Batman: Arkham City Dev Diary Goes into the Recording Booth with Mr J

Lee Bradley

Batman: Arkham City's Game of the Year Edition grapplehooks its way into stores across the world soon, so to mark the occasion Warner Bros has released this video of the voice cast doing their thing in the booth.

The highlight, of course, is seeing Mark Hamill in action recording audio for Joker. He twists and turns his body and kinda becomes Mr. J in a brilliantly physical performance. They even rewrote chunks of the dialogue to fit his version of the character. Which is pretty badass.

Check out the trailer below. Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition comes to Europe on September 7th and North America on May 29th.

  • Batman sure is popular these days. :)
  • This is cool, They should do things like this more often. And a Q&A with the cast would be great too
  • Mark and Kevin are just badass!! Without those 2 I don't think Batman nor Joker would be as cool as they're now.
  • Awesome! I wish there were more videos like this one. Wanna see how VO actors becoming the characters we enjoy on our screens.
  • Man! Stana Katic's HOT!
  • Mark Hamill is the joker in my mind, whenever I read a joker comic it's always his voice I hear. Now if only they would do a Killing Joke film.
  • Mark Hamill really is great,and i hope he does return as The Joker sometime in the future however,September the f***ing 7th for Europe,pfft...that's the real joke here! :(
  • When Mark Hamill dies, they have to stop using the Joker. When Kevin Conroy dies, they need to kill Batman and end the series.
  • Good lord Stana Katic is beautiful.
  • mark hamill is and always will be the joker to me, fuck jack nicholson and heath ledger...and that pansy one from the 60's.
  • Great great voices. The casting guy/girl really did a great job
  • I wonder who's doing the Joker's voice in The Dark Knight Returns. I know Kevin Conroy isn't doing Batman in it.
  • its freaky seeing mark do the joker voice, from jedi to insane clown
  • I don't see how movie actors like Megan fox(Transformers) get paid so much for being such a bad actress when these guys get paid probably only a fraction of that and they are amazing at what they. To me the voice acting in games is really what makes a game great, Everytime I'd hear Harley Quinn talking to Mr. J in the patient tapes in Arkham Asylum I'd always get so mad when they stopped because they always leave me wanting more of just a conversation, then we got movies like Twilight that have some of the worst dialogue ever written and yet the actors get paid millions. What the heck is that about?!? If you ask me I think it's bologna how little appreciation these voice actors in Video games get paid.
  • I don't know if this is just me, but in my mind, Kevin Conroy & Mark Hamil, are forever imortaised as ALWAYS Batman and Joker. I don't think I could picture anyone else taking their places as them charcters, and even if someone took their places at somepoint in the future I don't it would ever feel the same. Also, Batman Arkham Asylum & Arkham City games are like the Marvel movies today, and its abit sad that Marvel games can't be as good as the Batman games are. Sure even though they are movie tie-ins, but at sometime they will have to make non-moive tie-ins and make them awesome...but considering thats so fucking difficult for Activision though. To end it off...Stana Katic...*homer simpson grolls* Mmmm...:P
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