Possible Prince of Persia Reboot Screenshot Emerges

Richard Walker

A screenshot from what could be another Prince of Persia reboot has found its way online, sparking speculation that Ubisoft could be starting over with the franchise, which would also presumably mean that 2008's rebooted Prince of Persia won't be getting a sequel.

The image was posted on Ubisoft's official forums and bears text that reads "POP_ZERO_2". It's entirely possible that the shot could be the first hint of a Prince of Persia reboot, especially given that Prince of Persia Zero was a codename for a canned PoP game that would have aimed to do something radical with the series.

Upon closer scrutiny, you'll note that the prince character is black and the setting resembles somewhere like Egypt rather than Persia, with the clothing also looking somewhat Egyptian. It's also clearly a game that's in the early stages of development. Whether the screenshot is authentic or not remains to be seen, but a potential Prince of Persia reboot seems like a reasonable assumption to make. As ever though, take this with a pinch of salt.

[Via Kotaku]

  • Looks awfully generic, at least at this stage. I liked the comic outlined Prince of Persia style, the game itself could've been better though.
  • Another reboot for PoP? No thanks. Why can't they just make more sequels to the trilogy on the PS2, and Xbox?
  • Wow this looks amazing, I loved the Prince of Persia's n the GameCube although never played the first only The Warrior Within and The Two Thrones but loved them, I was disappointed by Prince Of Persia for xbox 360 and have never played the one after that, but the first one for the 360 had nothing over the two I mentioned on the gamecube.
  • Oh good god........NO. Been trying to play through The Forgotten Sands recently and am just losing the will to live. This series seriously needs to die as it's well past its primce
  • *prime* even sorry
  • Thats not prine of persia, looks 'NOTHING' like him, if it thats the reboot I won't be playing anymore. Its looke more AC than anything remotely similar to PoP. What was wrong with all the other PoP games? the only one that didn't make any sense was that annoying game where that women constantly could save your life from anywhere which didn't make any sense.
  • The original Prince had his run and it was awesome. The comic style reboot was artisticly very nice but play-wise was pretty awful. The re-re-boot was pretty fun and a good throwback to the originals. This screenshot looks like it resembles Assassin's creed.... an AC/PoP stlye mix would be kinda pretty awesome!!!
  • The 2008 Prince of Persia was a fantastic game. They should focus on making a sequel for that instead of further diluting the Sands of Time franchise. A sequel to the 2008 PoP I'd definitely get, a new one or SoT one, most likely not.
  • Reboot it until it works because Ubisoft has nothing else.
  • Assassin Creed much?
  • hmm by the picture i just think... Assassins Creed?....
  • @9 Ummm Assassins Creed???
  • C'mon game makers, stop trying to be Hollywood so much...
  • I dont think it is Assassins Creed, beacause of the children, but i can be wrong
  • Looks like a scene out of Stargate with a Jaffa in the centre. Teal'c was awesome! I miss Stargate :( lol
  • Oh boy, enough with reboots, remakes and "reimaginings" already. Leave the poor franchise alone.
  • Prince of Persia (2008) did get a sequel, it was released on the Nintendo DS (Prince of Persia: The Forgotten King), but it ended with a To Be Continued.
  • We don't need ANOTHER reboot. Come on developers, lets have some NEW content, NEW ideas, NEW IPs. Please? We have enough cows in the industry already and they've been milked so hard Ron Jeremy is jealous of them.
  • I don't see how this could be Assassin's Creed. The reason is because of the civilian wardrobe and because after AC3 they would be at the ending of the series.
  • @19 end of desmonds story,not the whole series
  • Only Tomb Raider gets rebooted more that PoP. 1. there was the classic series Broderbund made 2. the pretty horrible PoP 3D in 99/2000 3. the sands of time trilogy 4. just "Prince of Persia" in 2008 5. the Forgotten sands in 2010 I think gamers are getting sick of reboots. they'll probably call the new reboot "Prince of Persia" just to further confuse everyone lol.
  • Folks it's official, developers have run out of original ideas. Never liked Prince of Persia, this will not change my mind.
  • I'm guessing it'll have a hub world that'll be more or less Assassin's Creed while it'll have "dungeons" where Prince of Persia's signature style of gameplay will take place. That's my prediction, anyway. =D
  • Dammit just sequel PoP 2008. That was a beautiful game.
  • I'm all for this. Yes, it looks similar to Assassin's Creed, but to me that's not a bad thing. I enjoy both series and wont know this supposed PoP until I see more.
  • @21 The Forgotten Sands wasn't a reboot, it took place between the sands of time and warrior within. It was mere attempt to cash in on The Sands of Time movie that came out. Hell they released new copies of The Sands of Times leading up to the movie and it had the same front cover as The Forgotten Sands. @18 Are you not familiar with Ubisoft's Watch Dogs? The brand new IP that they announced at E3 this year?
  • Jordan Mechner is working on a remake of Karateka. This means he is NOT involved in its development. ...at this point, pass.
