E3 2012: Gears of War: Judgment Preview – Prepare to Sweat!

Dan Webb

“There is some DNA of our previous games in here,” said Adrian Chmielarz, People Can Fly’s Creative Director, the studio partnering with Epic Games for Gears of War: Judgment.

“From our perspective, we actually do not want to be the studio that is known [for being] all about dick-tits. This is slightly different,” Chmielarz remarks. “There is some DNA of our previous games in this, especially in the intensity of gameplay. We have more enemies on-screen and you basically have these crazy gameplay moments where you almost feel like you’ve lost control over what’s happening. Actually, you do lose control every now and then, and it’s just pure chaos, but that’s the beauty of war.”

That, my friends, is what you should expect from Gears of War: Judgment, the latest Gears of War game that tells the story of Baird, circa Emergence Day. The title is being developed by majority owned studio Epic studio, People Can Fly, in collaboration with Epic themselves and is currently scheduled for a 2013 release.

According to Chmielarz, the campaign mantra for Judgment is to make you “Fear the Locust again.” They intend to do that by upping the intensity of the combat and they do that in three different ways.

Firstly, there's the S3 system, which stands for Smart Spawn System - “A feature has to have a name,” chuckled Chmielarz – which takes the traditional formula of tying the difficulty level to how much health you have and how many bullets it takes to kill an enemy and flips it on its head. Judgment will analyse your performance and adapt to your play style instead.

Yes, casual mode is going to allow you to go through the motions if you want to see the story and just be a tourist, but every other difficulty level is set to challenge you. It’ll do that by offering up different scenarios at the same points throughout; so, say if you tackle a scenario a few ways and keep dying, just as you start to suss it out, it may mix it up and throw a new scenario at you, meaning you have to adapt to a new situation. On higher difficulties, new enemy types that you might not have faced on lower difficulty levels will be thrown at you, and so on. The result, according to Chmielarz, is a “sweaty palms campaign.”

“If this game doesn’t make you sweat, we haven’t done our jobs,” notes Epic’s Design Director, Cliff Bleszinski.

Secondly, there’s the classification system, which is simple but means there’ll be an incredible amount of replayability in Judgment. Simply put, on your first time through the game, the story provides testimony for the trial you saw in the debut trailer. After you’ve completed a section though, you’ll have unlocked a declassified version, meaning you can unlock parts of the story that were redacted on the first time through. You’ll even be forced to replay the mission in a completely different way too, meaning you’ll have a completely different experience.

And finally, there’s the revamped control scheme, which is a result of the more frantic and intense gameplay. It’s easier to do everything now, so instead of winding up and aiming a grenade, you can throw it on the fly with the tap of a button, and for instance, like in Bulletstorm, you can switch weapons with one button. “We were scared to do this,” remarked Chmielarz, “but once we tested it, it took us five minutes to realise it was the way to go”

For People Can Fly, the developer doesn’t want people to play it to learn what happens next, they want people to play it because they love the second-to-second gameplay.

People Can Fly isn’t just revamping the single-player formula for its stab at the series either. The studio is looking at doing the same with the multiplayer, and part of that is with the new class system in a mode called Overrun, which was one of the focuses of this year’s E3.

Overrun is a simplistic defend and attack game of sorts where two teams of 5 fight over a generator. It’s a two round game where the COGS have to defend the generator whilst the Locust destroys it. It’s then a case of switching teams and repeating. The winner is whoever can destroy the generator the fastest. It’s a little more in-depth than that, and it’s the first time you’ll see a class system as well as a proper human-controlled Locust team fighting off against human-controlled COGs.

Let us run you through the COG classes and Locust options:


  • Engineer – The engineer can deploy temporary sentries to defend the generator whilst also repairing existing fortifications. Be careful though, because you can’t rebuild fortifications, once you lose it, it’s gone forever, so make sure you repair as much as possible. The engineer has a shotgun as standard.

  • Scout – The scout can climb into perches that only the scout can climb into. They are also equipped with a tagging beacon and any enemies tagged take on extra damage when hit.

  • Medic – The medic is arguably the most important of the four and is equipped with a stim gas grenade, which can heal teammates and help up downed allies. The medic has a Lancer as standard, so he’ll be just as efficient in combat.

  • Soldier – The soldier class, AKA, The Cole Train’s class, is the main firepower class and can help the team by tossing out ammo crates to the rest of the squad. Ammo is important in this mode, so the soldier will be as well.


