ToeJam & Earl Funking Their Way to XBLA

Lee Bradley

Right, you probably already know this but ToeJam & Earl is definitely coming out on XBLA.

The classic co-op Rogue-like follows the eponymous aliens after they crash land on a bizarre world of phantom ice-cream trucks and police chickens. It's your job to guide them around the world, collecting the pieces of their spaceship before zipping off back home. Originally released for Megadrive/Genesis in 1991, ToeJam & Earl was a bit weird and a lot wonderful.

And now it will be again! There’s no official announcement as yet, but you can have a look at the achievements for the game here. We’ll bring a release date as soon as we can.

Oh and in case you never played it, here's a random YouTube vid. Best soundtrack ever?

  • I miss the one from the Original Xbox!
  • OMG AWESOME!!! I loved this game....getting this one for sure!!
  • Oh the nostalgia!
  • Can I sell my toejam?
  • This game had some of the best music of that era of gaming and I think it still holds up well today. I'm totally looking forward to hearing that funk sound again.
  • I haven't brought any arcade games for xbla but this going be my first one.
  • holy crap....the memories just flood back. This and Battletoads.
  • I really want the 3D one from Xbox...
  • Wow. What a game !!. Collecting spaceship parts. So simple yet so hard when you fall of the side of the world and down to the level below while ur mate is collecting presents with hyper soace shoes. =)
  • i had a double take with that title
  • holy cow this was one of those games my dad and i used to play hardcore amounts of. If it wasn't Streets of Rage 2 or Madden '95 (i think) then it was this game. Very excited this is coming back.
  • im so happy that we are getting this on the 360 really brings back memories and the best part is its 2 games @ #7 could you imagine if they brought battletoads to the 360 havent looked at the cheevos yet but hope they are simple and challenging and not impossible
  • Shame to say this but never played it back in the old mega drive days so quite curious about Can't wait.
  • I spent SO MUCH TIME with this game back when it came out. Loved it to tiny funky pieces. Can't wait to play it again.
  • I am so excited, I have been waiting for this since the first classic sega game came out on 360. I was looking at the achievements though.. a lot of them are not in the original game. There was never coins in T&G1, there was never presents in trees.. warp zones.. what is this? Is this also including Toejam & Earl 2?
  • Die you stupid kid, die!!! *drops jar*
  • Please tell me this has online co-op
  • @15, read the achievements again PROPERLY and you should be able to answer your question yourself
  • best soundtrack was TJ&E 2 panic on funkotron.
  • One of the best couch bro-op games ever. Great music as well.
  • This is going to sell like hotcakes.
  • Used to play this as my first official Xbox games, so excited!
  • Yawn.
  • I never finished Panic On Funkatron, it was pretty damn hard back in the day. Nows my chance, CANNOT WAIT!
  • Shame they couldnt bend the rules a fit 3 in the package too as TJ&E 3 was one of the orginal XBOX hidden gems.
  • Ha ha classic!!! I still play mine on the good ol MD from time to time when I need some retro goodness, this has made my month!
  • Slightly behind the news =P cheevos where up before this haha
  • Yes yes yes.... YES!!!!!
  • @9... I could not have said it better!
  • Ah, memories of jumping in the raft/inner tube and floating to the big hole, dropping down and jumping into the hot tub!
  • It's about time.
  • Toejam and earl 2-3 was nowhere near TJ&E 1. I 100%ed the third one back on the original xbox Atleast i get the first regret selling that as a kid
  • Hubba bubba
  • Curse that Demon Mailbox! And is this online?
  • About time they released this game! I hope they include an online mode with this.
  • If they have online co-op for this I think I might have a heart attack. I doubt they will though, sadly. :'(
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