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Richard Walker

There's a wonderful cornucopia of treats coming to the Xbox Live Marketplace over the next couple of weeks, with some exciting new XBLA releases on the cards, such as Double Dragon: Neon, Mark of the Ninja and stuff. There's the usual add-ons and deals to peruse too.

You can also grab Skyrim's Hearthfire DLC today, and have a sniff through all the other add-ons below, which includes the Forza 4 September Pennzoil Car Pack, a Battlefield 3 multiplayer update and the usual slew of Street Fighter X Tekken gems and colors.

And finally, there are some rather good deals this and next week, with a host of great XBLA games on the cheap and almost the entire PopCap XBLA library at half the price. Have a little look see at all of the content on the Xbox Live Marketplace this week, and next week, below. Look! Now!

Xbox Live Arcade

  • Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior’s Rise - 5-Sep - 800 MSP
  • Dogfight 1942 - 5-Sep - 1200 MSP
  • Mark of the Ninja - 7-Sep - 1200 MSP
  • Red Johnson’s Chronicles – One Against All - 12-Sep - 800 MSP
  • Double Dragon NEON - 12-Sep - 800 MSP

Game Add-Ons

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Hearthfire - 4-Sep - 400 MSP
  • Forza Motorsport 4 September Pennzoil Car Pack - 4-Sep - 560 MSP
  • Street Fighter X Tekken Color Palette Add-On 7 - 4-Sep - FREE
  • Street Fighter X Tekken TK Boost Gem Pack 11 - 4-Sep - 80 MSP
  • Street Fighter X Tekken TK Boost Gem Pack 12 - 4-Sep - 80 MSP
  • Street Fighter X Tekken SF Boost Gem Pack 11 - 4-Sep - 80 MSP
  • Street Fighter X Tekken SF Boost Gem Pack 12 - 4-Sep - 80 MSP
  • Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Update 4 - 4-Sep - FREE
  • Pinball FX2: Plants vs. Zombies Table - 5-Sep - 240 MSP
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Collection 4 – Final Assault - 6-Sep - 1200 MSP
  • Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Premium Members - 11-Sep - 1200 MSP
  • Quantum Conundrum: IKE-aramba! - 12-Sep - 240 MSP

Gold Exclusive Deal of the Week

4-Sep to 10-Sep

  • Babel Rising - 400 MSP
  • Rayman 3D HD - 400 MSP
  • Mad Riders - 400 MSP
  • Alan Wake’s American Nightmare - 600 MSP
  • Limbo - 600 MSP
  • Sine Mora - 800 MSP

PopCap - 11-Sep to 17-Sep

  • Plants vs. Zombies - 600 MSP
  • Peggle - 400 MSP
  • Peggle Nights - 200 MSP
  • Zuma - 200 MSP
  • Bejeweled 3 - 400 MSP
  • Bejeweled Blitz Live - 200 MSP
  • Heavy Weapon - 400 MSP
  • Astropop - 400 MSP
  • Feeding Frenzy - 200 MSP
  • Feeding Frenzy 2 - 400 MSP

Special Sales

Back to School Sale - 4-Sep to 10-Sep

  • Kinect Central – Just Dance 3 Spring Break Pack - 4-Sep to 10-Sep - 320 MSP
  • Kinect Central – Rhythm Party - 11-Sep to 17-Sep - 400 MSP

Games on Demand


  • Street Fighter x Tekken - 4-Sep
  • Sniper Elite V2 - 4-Sep
  • Cabela’s Adventure Camp - 4-Sep
  • Karaoke Revolution Glee: Volume 3 - 4-Sep
  • Birds of Steel - 4-Sep
  • Max Payne 3 - 11-Sep
  • Kinect Sports: Season 2 - 11-Sep
  • FIFA Street - 11-Sep
  • PowerUp Heroes - 11-Sep

Avatar Marketplace

  •  College Game Day Update - 4-Sep
  • Rock Band Blitz Update - 11-Sep

*As with all game related releases, dates, prices and availability are subject to change and vary by region

[Via Major Nelson]

