What is Star Wars: First Assault?

Lee Bradley

A domain name has been registered for a game called Star Wars: First Assault, by the parent company of LucasArts.

The filing relates to "interactive entertainment software," as well as a bunch of merchandising guff including pencil sharpeners and parlour games. A number of Star Wars: First Assault domain names have also been registered, in support of the filings.

As yet, we don’t know anything about the project. Of course it could be something as interesting as this, but it could also be as terrible as this. Or, y’know, something as ludicrous as this.

Time will tell.

[via Fusible]

  • A 2013 title or maybe even a next generation Star Wars title?
  • Please die already, Star Wars.
  • I actually think that detours looked pretty funny...
  • we want battlefront III
  • @3 I agree, some parts of it were genuinely funny! Really hope this turns out good, I need some new Star Wars in my life.
  • Right, detours does look kind of good..... also yeah screw all this other shit i want battlefront 3
  • This could be a battlefrontlike game But who knows
  • Maybe a game? Or maybe...something to do with Star Wars? I'm only guessing...
  • is that detours thing for real??
  • Maybe it's DLC for Star Wars 1313 ... could be anything.
  • Battlefront 3!!!
  • Sorry but i found that Detours trailer pretty funny :x
  • We want Battlefront! We want Battlefront! We want Battlefield! We want Battlefront!
  • Funny how they keep churning out shit like that Kinect dance game, but Battlefront and Republic Command seem to be buried in Lucas' backyard. It's like he doesn't want to make good Star Wars games anymore.
  • well I will keep my eye on it,because its Star Wars,however i expect it to get a 'meh' from me if it is not a Star Wars Battlefront game....for example,1313 got a 'meh' from me,LucasArts this gen have done that to me!!...7 years since SWBF2,that's not on!!
  • The thing with Detours is that its from the Robot Chicken guys,so yeah we know it can be funny,but why go this direction with shiny animation when Star Wars Chicken Robot was great as it was....George Lucas pissing about with the original SW Trilogy comes to mind If it ain't broke don't fix it
  • A new Battlefront or Republic Commando are basically the only two games that I'd be interested in at this point. Sorry LucasArts, but you got stop putting out complete shit.
  • I'm hoping for a x-wing/tie fighter combat sim , like the classic PC games
  • Battlefront 3: First Assualt?
  • If it isn't Battlefront, Republic Commando, or Jedi Knight, I don't care.
  • Detours was pretty funny. At least it doesn't try to be something serious and make itself canon like Clone Wars...
  • Am I the only one that thought of Rebel Assault when I saw this title? Could be a remake of that series.
  • So 1313 is the Uncharted clone, First Assault has to be the FPS, and the open world RPG which may or may not have been SW at all was cancelled. Meh, can't say I approve of LucasArts' priorities.
  • Will there ever be more DLC for The Force Unleashed 2? Or will there be plans for a Force Unleashed 3? I actually want to see what happens to Starkiller. But I'd prefer a Battlefront 3 over TFU3 any day.
  • Rogue Squadron on the 360 over xbox live would have the potential to be amazing! 16 each side in one big dog fight!
  • Thank you for that link to Star Wars Detours... that... shit... was... HILARIOUS!
  • AHA, its a ploy, no. Its a ruse, no. Its an ambush, no. A subterfuge, no. A confiding device. A snare. A box popped up in a stick. It's a frappe. Its´╗┐ a wrap. Where's my hat? ITS A TRAP!
  • @4 Maybe it is. Just a new title for a "Suprise"
  • It seems like there are so many Star Wars games in the works holy crap.
  • I think you got the "terrible" and "ludicrous" thing mixed up. Detours was hilarious but weird lol. And as for the dancing for star wars, that is just terrible
  • looks like crap
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