Harry Potter for Kinect Takes You to Hogwarts this Autumn

Richard Walker

Just when you thought the Harry Potter franchise was done and dusted, Warner Bros Games has today announced the imaginatively titled Harry Potter for Kinect, which takes you back to Hogwarts for some wand-waving, spell-casting adventure featuring the cast of the movie saga.

Spread across all eight films, you'll be able to play as any of the main witches or wizards, such as Harry Potter (well, duh), Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, as you embark upon a journey through the hallowed halls of Hogwarts and beyond. Alternatively, you can scan your own face in to the game using Kinect, and play with a fixed rictus grin that makes you look like you can only experience one single emotion. Brilliant.

As you'd expect, Harry Potter for Kinect will enable you to cast spells using physical gestures and voice-recognition, realising all of your deepest Harry Potter fantasies. You can even catch a golden snitch during a bout of Quidditch, and engage in some fun Harry mini-games. John Hurt will even teach you stuff and flog you a wand. Huzzah.

Harry Potter for Kinect is being developed by Eurocom and will be out in autumn 2012. Give the trailer and first three screens a quick look below.

  • Really? After hearing about the others on Kinect they should scrap it.
  • this will suck!
  • Lololol this looks joke.
  • this could be a good game but kinect is nowhere near good enough yet if kinect was better at motion detection and voice recognition then this could be a really good game but for now all this game could be suited for is small children not teenagers and adults.
  • I would Avada Cadavra EVERYTHING.
  • Actually it looks good i think
  • I hope this will be as good as Kinect Star Wars....oh wait. DId anyone else think the characters looked really creepy? Can kinect games not have proper graphics for some reason?
  • Didn't this already not work the first time?
  • @8 Yes, but that was EA. This one is WB. Different devs and publisher. Therefore, it might have a chance! I said "might."
  • I have no hopes for this game. But I am going to Harry Potter World next week so at least I get to drink some Butterbeer
  • Everytime I see a game say 'Better with Kinect' at the top of the box, i feel like adding '?....No'
  • Have only seen the first movie but this game could be pretty fun.
  • As a huge HP fan I hope this game's gonna be decent, if it is I MIGHT get Kinect for it.
  • LOL @ all the downvoters for everyone rightfully calling this game out. My person opinion is this will be AWESOME, after all look how good the Kinect controls were in Deathly Hallows Part 1! That won like 60 GOTY awards just for that part of the game!
  • Another Kinect gem on the way...
  • Developers are really pushing the boat out with these Kinect titles. The Kinect has always had potential but, no-one is tapping into it. Are they really out of new ideas, to release yet more Harry Potter merch? Even J.K Rowling has written a new book about something else. Perhaps it is time to rest the series for a while? Personally, I won't be buying this. It's a shame that my Kinect has spent more time packed away than connected to my Xbox. I think that right now it's snuggling up to my dis-owned Wii...
  • This will proably just be a collection of mini games with a Harry Potter skin. The only Kinect games I'm interesting in ATM are Ryse and Dragonball Z Kinect. (The latter is available for preorder on shopto.net for £24.99)
  • What next? Rock Band: Kinect Edition?
  • The author's sarcastic enthusiasm made me lol. I imagine this game will be really corny.
  • Being a big Harry Potter fan, I'd buy this in a heartbeat. If only I had Kinect.
  • this will blow, just like star wars kinect
  • Will we be able to sneak into hermiones room with our invisibility cloak..?
  • yay I love Harry Potter! I don't have Kinect, but if I did I would get this game because I am a huge fan
  • @18 They already have the cheap equivalent, Kinect Fun Labs: Air Band.
  • interesting...
  • @ 11- I must say, I did like the "analyze" and "scan" features of Halo CE.
  • at 0:46 i'm pretty sure thats the part of DH2 when you have to escape from that bounty hunter over the bridge?
  • Rubbish , just like Kinect , what a useless waste of money from Microsoft.
  • Movies are pretty good, but harry potter is a nerd.
  • @24 by alklein35 WHAT? Since when? How come I've never heard of it? Probably because I don't have the Kinect accessory myself (due to the price).
  • I love Harry Potter, but my Kinnect is collecting dust because it's usually inaccurate for most of the games I've tried. this is no surprise WB found a way to milk the franchise even though all the books and movies are out though.
  • Hopefully they'll take their time with this. A Kinect Harry Pottet game has a lot of potential so if they take their time on this they could come out with a halfway decent game. I doubt they will though
  • My wife will like to try it anyway (and my daughter too)
  • I still think all these concepts (this and Star Wars Kinect) would be really cool... if the Kinect actually worked.
  • I actually liked the one Harry Potter game I played, but Kinect is a steaming turd to me.
  • Look at all those thumbs down on all the people that are complaining about Kinect. What i am about to say isn't just my opinion , it is fact. The only reason Kinect was created was because they wanted to copy the stupid Wii and try and keep the 360 fresh and appeal to the casual gamers , which in my opinion wasn't needed. I don't see how anyone can say that Kinect is great , it's been a complete waste of money, with most if not all of the games for it being absolute dross with ridiculously poor graphics. I still don't have it and the only reason i will be buying it one day is so i can play Dragonball Z Kinect.
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