  • Here's the rest of the deals Rock of Ages – 800msp now 400msp Forza 4 Porsche Expansion Pack – 1600msp now 800msp Warp – 800mps now 400msp Tiger Woods 13 Course Pack – 3200msp now 1600msp The Simpsons Arcade Game – 800msp now 400msp Joe Danger Special Edition – 1200msp now 600msp Joe Danger SE Content Pack – 240msp now 120msp Bloodforge – 1200msp now 600msp Bloodforge Avatar Mini-Cailleach - 240msp now 120msp Bloodforge Avatar Mini-Balor - 240msp now 120msp Mortal Kombat Arcade – 800msp now 400msp Pinball FX2 Marvel: Vengeance and Virtue – 800msp now 400msp Pinball FX2 Core – 800msp now 400msp Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I – 800msp now 400msp Sonic 4 Ep. II – 1200msp now 600msp Stacking – 1200msp now 300msp Rocket Riot – 800msp now 200msp Metro 2033 Ranger Pack – 240msp now 120msp 3D Ultra Minigolf – 400msp now 200msp Assault Heroes – 400msp now 200msp Assault Heroes 2 – 400msp now 200msp Mad Riders – 800msp now 400msp Geometry Wars Evolved 2 – 800msp now 400msp Guitar Hero III Metallica “Death Magnetic” Album – 1440msp now 720msp Guitar Hero III Modern Metal Track Pack - 500msp now 250msp Sam&Max Save the World – 1600msp now 800msp Sam&Max Beyond Time… – 1600msp now 800msp Carcassonne – 800msp now 400msp Raskulls – 800msp now 400msp Guitar Hero WT Queen Track Pack - 440msp now 220msp Guitar Hero 5 30 Seconds to Mars Track Pack - 440msp now 220msp DJ Hero 2 Pendulum Mix Pack - 640msp now 320msp L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass - 960msp now 400msp Transformers: WFC Map and Character Pack 1 – 400msp now 200msp Transformers: WFC Map and Character Pack 2 - 400msp now 200msp EA Sports UEFA Euro 2012 – 900msp ??? RoA Avatar Boulder Helmet – 160msp now 80msp RoA Avatar Mini-Boulder Pet – 240 msp now 120msp Scratch & Win App: NFS Hot Pursuit - Super Sports Pack - 560MSP NFS Hot Pursuit - Lamborghini Untamed - 280MSP NFS Hot Pursuit - Porsche Unleashed - 280MSP
  • Hearthfire baby!
  • Double Dragon :)
  • isnt Pid out tomorrow?
  • chyeah alan wake
  • Maybe now I'll get Sonic 4 ep II. Maybe.
  • Half Price Limbo? I'll finally be able to pick it up, been waiting a while to catch that one on special.
  • I'm getting the PvZ table for PBFX2 and I'll pick up Zuma. I can't wait for Double Dragon next week.
  • No Borderlands DLC? Color me surprised.
  • @ 1 Thanks for that list of all the extra discounts. Much appreciated.
  • Nothing for me this week.
  • Anyone does the obligatory moaning about the deals this week they are getting a slap. And cheers #1
  • I guess I'll finally pick up American Nightmare :]
  • @13 Ditto, been waiting for this for months!
  • "WHAT?! THE GAME I WANTED ISN'T DOTW?,WA WA WA" I think I'm getting Hearthfire and some arcade game! Happy Birthday to Me!
  • @1 Thanks! God damn, now that's what I call a DEAL of the WEEK! Limbo & Alan Wake for me.
  • Alan Wake, Simspons Arcade and Bejeweled 3 for me :)
  • When it rains, it fucking pours. The DOTW has sucked for a good couple moths now, and suddenly there's like 3000 points worth of content I want in the next week alone. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad a lot of this is finally on sale (like American Nightmare and Simpsons arcade) but I wish they had spread it out a bit more.
  • Hearthfire, Alan Wake and Bloodforge for me. Finally a good DoTW!
  • I thought pid was this week too @4
  • It's a fucking joke that they put the L.A. Noire pass on sale this week when LAST WEEK they were selling the individual cases for 160 each. I wonder how many people got screwed, myself included. Yeah sure it might just be 240 that we were ripped off by, but you add up all those 240's and M$ are laughing their asses off.
  • Some great deals there! Get Sine Mora, people! Underappreciated as hell!
  • Mark of the Ninja for 800points? Sweet! Hope that isn't a typo :D
  • I thought Mark of the Ninja was 1200 MSP?
  • I still need to pick up The Walking Dead from last week plus i have a Resi Evil 5 coming on PC which should come tommorow as it's sent from and there pretty sharp.
  • I'll probably get Limbo and Bloodforge.
  • Wow, they finally have a real deal of the week! I'm checking into the trials for Rayman 3D and Alan Wake.
  • I want Ninja thingy @800 points, any more and I might wait like the rest of you scabs for a DOTW
