Game of Thrones Chopping Off Heads in the UK on June 8th

Richard Walker

Game of Thrones will be heading to realms outside the North of America, beyond the Wall to the United Kingdoms early this June. Right. That's enough of that. UK distributors Koch Media and Focus Home Interactive have today announced that UK release date for Game of Thrones, is what we meant to say.

Cyanide Studios' take on George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire books and the hit HBO TV series will be releasing on June 8th, meaning that once the second season wraps up on Sky Atlantic on June 3rd, you'll be able to continue your Iron Throne related questing the following week.

Game of Thrones launched this week in North America and is slated to arrive on June 8th elsewhere. Check out our preview and interview with Cyanide for more on the game.

  • Birthday is in June.. I expect this as a gift... lol.
  • This game didn't turn out as good as I had hoped... At best, it's a decent rpg but I still hope they can make a (better) sequel.
  • Good news. So is it an RPG in the style of Skyrim or less freedom like the Wicher 2? I didn't read somewhere it had no free-roam as you just go from mission to mission, i'm hoping that's not the case.
  • Do'h, 'i did read somewhere!'
  • game had the worst graphics in a game in 2012 yet
  • I'm absolutely loving the game so far. Hope it sells ok, would like to see a sequel. This game if FAR from perfect, but has a lot of promise, and is a lot of fun.
  • @6 thanks cos i was going to ask on here how good it really is not some shit ign review lol, ive preordered this im in the uk so i have to wait until 8th june lol
  • Who Cares, this game's terrible anyways.
  • Keep expectations low.
  • Great pushed back even futher. 3 weeks after America, another company gives a middle finger to the UK.
  • can't wait
  • @#8 Funny seeing is how your gamertag shows you haven't played the game. That, and your last 3 games played are all COD games. In conclusion, your opinion is invalid.
  • @12 Actually I changed my gamer tag so my account isn't updated. And my last three games are Max Payne 3, Trails Evolution and Minecraft. Oh an about the Call of Duty thing, easy points is all I have to say.
  • @12 @13 As much as I don't like Cod (Except 2,3,4 and kind of 5) they are not awful games. People can hate, but they are still good games, with good graphics and good gameplay. Sure it is the same recycled shit, but that doesnt mean the game itself is terrible. Hate all you want, even I do, but the games are not terrible. And I agree with Despiar, the game "looks" terrible. The graphics are far out of date, and I am not a fan of the side story they spun off. I am a huge fan of a song of ice and fire, and there shouldnt be any, or much magic in the game. May be a fun game, but compared to games now-a-days this game would be considered terrible for gameplay and graphics.
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