Bayonetta 2? Not Before Viewtiful Joe 3 Says Kamiya

Richard Walker

It looks like there might be more impediments preventing Bayonetta 2 from seeing the light of day anytime soon, as the game's director, Hideki Kamiya has revealed to Famitsu magazine that he'd sooner make a new Viewtiful Joe game than return to the lithe witch's adventures.

The last Viewtiful Joe was the second game, which released way back in 2004 and the little hero's latest appearance saw him mixing it up in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Viewtiful Joe 3 could be on the cards for Capcom then, but Kamiya revealed that he still meets up with Bayonetta's producer to talk sequels and spin-offs over a beer.

So while Viewtiful Joe 3 might be next on Kamiya's agenda, it's good to know that he's at least thinking about a Bayonetta sequel. Presumably, this also rubbishes speculations earlier this year that Bayonetta 2 had been binned before even being announced. Fingers crossed.

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  • I have never heard of Joe
  • As much as I want another Bayonetta, another Viewtiful Joe is a must. Henshin-a-go-go, baby!
  • I honestly loved Bayonetta. A sequel would do Sega good, I think.
  • Kamiya, u son of a bitch!!!!
  • Viewtiful Joe! just make an hd collection of the first two
  • Bayonetta was one of the best action games I've ever played. Yeah, the story was dumb at best but I don't play quality action games for the story. I promise if you make Bayonetta 2 BEFORE Joe 3, I'll buy 2 copies.
  • Hold on... Did Kamiya leave Platinum and go back to Capcom? Or is Capcom talking with PG about doing work the majority of the PG team did as Clover? Cause if not, make the Bayonetta sequel. If so, carry on.
  • OH MY GOOOOOD!!! Sry for screaming, but I'm waiting for Joe 3 for so long! T-T
  • I love this man with a passion.
  • These comments bore me... #Adeleisfat
  • @1 You're missing out on some great games.
  • @1 Whaaaattttt? OT:1 viewtiful joe is a great game, both including red hot rumble for psp - but really that over bayonetta?? 0.0... Fair enough.
  • Bayonetta was cool but I'd buy Viewtiful Joe 3 and/or a HD collection day 1.
  • I'd buy a Bayonetta sequel on day one. Possibly even the Limited Edition! Loved the first one, one of the best action games I've veer had the fortune to play. Sort it out Kamiya.
  • I can honestly wait for Joe 3, Bayonetta 2 and Joe 1&2 HD for the next-gen. But I'm happy that this is actually happening!!! (hope HD too)
  • DMC ripoff
  • @16 its actually pretty different besides the fact their the same genere
  • YES! Give me more Viewtiful Joe! Awesome series!
  • VIEWTIFUL JOE!! Quality games, 3 would be a day one buy for me, as would a hd remake of first 2. Henshin-a-go-go baby!!
  • My priorities Viewtiful Joe > God Hand > Bayonetta
  • HD relaunch the first two on XBLA, and I'm in. I wonder what they would do with a third installment, though. They've had enough time to come up with ideas, so perhaps there is something really cool there.
  • Viewtiful Joe was soo good
  • Henshin-a-go-go baby! Would love another Viewtiful Joe game, but not without the original Clover/Platinum team making it.
  • @7 Doubt it. Capcom and Platinum didn't really go their separate ways on the best of terms. So, unless Platinum happens to be the most forgiving studio in the entire world, I don't see them working with Capcom again, especially after stealing all the credit for Okami.
  • Oh my goodness! As much as i liked Viewtiful Joe, Bayonetta is the game that he needs to be focusing on.
  • @#1 Me neither, I hadn't realised having not heard of a game was so offensive? OT, that's a shame. I'd assume that, if their not working on a second Bayonetta yet, it might not happen till next gen arrives?
  • viewtiful joe 3.................. HELL YES
  • Never really been a fan of beat 'em up games or fighting style games, but I really enjoyed Viewtiful Joe. Not got around to playing Bayonetta, maybe one day.
  • I want both....
  • Another Viewtiful Joe would be awesome. So would another Bayonetta. Here's hoping they make both.
  • Hopefully it's more like VJ1 than VJ2. I found VJ2 disappointing to play and the co-op being removed at the last moment before release really showed.
  • Ok, Platinum Games seriously needs to break away from Sega. Sega can't seem to get its act together.
  • I'd actually like a second Bayonetta. True, we already killed God, but there's always someone stronger than the strongest guy ever.
  • @33 ok thanks for the spoiler for everyone who hasn't played Bayonetta yet, me included.
  • I wonder if Viewtiful Joe will be released on the Xbox this time? IIRC, VJ started out as a Gamecube exclusive, before being ported to the PS2. Exactly as Resident Evil 4 began, and we've recently acquired that.
  • @34 Don't worry 33 is talking bullshit. The storyline is much deeper.
  • @34 Don't read the comments then, the game's been out for years -.- IT is much more deeper and complex than that though. Man, I'd love a new Viewtiful Joe game, but I think I'd love a new Bayonetta game even more. I think Bayonetta deserves it more than Joe.
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