  • WOW#1 You killed it. I will be picking up Alan Wake, Bloodforge and Warp=)
  • Nice deals
  • I was waiting for Sam&Max to be DOTW all the time
  • Yeah, Mark of the Ninja is in fact 1200 points. I has proof:
  • @21 - You arent being "screwed" but merely how business works. Every retail outlet in the world does this. Sometmes ive missed out, other times ive bagged a brill bargain.
  • Look forward Mark of the Ninja. Only this I want on those list. Hey #1 thank you for add more list. :)
  • #1 I thumb you up too. :)
  • reading the main article i was a bit meh, nothing for me this week, then i read #1, and i was like, :O i need buy some MSP, i've only got about 2000, looks like i need about 3000 maybe a bit more cheers #1...wonder if he'll break some kinda record, being the highest voted #1 post ever
  • L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass - 960msp now 400msp just need to get some money together cause 400 for all the cases is ace
  • @36 No, there has been comments with 90 likes or above.
  • If you haven't picked up Limbo yet, do so. Amazing stuff, I loved every second of it.
  • Has Harley Quinn's Revenge been up on DotW, ever?
  • Amazing deals this week. American Nightmare and Warp, that's me sorted when I get home.
  • Finally a week no one should bitch about, alot of great prices. Sure there could had been some game changes but then again this week might be perfect for alot of people. Picked up stacking because 300 is nothing, ive been holding off for so long getting it. Hope i can pick up Bloodforge and Joe Danger aswell
  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit's Super Sports Pack, Lamborghini Untamed, and Porsche Unleashed packs are all half-price (280 MSP) on the Sales and Specials + app, too.
  • Son of a submariner, I didn't see that I was beaten to the punch on the bottom of the first post.
  • Not bad!
  • Damn, just got Simpsons arcade for 800 points. Oh well, still might pick u a couple Popcap games.
  • Great deals, of the ones I've played I highly recommend Raskulls, very fun and hilarious!!
  • @21 The Rockstar pass was on sale last week too, just not advertised. I got lucky and checked before buying the dlc.
  • Looks like Limbo and possibly American Nightmare for me.
  • Can't decide between Skyrim or Rayman. I really like Rayman and I have enough points for it
  • heavy weapon is a steal for 400 its an awesome single and multiplayer game
  • Liiiiimbo
  • Mark of the Ninja is actually 1200 MSP, not 800 MSP. My source? Klei's own twitter account.
  • i could be wrong but nfs hot pursuit super sports pack is still listed as full price 560msp, i think a mistake has been made and it should also be 280msp like the other 2 packs on offer!. i brought the other 2 dlc packs and im hoping this 1 gets fixed as would love to buy it!
  • I downloaded the trial for Mad Riders. Pretty good. It's like Hydro Thunder but with ATV's on land. CAN'T WAIT FOR PEGGLE TO COME ON SALE AGAIN NEXT WEEK!!!! I downloaded the trial and its AWESOME!!! I always overlooked it because they advertise it with a Unicorn. lol
  • Too much on sale this week. Gah.
  • Why am I always broke the good weeks?!?!?!?!
  • NFS Hot Pursuit super sports pack dlc price has been fixed.. 280msp now :)
  • Finally picked up Bloodforge. I've been waiting for it to hit DoTW, and at 600MSP, it was a must.
  • Was going to write big complaint but this is wrong place. Cliff notes Hearthfire = pointless add on. Nothing is gained. Popcap all the way. Glad they are getting deals, might finally play one of their games on xbox.
  • I want to see more tekkens games, not street fighter games which is what it seems to be more of. Everyone likes different games but this game isn't suited to tekken.
  • FFS! This is a joke. I hate the fact that they have added so many offer's that I want for a change. I'm gonna have to get myself some Microsoft Points now :P
  • This is probably the best DOTW I've seen since I've been an Xbox owner. I'd be ecstatic about the pop cap games if didn't own them already, lol. Some pretty awesome deals on here this week.
  • Can someone explain why it says Mark of the Ninja has a Friday, Sept 7th release date? Aren't all XBLA games released on Wednesdays, at least in the US they are. Seems kind of strange to me...
