Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Short Film Released

Lee Bradley

Capcom has released a live action trailer for the Kinect-exclusive Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor. 

Helmed by Ghost in the Shell director Mamoru Oshii, the film is, to be frank, a little bit nuts; featuring a crew squirreled away within the iron bowels of a dirty great big mech.

All close ups, odd flashbacks, weird dubbing and mech porn, it’s a world away from Metro: Last Light and Darksiders II’s recent efforts. Definitely worth a look though.

From Software’s Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is out today in North America and Friday in Europe.


  • If it wasn't for all the other games that I had come out recently I would be picking this up today.
  • Tried the demo and with the limit space in my gaming (bedroom) area I wasn't even able to set it up. Soooo based on that fact I will wait for this game to drop in price as well as M$ retuning the Kinect Sensor to be more space limited friendly
  • If you're excited for this game, don't go near IGN...
  • that was shit. the ghost recon one was a hell of a lot better.
  • Umm,cheesy. But I think I understand where it's coming from.
  • If this is the same live-action trailer that was uploaded on youtube a few days back then it's one of the worst things I've seen used to promote a video game. Just terrible. The only thing that beats it in terms of awfulness was the What If Nuke Cola Was Realistic video that was up on Machinima, but at least that has the excuse of being fan made.
  • Russian Jack Palance for the win! LOL
  • All I really want is MechWarrior 5 - now those were some awesome games.
  • @2 are you serious or a troll? every time the trolls come out knowing this IS a kinect game! can we thumbs down the person who wrote the article too. so much bias against kinect here. then you wonder why no mainstream games like GOW dont appear. yes i'm aware of ME3 voice only commands. as for this, i totally forgot its out now. cant wait to check this out. the demo played great. so i'm looking forward to this. nice to see some really cool titles for kinect building up. not all of us are lazy. some of us enjoy more interaction with our games. but #2, did you really think kinect goes into a bedroom? oh my girlfriends 11yr okd son has his working in his bedroom. its very small space & works great. he has the starwars one. but i have about 6-8 ft in front & sides to play kinect. it workd perfectly :) people need to stop bashing innovation. change is the only constant in the universe. this is a change for the better :) now i'm off to ebgames :)
  • @ #9- I do have to add that IGN just gave it a 3 because they said once again the Kinect part is terrible and the game is terrible as well...
  • @10 thats a very vague statement. how is it terrable? just because someone says it? doesnt make sense. the demo worked great! gonna play this tonight if i can find a copy in canada.
  • @3 I always stay away from IGN, the reviews are always seem to get it wrong (for me anyway) and it's also a troll nest over there.
  • @9 Im serious. I have a small gaming area in which I had absolutely no room to do the whole "Stand up with your full body in screen" calibration test. I do not ever post anything to be a troll. I originally had high hopes for this game, As a tanker scout in the army and when Metal Gear came out what gamer doesnt want to controll a walking tank? Wish they'd port the one Mechwarrior game they had on original Xbx.
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