The Locust earn points for the damage they inflict on COGs and defences alike, which they can then spend on bigger and more badass Locust. They are as follows:

  • Ticker – The Ticker by trade chomps defences and has its trademark ability to self-destruct. It also has the ability to dash really fast. Interestingly, you can combine the Ticker with the Grenadier for more efficient tactics i.e. a Ticker eats a Grenadier’s grenade, then the Grenadier can kick the Ticker at enemies and the grenade inside the Ticker can double the area of effect of the explosion.

  • Wretch – The Wretch is the only son of a bitch able to leap over defences and climb into scout’s perches. It can also stun enemies with its scream.

  • Grenadier – The grenadier, wait for it… can throw frag grenades. Get on a Bloodmount and you can toss them even faster!

  • Kantus – The Kantus is the Locust medic who can heal everyone in the immediate vicinity. Get him on a Bloodmount and his ability recharges faster.

  • Bloodmount – The Bloodmount, as you can work out, carries the Grenadier and Kantus. It can quicken the recharge abilities of its passengers.

  • Corpser – The spider-like creature has armoured front legs, making it hard to kill, and can even burrow under COG fortifications.

  • Serapede – This slimy beast attacks with its mandibles and can rear up and spit poison at distant enemies. It can only be killed, as Baird puts it, by shooting it in the butt.

  • Mauler – The hulking Mauler wields a giant shield and flail. It can also spin said shield and reflect COG fire. If any COG get too close when it’s spinning too, it can turn them into chopped liver. 

The mantra of the mode, according to Bleszinski, is still to let players play their own way. If you want a team of soldiers, you can do that, but as it is with any Gears of War game, if you co-operate and synergise, you’ll be far better off.

Gears of War: Judgment was a lot of theory and not much substance at this year’s E3, with Epic and People Can Fly not being really all that ready to show off too much. However, the theory and reasoning behind a lot of proposed design decisions – from the campaign to the new class-based multiplayer mode – made perfect sense and actually intrigues us to see what the Polish developer can achieve with Epic’s stalwart franchise. We’ve always been big fans of what Chmielarz and his team in Warsaw can achieve when they’re given the reins – Bulletstorm was a good recent example – and with a fresh crew behind a franchise that’s been around nearly as long as the Xbox 360, it’ll be interesting to see what sort of life they can inject into the proceedings. Watch this space, methinks.

Gears of War: Judgment is scheduled for a 2013 release.

