BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition Outed by BBFC

Lee Bradley

Looks like 2K is planning a bundled special edition of the first two BioShock games.

The news comes via the British Board of Film Classification, which has listed BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition for a future UK release. Since being spotted, the listing has been pulled.

Apparently, the special edition includes BioShock and BioShock 2, along with all of their respective DLC add-ons.

2K is yet to unveil the collection, but look out for an official announcement soon.

[via EG]

  • That's pure awesome for someone who doesn't have it all.
  • Hmm, both were great games so it's sure to be a great combo pack! Especially if the DLC comes with it :-)
  • Unless this is like 20 bucks then there's no point.. and even then...
  • I really want these so will definitely have to pick this up, never got a chance to play them /:
  • I would love this infinitely if it was a steelbook, or if it came with the steelbook edition of the first. I'm on a slight steelbook hype.
  • 2 great games that would be worth picking up for anyone who has never played them before
  • I'm going to be kind of pissed if it comes with some sort of rare art book, or special commentary, since I already own both games/all the dlc. Great deal for someone new to the series though.
  • Should be around 30 bucks or under, anything else is, well, not good. Hope Infinite doesn't get delayed anymore.
  • loved both of these games but never got dlc so this would be great to keep bioshock fans going until infinite gets released bring on the big daddy
  • Didn't BioShock 1 only have 1 FREE DLC?
  • Dear god. Let this be true, then hopefully people will buy this and actually play the damn Bioshock 2 DLC so I can get those f-in map achievements already! >_>
  • i hate games packaged together though. I love it when they're individually on my shelf.
  • @ 3, I'll remember that when they offer CoD4, MW2, and MW3 as a packaged deal. Oh wait, that game has no story to it.
  • If it comes with a little sister to stand beside my big daddy from the original collectors edition i'll buy it, otherwise nope.
  • @3 - The point is it's more convenient. Didn't think that would be questioned.
  • only played a bit of the first one. might have to swoop this
  • hope comes with diffrent achivment list :)
  • Maybe we can see some people on bioshock 2's multiplayer again.
  • Wow, I bought both of them yesterday! Might be worth trading them in to get this though, depending in the price.
  • yuck, no thanks.
  • thats the best edition i have ever seen great deal.
  • God i hope that the 360 version of Bioshock gets the challenge rooms that were previously exclusive to ps3. Well it would be nice but i wont get my hopes up.
  • Would be awesome if they were new games on their own, achievement wise but still lucky ducky to someone who hasn't played these great games.
  • How dare they bundle that piece of shit BS2 with the amazing original -_-
  • Maybe now 2K will stop putting BioShock 2 DLC on sale every other month. The consistency of those sales are detracting from other horrible DotWs'.
  • I wonder if Sinclair Solutions will be included on the "Bioshock 2*" disc this time ;) . * In my view, Bioshock Infinite is the real Bioshock 2 (for one simple reason that can be summed up in two words: Ken Levine).
  • Make a new 1000G list leaving out any multiplayer achievements while adding 1's DLC and they guarantee sales.
  • @26 I fully support your opinion by saying that Ken will make Infinite amazing. :) OT: This edition is perfect for those yet to try Bioshock, I loved both of them so much.
  • for someone who has been on the fence about buying the bioshock games, i am stoked for this bundle ^^ can't wait
  • Ok, maybe you can get bioshock 1 for £3-£5 and maybe you can get bioshock 2 for about the same price. But do they come with all the dlc?
  • @13, 15 My post came off a little harsher than I wanted. Don't get me wrong, Bioshock is a great game. I have the full 1100 in the first, and have the second here also. My point was by now both games are extremely cheap, and most people who are interested would have probably played one or the other. So unless they put it out at a decent price it's not going to sell hence.. pointless. I think #8 hit it better. $30 would probably sell well.
  • @31 - Not always true. Say you're in a store browsing the game section. You see Bioshock 1, then you remember a friend telling you how great it was. Instead of: 1) Buying Bioshock 1 2) Buying Microsoft points for all the DLC 3) Buying Bioshock 2 4) Possibly buying even more points for that DLC, too You just buy it all in one. Hence, not so pointless. It's convenient, and everyone loves things that are convenient.
  • 1st one is great, 2nd was awful and I was barely able to play through it.
  • It shouldn't cost too much-both games are very cheap now, the DLC has been on sale more times than I can remember and the multiplayer DLC doesn't hold much value this long after bioshock 2 was released. It would be nice if it came with the PS3 challenge rooms. The first was a masterpiece, the second was slightly less so but still sublime and Minervas Den is easily one of the greatest DLC's ever made. A must buy for any poor fool who hasn't already played them.
