Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 to be Announced at E3?

Lee Bradley

A sequel to Konami and MercurySteam's Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will be announced at E3, according to the latest rumours.

Released back in 2010, the original Lords of Shadow picked up plenty of praise for it’s action-adventure, whiptastic stylings. It was good, prompting our very own Rich to say in his review that Lords of Shadow “is a superlative start for Castlevania on current-gen consoles and we only hope that developer MercurySteam has more in the pipeline.” Looks like he may be in luck.

The report comes from a source that has been right on a number of occassions in the past, so the rumours have some weight. Set your sights for E3, folks.

[via PGN]

  • sounds good.
  • Lords of Shadow was a great start to next gen Castlevania so I'm definitely looking forward to this.
  • I NEED THIS TO BE TRUE! Castlevania Lords of Shadow is one of the best, most underated this gen.
  • like one of my favorite characters from anime says, "YAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" good news to start my raining day =].
  • I would definitely pick that up. Maybe we can get a Castlevania collection on XBLA with 1-3. Doubt it, but would be nice.
  • awesome, i really loved the first but i kinda hope they take out the level system and put in a "symphony of the nite" style castle layout. And another arcade castlevania to tide me over please!
  • It would be awesome.
  • ENDING SPOILERS!!! With the ending taking place in present day I wonder if this sequel will too.
  • AH fugging sweet! I LOVED this game!
  • @8 - It damn well better. If they screw us out of the resolution that ending deserves, a lot of fans'll be pissed. plus, SPOILER ALERT!!! Seeing as how Gabriel had no children, and became the character we know as Dracula, it'd be hard to justify a past-era sequel. And before all the diehards start chiming in. I'll remind all of you that Lords of Shadow, was a reboot set in it's own isolated universe. Not the traditional CastleVania universe. So the rules of the later don't apply here. Either way, my sights are set for e3.
  • Good to hear this. Still not finished the first, but with news of a sequel perhaps that will get me to sort it out.
  • good news, reminds me i must go back and gobble up some more achievements from the first game.
  • It better be... I want a sequel to that game.
  • damn i still aint got round to playing the first one properly yet.
  • Hope this is true. But It will be anounced at E3. It will say a 2013 release date. Then get put back to 2014. Then it will be abolished in 2015. Seems like the general story of most games this era
  • yay
  • please yes...this would be amazing...but going from the last one, i'll avoid over priced, under contented DLC!!!
  • I enjoyed Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. I just recently finished the main game(1000G), but was debating on getting the DLC. I, however, am happy to see that their will be a sequal as I had some questions after I finished it the first time(On easy :3) and on Paladin(Enjoyed this!)difficulty. However, I have to give Props to the people who took the time to make the Trail guide, and the Gem location guide possible for LOS. Thank you!
  • Please make this true!!! If you have not played the original Lords of Shadow you need to. If you consider yourself a Castlevania fan you need to play this game!!! The events that happen after the game was over will change Castlevania forever. One vamp game down now if we can get Legacy of Kain back up and running my world would be complete.
  • I would prefer if Konami would make the Battle of 1999. I miss the 2-D games.
  • lol why all the negs to the people discussing the ending ... they put spoiler alert in giant writing ...
  • I loved the first game. The Trials were a little frustrating, but I guess that why they're called "Trials". I've been looking forward to a sequel, so this is very good news for me.
  • Probably give this a miss if it comes out, Hated the 1st one (Blight on the series)
  • Game was good but the DLC was absolutely horrible. Hope this time, they don't do DLC but thats unlikely. Anyway I'll keep an eye on this. They could give us Super Castlevania on XBLA to tie us over.
  • They need to actually have some CASTLES to play in. There were only two in the first game, and the first one was lame. The Vampire was pretty cool. Castlevania = CASTLES
  • @ #25: In the first, third, and fourth Castlevania games (and maybe more than that), the only castle was Dracula's castle. It was only introduced near the end of the game. Most of Castlevania II took place outside castles, too. I'm not at all bothered by a Castlevania game taking place outside of a castle. It's like the series is returning to its roots. @ #24: Super Castlevania IV would be an incredible addition to XBLA! I would buy that one day one regardless of the achievements. OT: A sequel is obvious, but it's still a great idea. Can't wait!
  • This is awesome news!!! Been a Castlevania fan since the first on NES. :D Got them all so far (cept for handheld ones), and I will definitely get this! One of my fav games on 360!
  • I'd prefer another SotN style Castlevaina game. Could not get into LoS at all. This is great for those of you who like the God of War style gameplay, but it just didn't do it for me.
  • I loved LoS, bought the DLC on DotW a while ago and it was brilliant. If LoS2 does get announced it'll be a day one purchase.
  • @18 the DLC for lord of shadows, for the price and content of it is really bad, i got it when it was on sale and was still disapponted with it even though i thought the main game was amazing...if ur an achievement whore like me, u will buy it just to say u 100%'d it completely, other wise spend ur moneys elsewhere...the chevo's on it will challenge u for a while as the boss fight on nightmare mode is a pain in the ass, but beating him will actually feel like an achievement :)
  • @#18 - Wait for a sale for the DLC. It is not worth $20 for the two of them. For reference: - Reverie is 3 stages, no boss fight. Maybe 2 hours tops to beat it the first time dependingo n difficulty/how familiar you are with the controls still (for example, I hadn't played in a year, so I was rusty). - Resurrection is only 2 stages; Both are basically puzzle platforming and a boss fight. Maybe an hour or two as well. I enjoyed both of them (haven't 100%'d them yet, but working on it), but I would never have spent $10 on each individually. I have no regrets getting them for $5 each, though.
  • Loved Lords of Shadow! The voice acting was perfect!
  • @8 your a dick! why do people put spoilers on these forums, just started this game last week, and have a gange at some news and it gets spoiled brilliant. the admins of this site should delete comments like that.
  • Finally 100%'d the DLC, thus completing the game. Super excited for this now. Hope it's true. @#34 - He said "ENDING SPOILERS" and it was waaaaay before you posted. That's your own fault. And honestly, it doesn't spoil much. It's a 2 minute cutscene and all he did was say when it took place. Could've been worse. @#25 - Castlevania = a single CASTLE. Dracula's. @#10 - It could easily be "past era", anytime *after* the Resurrection DLC could allow for a Dracula boss. You could also just not have Dracula as a boss (like this one didn't), or have continuing journeys of Gabriel , leading further to his ultimate fate. It's up in the air. Though a more modern 3D Castlevania would be very interesting.
  • Lords of Shadows is great! Gameplay, pacing, style, art design it was all top notch! I can't wait to see what a LoS 2 will have in store for us! :D
  • Nice I just picked up a brand new copy of the 1st the other day for $20 on amazon a couple of days ago and right on time.
  • I'm only on chapter 1 and I must say it's absolutely amazing so far and would certainly get the next one.
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