WTF? PopCap Planning Plants vs. Zombies Multiplayer Shooter?

Lee Bradley


Well, this is unexpected. Rumours are suggesting that the colourful and charming tower defence game Plants vs. Zombies could spawn a multiplayer shooter.

Citing a “Canadian industry source with ties to Electronic Arts,” Kotaku are reporting that PopCap is looking at making the title for consoles, “in the vein of Team Fortress 2.″

Backing up the frankly insane rumour is news that PopCap has set up a new team at EA Canada’s Burnaby office. 

Apparently, the new team is mostly staffed by ex EA Black Box employees. They’ve been hiring for an animator with motion capture experience and a designer with multiplayer shooter experience.

It should be noted that according to the source, PopCap has not yet greenlit the project. But still. Wow.

[via Kotaku]

  • Team plants all of the way.
  • Team Plants represent X)
  • This is insane. Please stop!
  • :-O
  • Of course EA are involved, every time something is shoehorned with MP you can guarantee EA are near by with their online passes. I would say I'll never buy an EA game, but they have to many AAA franchises for me to resist. God I hate EA...
  • Well if they can make this work then I say go for it. Could make for some funny multiplayer action.
  • I was hoping they would do a PvZ sequel, but this is just bizarre. Could be good tho!
  • After 6 months EA will shut down the servers anyway -_-"
  • I'd rather play Angry Mob vs. EA
  • Electronics devoid of art.
  • “in the vein of Team Fortress 2.″ Fiendishly clever mentioning that. Given the fact that EA is currently in a lawsuit with Zynga for 'copying them'... Nice double standards there, EA.
  • Anyone could have seen this coming after EA bought Popcap. Well, I guess that's another great developer that EA has completely fucked up. -_-
  • How???
  • I was about to say that I couldn't even play it because I'd laugh too hard when I approached a flower holding a gun and then end up dying. Then I realized that I've played all of the Timesplitters games way too much, and if I can handle the amazing variety in that game, I might be able to contain my laughter.
  • EA can mention Team Fortress 2... they publish for Valve now. Anyhoo, this would be a cute game but unless I can take a zombies dogtags I think I'm sticking with Battlefield.
  • I'm... unsure about this... I just don't really see how it could work yet, to be honest, if it goes to be a first person shooter, I'd want a game like timespliters, something thats still arcade like, fun, novel, not based on any popular game.
  • Whatever sells... Shooters = $$$$$$
  • I have no idea how they would accomplish this. When I imagine what the gameplay would look like all I can think of is some bellsprout shooting a cartoon zombie CoD style. Maybe they will make the game like Savage with it being tower defense/RTS with one person playing the commander telling people what to do and everyone else in FPS mode.
  • At least it'd offer something different from identikit modern military FPS that dominate the multiplayer market
  • #epic
  • Hopefully they get a level finished in time for April 1st.
  • @5 i know the feeling, i hate every business decision they make but they buy up every good gaming company and so own 90% of the game franchises i actually like
  • Sounds like they're going to turn it into some Gotham City Impostors style wacky game. I don't want that. Just do a second game similar to the first, but obviously bigger. But not bigger to the point where it loses what made it popular in the first place. I love Plants vs Zombies, but it sounds like PopCap are selling out.
  • Team Fortress? What the fuck... PvZ's multiplayer was phenomenal, it was awesome. Its only problem was that it was local only. Just do what you did last time, and make it online. It will sell. If you make it like TF2, you lost at least one sale.
  • I knew hearing EA buying Popcap would ruin all my future Popcap gaming experiences..
  • Yes, because we all know that the game industry NEEDS more multiplayer shooters.
  • @26 unfortunately they sell really well still and until everyone stops buying them they will keep making more
  • I've yet to play an FPS game where you're in firs person controlling plants to kill zombies. Sounds kinda stupid
  • I remember people laughing at the idea of Gotham City Imposters and that turned out solid. As the post says, this is an idea you didn't see coming so in my book that means creativity. Hold your trashing of this until at least something is seen. A lot of people thought the idea of a tablet with a mobile operating system was a dumb idea too. Then that became the iPad.
  • I thought they would've had a sequel of similar vain like Plants Vs. Aliens or something awesome like that.
  • Fuck right off
  • Next thing we know well be hearing that angry birds is To do an online fps
  • I could see this. The plants would have ranged attacks while the zombies are melee.
  • I was hoping for a sequel to Plants vs Zombies, but I don't want this. I want another Tower Defense game. Why does every games company seem to think that all people want are FPS's? Sure there popular, but there are other gamer's out there too, and some of us HATE FPS's, how about you don't destroy every franchise by turning it into a generic FPS and actually make a wide variety of games that appeal to different gamer's.
  • I want to be a cannabis plant.
  • EA out to destroy yet another great game company...
  • @32 Aye. Instead of Slingshots, the Angry Birds use Turrets, and the Pigs have reinforced houses, with RPGs. As for this, the game is called Plants vs Zombies, not Plants with Guns vs Zombies also with Guns.
  • Look stop with every single fucking game having some sort of shit multiplayer, all games don't have to have multiplayer in them to be good you know...
  • Article, first paragraph: It's "defense", not "defence".
  • i actually would doubt that EA played a big part of this i think its mostly popcap being cmf's (crazy mother fuckers)
  • 39: Defence is proper English. Defense is American English. Nice try.
  • @9 Ill fight WITH EA, people bitch and bitch and bitch @ EA all day every day so?..... Ill fight em using EA's 'secret weapon': the power to make people.rage. eventually' they'll rage QUIT and EA will win ^^
  • Not sure if serious
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