  • @27 - Do you seriously think the general public buys games solely for achievements?
  • @35 exactly.they dont.only we would care about new achievements and we are such a small % that we literaly dont matter at all.every one who uses this site could stop playing xbox today and MS wouldnt even know the differance. if we mattered they wouldnt allow games to have broken/glitched unobtainable achievements
  • Might pick this up because I haven't played them yet.
  • @35 - Randy Pitchford from Gearbox claimed that adding easy achievements promotes sales for games, so don't be too quick to dismiss what the general public is capable of. Granted, most people don't buy a game solely on achievements, but easier achievements or more points available will help sway their decision and increase sales.
  • Still got my CE's for 360's but after getting addicted to Nvidia's Vision 2 3D on pc I hope this pack comes out for the PC :D
  • #14 Also there was a little sister statue released but it was from a gaming event. Managed to get one for £14 if i remember right :)
  • Good deal for anyone who doesn't have the awesome collection. Might be hard to find people on bioshock 2 mp tho. Glad to hear that the bioshock was number 3 in "G4's Best Games of All Time"
  • Both of these games are less than £10 at my local game store. If people wanted these games by now they'd have already purchased them. This is just another method to make more money.
  • I reallenjoyed the first one, the second just didn't grip me. The third looks "Infinitely" cooler than the second. I feel that a new atmosphere will give it that suspenseful feel the first one did.
  • @32 For one, Bioshock 1 didn't even have paid DLC. It was totally free. Second, doing that is somewhat foolish. You should see whether you actually like the game before making that commitment, thus only buying one initially for cheaper is a better deal, especially if you discover you don't like it. Just because a friend tells you it's great, doesn't necessarily mean you'll agree.
  • If it's just two cheap games with DLC and no other physical stuff, then this is definite buy! I already have Bioshock 2 SE and Bioshock 1 tinbox, but no DLC.
  • Great deal for people who hasn't played the games. I bought my 360 the very day that Bioshock was released (I managed to get the steelbook) and I have never regretted that. This was the game that won me over. It was an incredible journey. Bioshock 2, while not as good as the first one, was still playable. So for anyone who hasn't played these games, please give them a go! Really looking forward to Bioshock Infinite btw!
  • May need to grab this if the price is good.
  • Yes! I don't own both games and this edition sound sweet before infinitive releases
  • @38: Though this set isn't exactly being aimed at people who have already bought both the first games, anyway.
  • I already own Bio 1 & 2, loved and beat both of them (multiple times). Gave them to my nephew to play, now he's pretty much kept them (can't blame him) I'm still going to get this just because I want to play them again :)
  • @ 22, who really gives a damn what Delaystation morons get that we dont? We get everything they wish they had in a reliable network anyhow. I've played both bioshock 1 and bioshock 2 on ps3 and just like 90% of every multiplat the PS3 receives, these were shoddy sub par gimped ports. Whether we get the challange rooms you speak of or not, atleast us 360 gamers don't have to worry about gimped ports of multiplats nearly 90% of the time. Sorry but I've owned both consoles since launch and have rented countless multiplats for both consoles and the PS3 always end's up with the short end of the stick nearly 90% of the time.
  • I may get them depending on the price, will have to wait an see.
  • This WILL NOT have new achievements. That only happens when changes are made to the games code such as the addition of 3D to the Arkham Asylum GOTY. This is clearly just going to be a repackage.
  • 2k games can suck my johnson. I want them servers back online! Pronto!
  • I'm with #34. Minerva's Den is easily worth the price of admission to BS2, all by itself. What an amazing piece of DLC.
  • This would be awesome for me to get. I've played both of the games, but I borrowed each of them from two different friends. After I beat them, I returned them. Never played any of the DLC, either, so I'm totally on board for this.
  • New achievements?
  • This looks great. Definitely going to pick this up. Knowing 2K, they will bundle something in there not available anywhere else.
  • Ha, a day late and a dollar short. This should have come out over a year ago.
  • My ex owned the first one which I played all the time. Obviously she took it when we broke up and the second one I never got around to playing. Looks like I'll pick this up.
  • @57 No.
  • 2nd one has a better ending and last area imo, ending teared me up a little. also the part with the giant creature in the water tank was pretty cool. as was said before, minervas den is prolly the best dlc ever, except alan wake the signal, imo
  • i meant the writer lol my bad
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