  • They won't make a sequel to the reboot cuz of everyone bitching about not being able to rewind time when realisticly they could have been saving it for the second game if ppl wud give it a chancebut people instantly hated it cuz of no time control, me I loved the reboot so I want a sequel to that lol
  • @15 I would love a Stargate game... I have never liked the PoP games, I'll keep an open mind though and hope they do something to change that.
  • The character looks to bulky to be the prince. If this is true, it's rather depressing I liked the 2008 Prince of Persia.
  • thanks #26, you're right. they sure did a poor job shoehorning that movie tie-in there.
  • Considering Assassin's Creed was built off of the Prince of Persia engine, and was almost a PoP spin-off series, it would make sense that a new PoP game would play similarly to AC. Honestly, if this is a PoP reboot, the only way I'll play it is if it DOESN'T star Nolan North in any role.
  • I loved the PoP trilogy/quadrilogy(?) and personally feel like AC owes a lot to the Prince. I know it's just a screen shot but by the crowd and the cityscape in the immediate background this looks to be an open world foray. I think the PoP series needs the less open world concept, those moments of frustration when you realize you've missed something but can't go back and the trial and error defenses, but most of all the Prince's dry wit. I loop forward to a new PoP, not a reimagined one.
  • if they make a Prince of Persia the way they make Assassins Creed. I would love ubisoft. That sounds like an awesome game premise.
  • Screenshots look great of course it's Ubisoft who alway got awesome graphics. My opinion I think this new Prince look cool and nice move on from White Prince character so this Black Prince and he look cool. :) I love Prince, no matter if he different to original. Look at Devil May Cry as Capcom bring back Dante into new look.
  • If not PoP then it is must be new IP title from Ubisoft. :)
  • I love the PoP series. I've played every game that they have released with the Pop stamp on it...including 3D (which was horrible). I still don't understand why hate so bad on the 2008 reboot, I thought that the characters where well thought out and I loved the interactions between Elika and the Prince. I personally thought it had the beginnings for a great story.
  • As stated before, if this Prince is black, how is it the same Prince as the Prince of Persia? Maybe it is a full on reboot. I like PoP so my eyes will be on this. @19 - An end to Assassin's Creed? Unlikely. Have you seen how many games are being made with the AC logo slapped on? I can guarantee to you it'll be one of the most milked franchises ever. We'll be seeing reboots left right and centre after AC3 releases.
  • Don't see anything in that screen that has anything to do with Prince of Persia. Message to devs, sometimes, just sometimes, the reason sequels in an IP don't sell isn't because we're sick of it and need a bloody reboot, it's because you get lazy and make bad games like The Forgotten Sands. I'd far sooner they did a proper Sands of Time era PoP game with a proper development cycle (ie.not rushed out to coincide with a movie) than this Bruce Willis appears in Egyptian A.Creed clone! On that, why the hell is he bald?!?!?!
  • I enjoyed Prince of Persia 2008, because it featured a new prince and beautiful art-styled graphics. On the other hand, I enjoyed The Forgotten Sands because I could rewind time again and the good old PoP platforming was back. If they can make something with the visuals and story as good as 2008's PoP combined with the old familiar gameplay of the original Prince, I would be a happy happy man. Just don't make it to action focused like Blacklist please...
  • That pic kind of looks like AC3 appearance.
  • Oh NO, what the hell is this?! Please let it not be true, they should just continue Prince of Persia 2008 damn it. :-(( @21: Tomb Raider was only rebooted once (the 2013 game is a reboot)
  • I actually liked PoP 2008. It actually had really good characters and story and atmosphere and art... It was just too easy. If they can solve that and make a sequel they'd have an incredible game.
  • False alarm guys, it's apparently some Spartacus game (Spartacus Legends). XD
  • @7: The original one wasn't The Sands of Time. Common misconception, but the series saw its inception in 1989 with a 2D sidescroller. That game got two sequels, ending its ark with "Prince of Persia 3D". Then Ubisoft picked up the IP and decided to produce a reboot - Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. That then got two "main" sequels and the Forgotten Sands spinoff. But then Ubisoft rebooted the franchise -again- with the 2008 Prince of Persia. So really, it's a franchise that has stellar originals, but each iteration (or reboot even) has deteriorated in quality, it seems like. I just guess that I think it says something about the franchise's viability that it's been rebooted not once, but twice thus far (with the most recent one being only four years ago, having ended with massive cliffhangers, and no sequels), and now we're getting talk of ANOTHER reboot. I love me some Prince of Persia. I'm an avid fan. But I really think it might be time to lay down the mantle.
  • @39 ironic, because Ubisoft released the Sands era Prince games annually, meaning they only worked on each sequel for about a year. In comparison, The Forgotten Sands allegedly got 2 years, and the 2008 reboot got 3!
  • anyone who likes the 1989 pop should check out the trail for deadlight, its very similar.
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