  • As nice as this looks, and as much as I like People Can Fly, can we PLEASE have some new IPs Microsoft?! Surely you can take a chance on at least one new idea??
  • @1 Although I am a Gears Fan, you do have a great point! They seem to only be recycling games now. Its like M$ are the new Activision!
  • Looking good so far, I'm just not feeling the new control scheme... I want to use my d-pad to change weapons not one button! Also the campaign sounds interesting...
  • So have they confirmed if classic gears of war MP will still be available? I'm guessing Overrun will simply replace Beast mode?
  • I love GOW - my favorite game series ever! I'm not sure what to think about this though, looks slightly weird. I'm scared that it's going to lose what we all love about the GOW series but I could, and hopefully am, wrong.
  • @2 agree
  • It would be silly if this game had the GoW 3 style multiplayer because then that would take people away from GOW 3, something which I don't personally, and EPIC I guess, would want to happen...they should have made it as a new disc expansion for Gears of war 3...Like a disc for say half the price of you're standard game and you install it onto your xbox and run the new modes, story etc through the GoW 3 disc, coz this is basically Beast+Horde really...
  • Its not been gears since Gow1 IMO
  • way to soon I'm afraid! the games industry is just getting stupid!
  • fina be dope
  • @9 Yeah whats next? Cod Black Ops 2 aha...Oh wait! O.O" Well what about Assassins Cr... Well what about Hal... .>
  • Some Games I love seeing a Sequel to but when you make dozens its just too much! I remember the good ol' days when making the next sequel meant to dramatically enhance the previous... not recycle it over and over with just a new gun, new maps and story. Although I do love a bit of Halo, Gears and such :)
  • I'll get it because I do like Gears and have from the start, but the series should take a break for a few years. Honestly, you know we'll get another spin-off the year after this. And, me personally, I think the premise for this isn't all that interesting. Especially when you throw in these characters we already know. I never grew to especially like any Gears character other than Tai, who blew his head off. So maybe I'm a little biased, not being crazy about the characters originally, but I think a brand new cast and setting the game on E-Day forward would make all the difference.
  • so this is pretty much the halo reach of gears... let's hope it's as good as the others unlike reach was
  • [Comment deleted]
  • i hope those arent all the playable locust, i mean wheres the boomers? Oh and #9 ur right at first i thought ok their going to release another gow game cool. But then when i saw the release date i was thinking wayyyy too soon and that it might, not that it will but their is a chance that it might suck but ill still be getting it of course it is one of my fav game of all time. I just cant help but be a little nervous.
  • I really don't like the sound of the overrun gameplay, I'll be sticking to the MP
  • @11 The only thing that is recycled on that list is CoD. AC3 was confirmed to be in development since AC2. Halo 4 is by a new developer, and the last new Halo game was Reach, which came out like two years ago? Anni doesn't count cause it's a remake.
  • dont wana sound all negative but ive got a feeling it could end up being like halo reach was after halo 3, didnt live up to the main trilogy
  • @18 you've missed out the yearly AC releases since AC2. And since when doesn't Anniversary count? It's a game they are selling for money with enough new features to be considered worthy of a game box. Even if you don't count that, there was ODST before Reach too. All of those franchises have been milked to death frankly, but I will agree that only Halo and AC still hold any form of dignity...
  • @19 thats your opinion, it was different from the main games like this will be but me and a lot of others actually think it was better
  • @21 +1, Reach was sick
  • For the longest time when i was younger. I would constantly misspell sweat and sweet.
  • This has all been known since the Microsoft conference guys, you just need to look it up if you're THAT interested in Judgement. Also, the name of the map is "ROOFTOPS"; but it has nothing to do with the Gears 1 map. Another "big fact" not mentioned here is that the BoomShot carried by the Soldier is only a placeholder, it won't have it on release. (Which is a good thing, because GCON said it was pretty "Overpowered" to have a hefty supply of ammo for it.) So far, Overrun doesn't appeal to me too much... but it looks like a solid gametype. I'm waiting for the actual Versus news. :)
  • I hope you can swap between the control systems classic and new If they do give new mode a chance
  • looks like some recycled stuff from past gears games - overrun is the only mp mode ?? ..interesting for like a week maybe !
  • @ 26 No, classic Versus has been confirmed. But nothing else has been said about it.
  • So does that mean TDM and any other game mode will have classes or is it just overrun??
  • Epic edition please? Pretty please? Pretty please with sugar on top? Oh well, I'll buy whatever Gears-related you put out... (Yes I know I shouldn't, but I just can't help loving everything about Gears of War)
  • @1 I agree with you, but I still love more of the same just as much, probably even more, just as long as they aren't annualized, I'm fine with more sequels or even prequels.
  • @20 then don't buy them problem solved? I hate when people complain about games like this. If you don't like them then that's fine, I respect that, but please don't ruin our fun for the people who do enjoy games like Halo.