  • Picked up Stacking. For anyone that overlooked it its only 300 msps. Had it left over from last Dotw :)
  • I'm also thinking of grabbing Joe Danger and after that I'll have 600 left. Anything I should grab after that?
  • @66 The date is correct. MS doesn't do it often, but they do sometimes release XBLA games on Fridays. This is about 6th or 7th game this year that MS has released on a Friday.
  • *whistles* Now that I've had a bit of time to look the entire list over, there's a nice selection of content that I want for games I have or games I'm planning on getting. Picked up Metro 2033's Ranger Pack and Assault Heroes 2 with the points on hand; I'll probably pick up the rest of what I want over the week.
  • MS should do sales like this once a month.
  • @1 - Someone give that poster a gold fucking star. Is anyone else not able to load pages 2-4 of the back to school sale? Page 1 loads. Everything else just gets stuck loading. Same happened to me last week with the R* sale. Annoying as shit. If it weren't for @1 listing everything, I'd have no way of knowing everything that was on sale. But... The L.A. Noire pass is actually 560msp. Not 400. So everyone crying about that can stop now.
  • got a few spare points after getting dust. so its between limbo and bloodforge for me. time to toss a coin me thinks.
  • Was thiiis close to buying American Nightmare a few days ago. So glad I waited!
  • Sweet! can't wait :)
  • Wow... there's a lot of good stuff to choose from - almost TOO MUCH in one week! Does anyone else think they ought to extend the deal of the week to "two" weeks, but keep having new sales every week? What I mean, is some people get caught between pay-days, and if the "Deal of the Week" ran unadvertised for an extra week, it would give some people the time they need to have their next pay-day roll around! Just a thought. Anyway... thanks to #1 for the extended post. Great list!
  • Isn't it just "Rayman 3 HD" not "3D HD"? Also, on that notw. w00t! I've been waiting for that to go on sale
  • Nice! Really need to get the Tiger Woods Course Pack while it's half off. Might get Warp too.
  • Hey if you noticed, Carcassone and 3d Golf are on sale. Im gonna grab before they take them off the list for good
  • If you don't get stacking for 300 then you either already have it or are retarded.
  • @1 are these now on sale? and US only? i dont fimd them on
  • @81 When I looked last night they were on sale (UK) mmm Mark of ninja seems a decent price at 800MSP. If it is 800 MSP then ill be picking this one up. Might have to pick up Limbo and Alan wakes American Nightmare.
  • Won't take 'Alan Wake' even if I loved the original game. I tried it and it fell to much in an action-game, so buying it would be, for me, to say developpers 'I like the new way you took for "Alan Wake", make "Alan Wake 2" the same way, which is definitively not the case' even if the XBLA game doesn't look that bad.
  • Sweet deal
  • soooo tempted by Sonic episode 2 and Rayman.....
  • Hearthfire is awesome. Takes alot of iron though.
  • @1 they all really that price, that's a huge amount of deals quite tempted by rock of ages and stacking
  • Bejeweled 3 and a new Pinball FX table I think. Wasn't paying 1200 for Bejeweled 3, but 400 seems OK.
  • Kinect Sports: Season 2 good news
  • NFS HP DLC is tempting, even though I was planning to get Res Evil ORC DLC, and the Minecraft Skin packs. Decisions decisions....
  • @1 thanks for the rest of the deals. can't decide what to get... so many good looking deals :D
  • Bloodforge, stacking , mad riders and simpsons for me.
  • Today only discount on Mortal Kombat season pass!!
  • @82 - The price of Mark of the Ninja is wrong. Klei tweeted that the correct price is 1200 points.
  • @1 Where are you seeing this sells? I'm from the UK and i cannot see this discounts. I really want to get the L.A Noire Pass for 400msp
  • @95 Yeah I told my friend about the Rockstar Pass being on sale but it's full price? Googled it and other websites say it's on sale as well... (also from the UK)
  • @95 & @96 I think it said that some of these deals are next week.
  • ANOTHER Popcap Deal of the Week? Good god XBox live, quit shoving the same fecking deals on us again and again!
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