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Richard Walker

The summer drought continues unabated this week, meaning there's very little to shout about in terms of new releases. All you'll find in stores this week is Australia and North America's national sports getting new releases with AFL Live GOTY Edition and NCAA Football.

You'll also find Namco Bandai and Saber Interactive's topsy-turvy shooter Inversion heading to PAL territories, meaning you'll be able to buy the game in Europe and Australia this week. And there's also the arrival of Ice Age Continental Drift - Arctic Games and adidas miCoach for Kinect.

And that's your lot really... Have a great week!

Asia (via

  • ...

Australia (via

  • AFL Live GOTY Edition
  • Inversion

Europe (via

  • Inversion
  • adidas miCoach

North America (via

  • Ice Age Continental Drift - Arctic Games
  • NCAA Football 13
  • Droughts give me time to tackle the backlog, so I'm fine with that.
  • @1 I agree, I think I'll finally be able to give Deus Ex a twirl.
  • AFL GOTY edition.. what?
  • Finally inversion, me and the wife have been gored due to the lack of splitsreen these days! Lets hope it still has it!
  • @5 unfortunately I don't think it does have split screen (even though they say it does). I'd recommend you check the forums first. I'll hopefully be able to finish Spec Ops on FUBAR by Friday then I'll be ready for inversion.
  • I'm more pissed off that NCAA 13 is region locked, I'd love to be able to import it, but its not available in any way in the UK. You'd think they'd just make it available on Games on Demand
  • Another week off me getting through the games that are gathering dust on my shelf.
  • Inversion this week. Lots of reviews mention this game is medicore so it is achievements only for me. :):) Cannot wait for August 2012 for better game releases. :D
  • My cousin will be happy about NCAA 13. He's a sports fanatic, I still laugh at him about how mad he got over importing his player to Madden 11, I think it was 11. The one where you couldn't call the plays, or something like that. Anyway, he did all that work for nothing, he took the game back the very next day. Lol, good stuff.
  • was there actually an acceptable reason as to why inversion was delayed out of the blue? if not, then i'll pass.
  • Nothing this week or next for me, gives me time to make some more progress on Seriously 3.0.
  • @2 - Deus Ex is one of the games IMO you should have played when it came out. One of the best games I've played in a long time. But #1 is right, I usually spend July-September trying to catch up on the games I didn't have time to play over the past few months, since there is never anything worthwhile coming out.
  • do not play inversion! pretty frustrating game and a mess. no split screen no local co-op no less that 330 hours for multiplayer. i played it on another profile and couldn't even stand to finish it on easy. pretty bad.
  • At #2 I still need to beat Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I bought the limited edition last summer and barely had any time to play because of how much I worked then. Then September came and brought Warhammer 40K: Space Marine, Dead Island, and Gears of War 3. Deus Ex got pushed to the bottom of my pile. The following months didn't help either, lol.
  • Huh, more time for me to make progress in Kingdoms of Amalur. It's just as well, considering I'm going to have other priorities in the next few weeks.
  • NCAA! Excited is me.
  • Another week of playing Skyrim for me. Finally got around to putting time into it a couple weeks ago.
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