  • @ 28 That's actually a debatable topic... "TDM". A lot of people say that TDM takes the 'Gears feeling' away, since you can respawn... and different tactics are used than KOTH. So there's a good chance that TDM may not return, but at the same time there really is no "official" response to that. So it's all the same for it. I'm sure Execution/Warzone, Guardian (lol), and KOTH will likely return though.
  • Continuing my post; Epic hasn't specifically said anything about classes outside of Overrun, but I doubt that classic Versus will have them. (Wouldn't be "fair".) That of course, is just a personal opinion. Backed by nothing official.
  • So glad they finally gonna take weapon swap off the d-pad. lost track of times I've raged when goin to select shotgun and out comes the snub. hopefully the dpad will let you change aim from left to right as most 3ps do, annoying when your in cover on a pillar and your character has to swing all way round to re-center his aim. only shooter ever where no one knows how to fire a gun from the left. I'll pick this up because the campaigns have always been enjoyable, and even tho the multi play is BS and everyone bitches about it we still play...
  • @27 or anyone Do you have a source where they confirm that there will be regular versus modes? It would be stupid not to include them, and if they won't be in GoWJ I'm not getting it.
  • @ 35 Check GearsViking's Twitter That's where he confirmed it.
  • "And finally, there’s the revamped control scheme" No, just no.
  • Some people don't have money to buy lots of different games, including kids who aren't old enough to play, so they stick to one series therefore helping it sell thus more in the series are made. Plus nearly everyone who has gears 1-3 will get judg(e)ment despite some on here saying they won't. Especially if it have easy achievements. I will be getting it as I enjoy the gameplay and stupid story and will dabble in multiplayer.
  • The revamped controls scared me, but I want to see them before I judge, because the D-pad is perfect if you ask me, so I'd only agree with the new controls if they somehow find a way to improve the old ones.
  • How is this a new preview. These are the same screenshots posted before.
  • A lot of people were sure that the final DLC for Gears3 would be an expansion of Beast Mode. I'm guessing that they started expanding it and realized that they could charge so much more if they just made an entirely new game.
  • stop saying your changes are great and make your own fucking game instead of ruining Gears of War franchise, this pisses me off so insanely
  • 42, stop moaning that somethings ruined before it comes out
  • If this game has more multiplayer centric cheeves or if has ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY SIMILIAR TO THE SERIOUSLY 3.0 ACHEIVEMENT (AKA ANOTHER PRISON TERM SENTENCE ACHIEVEMENT REQUIREMENT) I will NOT BE BUYING. Either that or I'll rent the game and play it on my 2ndary profile as to not fuck up my completion percentage by adding this game's achievements. Either way, for the first time ever, Epic wont be getting a red cent from me. Unless of course the acheivements are straight forward with the vast majority of them being single player based on not based around the BS Multiplayer experience. As a completionist, i refuse to leave my xbox running over night for months with pointless idle boosting for onyx medals or running 4 xboxs for all those fucking weapon and execution kills And for what, why did epic do this to all of us completionists? I'll tell you why... A FEEBLE FUCKING ATEMPT TO MAKE CERTAIN THAT THEIR GAME IS THE MOST PLAYED GAME ON XBL. Well I got news for them, they can go get fucked as I wont be buying another game from Epic or any other selfish developer that gives us another PRISON TERM SENTENCE ACHIEVEMENT REQUIREMENT!!!! EPIC will be the 4th game developer I will boycott along with VALVE, EA, AND ROCKSTAR GAMES. End of fucking story for me..
  • @ 44 You do realize how ridiculous you sound, right? And that you're a minority; most of Epic's customers don't even care for achievements, let alone "completion." (Hell, less than one-fourth of Gears 3 players finished the Campaign!) Please reconsider what you are saying, or don't post such things. :) Everyone is entitled to an opinion, yes; but at the same time it looks looks very wrong when you post something so strange and offensive.
  • ah complaining about achievements you actually have to achieve :P you know if you got it properly rather than idle boosting it might take more time but it would be a LOT more fun
  • @ 45, I'm not no minority and anyone and I mean anyone that doesn't play the single player campaign of their games are the most ignorant fucking gamers on the planet. If 1/4 of gears 3 players didn't bother finishing the campaign then they arn't REAL FANS... THERE IS NO IF AND'S OR BUTT'S ABOUT THAT. If you ask me, it's this pathetic online weened generation and the fact that these baby gamers think the main portion of every game nowadays is online multiplayer, well I'm here to tell them as an old school gamer since the Oddysee 2 console that they are full of shit, no offense of course But thank you for replying, I value your opinion and your maturity, but my opinions still stand, there is less than 10% chance that epic wont give us another prison term sentence cheeve and even lesser of a chance that we will see the majority of these cheeves single player only. So like I said, these gamers you speak of are not real gamers much less fans of the series if all they do is play mp. Even I play almost equal ammounts of both sides of every game despite the fact I know Multiplayer is always nothing more than an afterthought and icing on the cake.
