Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins Coming to XBLA This September [Updated With Trailer]

Richard Walker

Capcom has today announced a new Marvel vs. Capcom game. No, it's not Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Ultimate Mega Hyper Super Edition. It's Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins, which bundles two classic 2D MvC games together for one chunky, remastered fighting game on the Xbox Live Arcade.

Compiling Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins brings the 1-on-1 action and Infinity Gem system from Marvel Super Heroes, alongside the two-on-two tag team shenanigans complete with the crazy Duo Team attack and assists from Clash of Super Heroes.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins also brings new features to both games, such as enhanced online play with 8-player lobbies and a spectator mode, as well as dynamic challenges and replay saving, all remastered with high definition visuals. Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins will be coming to XBLA in September for 1200 Microsoft Points. There's ten shots in the gallery and a trailer below.

  • Just went from 4 to 8.5 inches in a matter of 5 seconds! Now make Street Fighter Alpha!
  • Capcom vs Snk 2 is all I want.
  • Definitley one to wait for a discount on. Bit pricey concidering you can buy both theses games for the saturn still for 5 quid each
  • Holy crap, this is awesome! I was hoping that one day I would be able to play Marvel Super Heroes on XBL.
  • #2 Oh man! I would run around naked all day if they announced Capcom vs Snk 2 or any Street fighter Alpha Series. I just get so happy when they announce old school fighting games. Just so happy.
  • Just went from 2 to 5 inches in a matter of 5 seconds! Now make Capcom v SNK 2!
  • @#2 Many have exclaimed for that game to make its way to the XBLA but to no avail. They have also pushed for Killer Instinct but that seems unlikely as it was a Rare game Licensed by Nintendo. Maybe they could port it if it were the Arcade version? Anyways I was wondering when they would announce this. Can't have MVC 2 and MVC 3 without the original. I'm not exactly stoked for this but it's a nice addition to XBLA if you're a fighting game fan nonetheless.
  • @7 rare are owned by Microsoft. Hence why we have Banjo and perfect dark. Day 1. Stifle for fighting games.
  • PASS! Should have just made an CvS2 HD remake with great online play.
  • I can't wait for this! I've played the original Marvel vs Capcom in arcades and I'll be very glad to play this on my Xbox 360! :D
  • I'm stoked for this, no question. I'm thankful that these great titles are seeing an HD treatment. Like others though...a CVS 1&2 HD would make Capcom loads of money as most of us fighting game fans love those games. Now I have hope!
  • For $15 this should have been a true Origin collection and come with X-men vs Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter as well. Putting all 4 games into the package would have made this an instant buy. Now it looks like I'll be waiting for a sale price.
  • Personally, I thought marvel vs street fighter was the most fun in the series but good enough. I really wish they'd pump out classic fighters like all the kof's and street fighters like psn and Wii ware do. Slap some achievements in and your done. CHOP CHOP! - hop to it! And @ #1: Psssh 8.5 inches...thats it?
  • @3 Why would you pay £10 for the originals when for 1200MSP (which is equal to £10)you can get the same games but with online play, online spectator mode, challenges and replay saving, all in HD?
  • Def worth 1200 points.
  • So fans of Marvel vs. Capcom will be happy to hear this. But can I ask, I'm I the only one that thinks that pink dot (which is in the bottom left corner), looks like Sonic in his spin dash form if he were pink? :/ Just saying...
  • I'm glad to see it coming to XBLA, though for 1200 points I was hoping it would come with one other versus title as a bundle. Great news regardless now let's see those achievements XD
  • Hell yeah to #14, also with achievements! I'm sure #3 would rather spend his money on fast food. I can aslo picture #3 saying "and make that a super size, with lots of ketchup".
  • @16 Don't know if you are aware, but that is an Infinity Gem. They add boost and such to your character. They can be knocked out of you and recovered by your opponent.
  • YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!
  • Did I say YES!!!! already??
  • @3 Neither game came out for the Saturn, so if you can find any of these for the Saturn then you have some serious collectors items on your hands. And even if you meant either the dreamcats or PS1 you are still way off. The PS1 version is usually £25+ and you have to be faily lucky to get either game for under a tenner on Dreamcast. I dont mind haters, I just dont like haters who dont even understand what they are taliking about.
  • @19 Oh right... sorry :( Just proved that I'm not the biggest fan of Marvel vs. Capcom... but seriously though, I'm sure fans who played the game before in the past will be happy, like #20 :)
  • im gonna w8 they will probably confirm an ultimate edition for this anyways lol
  • Now if only they could do this with Street Fighter Alpha series.
  • I can already see all teams having Magneto.
  • @12 Agreed.
  • Awesome news, I must have spent atleast $500 on both of these games in the arcade.
  • I'll eat this game under the table.
  • When are they gonna make a new Capcom vs Snk?
  • Just wish it was MSH & XMEN:COTA. MvC 1 is kinda pointless with MvC2 being so superior.
  • @22 Do some research before you try to bash someone. I am looking at my copy of MSH for SEGA SATURN right now!!!!!!!
  • ^^ Agreed, I love "Children Of The Atom" Still a bit odd you could unlock Akuma in that though!
  • YEESSSSSSS!!!!!!! LOVED MARVEL SUPERHEROESS!!!!!! all the rest is just a plus!!! SOLD!
  • @32 you are still wrong though, as only one of the games was on saturn
  • @ #22: Both games came out for the Saturn, though Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter only came out for the system in Japan. I used to play Marvel Super Heroes on my Saturn before I sold it on eBay. I squashed fools with Psylocke all the time! Take your own advice and do some research. OT: While I enjoyed both games in the past, I'll pass on this incarnation of them. I played these games more than any other fighter outside of the Soul series, and the thought of going back doesn't really appeal to me.
  • @32 yes marvel super heroes WAS released on sega Saturn but played Sooo much better on playstation and arcade =P haha @35 do some research first boyo before posting !
  • @35 although saying that mvc clash of Super heroes DID NOT come out for Saturn ... But who would be silly enough to think that?
  • @36 what? Wikipedia it ... Both games did not come out for Saturn.. Marvel super heroes did but not the original mvc ...
  • @36 also mvc and msh vs sf are 2 entirely different games, as msh vs sf is the entire street fighter roster with marvel super heroes roster... So that kinda flops ... Meanwhile mvc was a mixture
  • @37 MSH + 4MB RAM Cart played much better on my Saturn than the PSX copy.
  • @35 Uhm, yeah, exactly what I said. Never did I say MvC was out on Saturn.
  • At least we can play as megaman.
  • 1200 points, then they release the rest of the combos for 400 one month later
  • @2 im with you id be down for Cap vs SNK 2 as well. I may pick this set up seeing as i like both these games more than MvC 2&3. I wonder if we'll eventually get Xmen, Xmen vs Street fighter and Marvel vs Street fighter?
  • The best in the world!
  • Marvel vs. Capsom, eh??? *sudden swamping of memories of being owned by Onslaught again, and again, an again, and AGAIN* No.... *fetal position*
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