Microsoft Secures 'Xbox 8' Web Domains

Lee Bradley

Microsoft has settled a number of disputes over domain names owned by a Chinese resident. And while most are unremarkable, at least a couple are notable.

As well as,, and, Microsoft has gained control of a couple of domains that some commentators are suggesting provides hints to its next generation console. Namely, and

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 launch later this year, hence the relevance of the number. The eight symbol also looks a lot like the infinity symbol, which alludes to previous mentions in relation to a secret team of Microsoft hardware experts. Xbox Infinity? It’s a possibility.

It should be known that Microsoft, like all other companies, regularly defends its intellectual property. As well as the now settled dispute, the company also has pending cases against the owners of,,, and

[via Fusible]

  • Why don't they just purchase every domain in the world. :L
  • You spelt 'companies' wrong ;) But on topic, Xbox Infinity sounds like a decent name, well, one of the better ones I've heard. X-finity perhaps?
  • Ooo that's pretty cool
  • Xbox Infinity sounds pretty cool, although pretty generic technology kinda name.
  • I think Xbox Infinity sounds lame.
  • I was just thinking they might call something Xbox infinity. But 5 years laster, when the next consoles come out are they going to call it Xbox Infinity +1? I almost kinda like that name, ridiculous as it would be.
  • @5 maybe they should just call it Xbox awesome and cool
  • First thing I thought was infinite.
  • Oh shit, I called Xbox Infinity last year. If it's actually called that I will probably brag in the comments quite a lot. Okay just once.
  • by disputes do they mean they are suing the owners of those domains or trying to buy them off of them?
  • I've heard it called Xbox "Loop", which coincides with the infinity thing.
  • I prefer "Nextbox" :D
  • Infinity would fit in with the idea of what Microsoft are aiming for "infinite uses" for a console. Games, film, Internet, chat blah blah blah.
  • I prefer "Xboxporn" :DD
  • They also can have the domains because people can make the domain xbox 8 and make a fake site the throw people off or trick them into going to their site.
  • i dont care what its called to be honest as i will always refer to it as the box, all i want is confirmation, demos and a release date so i can throw my money at them, the 360 is starting to show its age now, and its had quite a lifespan, plus things like 4 or 5 discs for a game is pretty poor at this stage of a consoles life, also the RAM is a major issue now, installs on games isnt a bad way to go, but to achieve it properly you need zipped packages and compressed files and then possible downloading of files to utilize it properly. look at battlefield im sure thats takin on nearly 20gb of my HD now, and a few games like that n your screwed, so a terrorbyte HD should be standard........... but we can speculate all we want but until somethings official thats all we can do
  • @16 what games are taking 4 or 5 discs!? i can only think of a hand full of rpg's that use 3 discs, and only 1 game that uses 4 discs (also an rpg). all of the games coming to mind are also overloaded with bloated pre-rendered cutscenes
  • Hope they end up calling it Xbox of Duty
  • Xbox Infinity - fair enough, and kind of progressing along the theme of 360 (degrees), but what would they call the one after that, infinity is kind of the end of the line... Xbox √i ? (square root of i, in case that doesn't show up properly). Xbox 8 - just sounds like they want to chuck a version of Windows 8 on it... Xbox Companion - please, not another clippy! "I see you've put a game in, would you like to download more content for it?"
  • @17 - exactly what i was going to say! i can only think of 2 games that take 3: L.A. Noire and RAGE.
  • Xbox Infinity sounds better than 7 bloody 20. sick of hearing it called that.
  • I prefer the Xbox 4 pi radians, but whatever. Xbox infinity is one of the better names, but I actually quite like @2's idea of X-finity :P
  • They should think outside the box and name it "X360A".
  • what ever its called now probably wont be what its called on release
  • @19 Maybe you mean (√-1)? The square route of (i) is just itself. =P
  • @17 Lost odyssey took 4 disks
  • normally i don't defend big corporations, but when it comes to things like this i totally agree with microsoft. the only reason people would register those domain names is in hopes of getting some free money off of other peoples hard work
  • I've been screaming "XBOX INFINITE" at my computer for months. It ties in really well with the whole 8 theme, but is still greater than three-hundred, sixty. :P
  • @14 How about XXXbox?
  • how about the NeXtbox
  • @2 Don't correct anyone unless you're going to spell things correctly. Spelt, anyone?
  • @31 don't correct anyone unless you're sure its a mistake lol - spelt is fine and commonly used mainly outside the US instead of spelled there are so many cases like this it's very confusing. :-)
  • Maybe Xbox 8 isnt a home console, maybe its a PSP type thing?? Like Windows Phone is, transfer that onto a handheld Xbox. That would be amazing
  • In regards to that Chinese resident... "8" is considered a lucky number by the Chinese. Why someone in China needed a domain name of "Xbox 8" is beyond me! Could be the reason suggested by #27. That's assuming someone in China actually had the foresight to think "Xbox 8" would be desired by Microsoft. Maybe someone in China was planning on releasing the next version of Xbox BEFORE Microsoft? :-p FYI... I'm not Chinese or anything. I heard about the popularity of "8" and the Chinese, back when August 8, 2008 was approaching. At first, I thought it was a joke news segment!
  • @ 34 u mean like they do with cars? They make cheap knock off versions of the car and sell them for cheap. And iPhones. And clothes. Just about anything really.
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