  • @20 Yes yearly AC since 2. But were any of them bad? No not exactly. They all brought something new to the game.
  • That's a nice article Webb, but you really should have asked about Seriously 4.0.
  • I'm actually not too excited about this game. It's just too hot on the heels of Gears 3, which still feels like it's pretty new... It also looks way too derivative of Gears 3, since it seems to be on the same engine. In my opinion, this would have been more appropriate to market as a "standalone expansion pack", a la Halo 3: ODST. Give it some interactivity with Gears 3 - such as the ability to import the new character models into Gears 3, for example - give us Overrun, a new campaign, some new weapons and Locust, and market it as "an expansion to the best shooter experience of 2011" or something, and I would suddenly be all over the idea. It simply seems better as an expansion pack. In my opinion, these sort of spin-off scenarios and the game experimentation just belong in DLC. Look to RAAM's Shadow, which was stellar. Would you have enjoyed that as a standalone experience? I would not have, personally. And it's kind of the same with this. Don't get me wrong - I'm glad it's enough content to warrant a disc-based release. That's great. That said, when I look at how close it's coming after Gears 3, and then I look at videos and screenshots and see that it looks like a slightly-altered-but-mostly-intact Gears 3, I don't see the point in marketing it as a new experience. If you're going to make a new game, give it some years and go all out. Pull a Halo 4 and start a new saga. But if you're not going to do that, then don't make new content in your identical engine just a year later and sell it to us as a full game. Sorry to be cynical, people... I'm just used to my Gears games being monumental and bringing huge changes to the franchise... This game better do the same, even though it's looking like it won't.
  • @ 47 Facts vs opinion amigo. You go tell every single one of those three million MP goers (I'll respect your opinion that they're not true "gamers") your thought and see if you still feel the same. After that, tell Epic your findings; be my guest. :D
  • Well it sort of looks interesting might be worth looking into. I personally am a Gears die hard and have been from the beginning. I hope the gameplay can back up what they are promising because I am not too enthused about Damon Baird being the main character, I mean sure I will reserve Judgment till I have either seen a little more or played it but there are so many more interesting stories in the Gears canon like what happened to that prequel they promised that would be set during Emergence Day or the Pendulum Wars prequel trilogy they promised both of those would have been far more interesting stories. They only way I would compare a Gears prequel to Halo Reach would be if they set it during a battle as big and epic as the fall of Reach like Emergence Day. I will test this out and probably pick it up because even though I am a little concerned with this new direction I would rather have a Gears game that was sort of fun but not as Epic (I would make same the comparison with comparing Halo 3 to ODST and Gears 3 to Judgment). The story just isn't as epic I mean both Halo 3 and Gears 3 had an epic plot point how the war would end, both ODST and Judgment. Just stick you back a few months or years before the end of the War still fighting the enemy which is fine an extra game in a series like Gears is all-right. But since you know that Humanity has already won the war it just isn't as epic so I would say prepare for something which is very similar to ODST to me it looks like ODST in a way because you and your squad abandon the mission in ODST and it sounds like Baird and his unit do the same thing (which explains them being arrested and there is also something about them stealing an experimental COG weapon?) I don't know guess we will see come next year but one thing is for sure don't expect it to be anything Epic or exiting compared to to Gears 1, 2, or 3 cause it just won't measure up, It will probably be good just not as good...
  • Sorry forgot to finish my train of thought with my last comment: I would rather have a Gears game that wasn't as big or epic as Gears 3 than no Gears game at all. Because when Epic said they where branching out to new projects such as their new IP Fortnite whatever thats gonna be like. It sounded like they where done with Gears. If I recall correctly the headline a while back on this site was "Epic games working on a hand-full of new projects none of the Gears of War related". So I am relieved they r passing the torch and not just washing their hands of Gears cause that woulda really sucked...
  • @ 51, I already actively voice my opinions whenever I'm at a gamestop or retail chain. As a matter of fact, I got into a fist fight with one of these so called Multiplayer gamers of yours in the parking lot. And yes I told him that he wasn't a real gamer if all he does is play multiplayer and doesn't respect the single player. Been there done that already.. And I will continue to voice my opinion to the masses of idiots. Again, you can quote me on this, "Anyone who closes themselves off to half of the game or as is the case in single player... THE MAIN GAME, is an ignorant baffoon who doesn't enjoy this hobby of ours to the fullest. And while I admit I value Multiplayer very little, I still play it, otherwise I'd feel cheated out of my 60 bucks. If I'm the minority than the majority of gamers nowadays are a sad sorry bunch. End of story.
