commands so I can browse the web controller, mouse, and keyboard free from my couch. Hell, then I can check x360a on my 360. That sounds legit to me. I don't understand complaining when you are recieving extra functionality.
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