  • "Yes, casual mode is going to allow you to go through the motions if you want to see the story and just be a tourist, but every other difficulty level is set to challenge you. It’ll do that by offering up different scenarios at the same points throughout; so, say if you tackle a scenario a few ways and keep dying, just as you start to suss it out, it may mix it up and throw a new scenario at you, meaning you have to adapt to a new situation. On higher difficulties, new enemy types that you might not have faced on lower difficulty levels will be thrown at you, and so on. The result, according to Chmielarz, is a “sweaty palms campaign.” This part sounds really good. In fact this sounds like exactly what I've wanted devs to work on for a long time. An unpredictable enemy that isn't just about spawning standing behind you, or in a room you just cleared. The whole TF2 clone thing, not sounding so great.
  • @54 you got in a fight over gaming.. you my friend have some issues,get help !
  • add this one to the list...
  • @47 you're not a real gamer if you're not gonna buy a game you want to because of the achievements
  • People--this is simply a demo game. Just as Bulletstorm was to Gears of War 3 and Halo 3:ODST was to Halo: Reach. I bet you $100 that there will be a demo for Gears of War 4 inside. So, unlike other games, this won't be updated as frequently as major games and will probably have no DLC. Am I the only one who notices this stuff?
  • I really hope there is seriously 4.0 and that it takes hours and hours to get. Then hopefully all the whiney pricks who moan about achievements being a grind and how long its gonna get to boost will fuck off and I wont have to read their constant moany bullshit
  • I'm going to buy this no doubt. But I have to agree with some of the comments posted here. How will they keep this series going? Makes me think of cod. Been playing that series since cod2 and eventhough i liked all of them thus far, I have to say I'm not really that interested in cod black ops 2? Seems to me like it's all the same stuff over and over again, like the yearly sportsgames......but with different names. I'm just saying you can't keep milking this forever. Maybe it IS time for something new? Still Baird was kinda fun.
  • Gears is a quality series...But like Bungie and Halo, IW/Treyarch and CoD; why waste all this development talent on a worn-out IP? There's very little of the dead horse left to beat here. I never really liked the Halo universe, it didn't engage or interest me, Modern Warfare one was fun -- but nose-dived into absolute catastrophe. Gears really doesn't engage me either, I've got absolutely NOTHING against the game...I'm just not interested.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Yeah I agree with what you're saying about single player, I rarely play MP myself. I'm just not too fussed about getting the full gamerscore on games
  • @44 achievements didn't even come into play until the 360 came out so saying only real old school gamers care about completion is a bit tardy imo.
  • @47 Who are you to tell someone they're a "true gamer" based on their gameplay preferences?
  • gears 1 is still the best, gears 2 and 3 multiplayer was their biggest problem, i hope judgment doesnt fail!!
  • Enjoyed the whole series. Looking forward to the next installment and its achievements. Nuff said.
  • The story ends... Oh not!!
  • I love me some Gears...but why pick the whiniest guy to do a story on...Cole Train, Dom, Marcus, Tai, Dizzy, Kim, Carmines!!! All would have been a better choice then "I'm on a mission to save mankind, let's whine about it" Baird.
  • people need to realize that games arent like other media. you cant just discredit other games in a series because they dont have the preceding number there are like 8 halo games except it and realize that. they sell, they make money. and they are part of the companies/series list of developed games. for example if they remake halo 2 on xbox 720. i consider that a halo game. not just meanless nonsesense.
  • delow should be banned for being such an idiot.
  • microsoft hates ending series don't they
  • Chicks Dig Dom!!! Can't Wait
  • You know... The people who complain about MS becoming like Activision are most likely the same people who will end up buying a copy of GoW: Judgement when it comes out. And since they're comparing MS to Activision, I'm also wondering if these gamers aren't the same ones who complain about the yearly CoD installments, yet rush out to go pick that game up as well every year. Hypocrites... When will gamers learn? We are all pawns ourselves in a much bigger game. Until Activision stops breaking records sales and major IP's stop making the huge number sales they use to, only then will the executives of these development teams really listen. These guys stare at numbers all day. You want to get there attention... makes the numbers they're staring at an easier math problem for them to add. On topic: I'm a huge Gears franchise fan. While I'm concerned it is a bit soon to already be bringing out a new Gears game, as long as the quality, story, experience, and everything else tied in don't suffer, I don't really see a problem with it. I love that PCF is doing their own take on Gears, yet keeping enough of the Epic team within proximity to make sure it's still Gears at its core! :)
  • I will be getting this game out of loyalty to the franchise, but it is far too soon. They released so much DLC and I still have to get quite a lot of achievements do. I said to a friend that we had loads of time to mop up the achievements because I anticipated about 2 or 3 years between releases. It now looks like I have to go back on Gears and gain around 60 onyx medals and 230 ish ranks.
  • i also cant wait for this game its gonna be fun
  • They've taken out everything that made it gears. I can tolerate gears 3, but you've gotta be kidding me with this crap.
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