Trials Evolution Origin of Pain DLC Hands-On Preview – Ouch!

Richard Walker

Trials Evolution is an anomaly. It's one of the most frustrating games money can buy on the Xbox Live Arcade, and yet it's one of the most compulsive and unashamedly fun games ever, possessing that all important 'one more go' factor. It's still the second best-selling title on XBLA (Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is number 1) for a reason, and so the promise of more content in the shape of the Origin of Pain DLC is immensely welcome. Even if it does mean more teeth-grinding, broken controllers and tears.

Boasting 36 new tracks, 10 supercross tracks for multiplayer, 100 new objects for the head-spinningly deep track editor and 24 new effects including “fire in the sky” (we're told) and particles, Origin of Pain is a rather chunky lump of additional content that'll no doubt coax you back into the filthy embrace of Trials Evolution's big sticky tentacles. You'll still be cursing a blue streak of course, but then that's the beauty of Trials, right? Yes, it effing is.

As well as the aforementioned tracks and other bits and bobs that you'll find in the new location of Paine Island, you'll also find the spiffy new Gecko 520 BMX that grants you pure unadulterated pedal power. Opening our hands-on demo with the pirate-themed Buccaneer Bay track, we're straight back into the swing of things, shifting our rider's weight as he frantically pumps his legs to climb the steep inclines and ramps that have been formed from the sunken wreckage of pirate galleons, amongst other flotsam and jetsam. It's Trials Evo in all of its unhinged, super-addictive glory!

Being a 4km x 4km square expanse of land, Paine Island has plenty to offer, with the Jet Lag stage home to an airfield full of plane wreckage and burning detritus, including wings and the tailend of a fuselage with a big fin to scale. Then there's the Cauldron Trail, which is a region of the island that's been reduced to a flaming trail in what appears to be the aftermath of a volcanic eruption. And conversely, you'll also find the serenity of the Flow Like Water track, with its oriental garden, lotus blossoms and red wooden bridges. Like any typical Trials Evo track, there's enough unique features and aesthetic loveliness to make you want to keep playing and coming back to record better times with less faults. It's all about beating your friends for those all-important bragging rights.

You'll find that the Skill Game Circus is back in town too, with the Adrenaline Cannon firing you into oblivion, as you try to bail and land as accurately as possible from being blasted skyward. There are other skill games too, but like much of the island, it had yet to be unlocked for our hands-on. In the full DLC, you'll find six new selections of courses to play through, as well as tournaments and the aforementioned skill games. If you've already completed the meat of Trials Evo, you'll find that most of Paine Island will be open to you from the get-go, as any medals you've earned are carried over into the add-on. Regrettably, that wasn't the case for our demo.

We did however get the chance to try out all ten of the multiplayer supercross courses, which are every bits as exciting as the online tracks from the core game itself. Cloud Citadel riffs on The Empire Strikes Back's cloud city of Bespin for instance, while the Tomb Rider track takes you on a 'sahara showdown' through a Tomb Raider-inspired jaunt. That one's sorta obvious. Simply put, there's a wealth of new stuff to unearth in Origin of Pain, and it'll have you falling for Trials Evo all over again.

With so much new content, including new achievements (naturally) and a brand new BMX ride, you'd expect a suitably hefty price tag to go with it all. 800 Microsoft Points perhaps? Nah. Trials Evolution's Origin of Pain DLC will set you back 400 Microsoft Points when it releases at the end of September/beginning of October. More Trials Evolution can only be considered a good thing, and at that price, we'll be all over this shiz like white on rice. Or something. Bring the pain!

  • Love Trials, definitely excited for this :)
  • 400 points? Ugh, I'll wait for a DotW... This looks exciting, I'll definitely download this when it hits the marketplace!
  • Please god no Marathon II all 36 tracks no faults... :(
  • @3 - I'm fine with another Marathon, but I hope they don't put me through the same hell I went through with Donkey Challenge on Trials HD. That was hands down the hardest achievement in the game, for me. In response to the negative votes I've gotten from my previous comment, please be aware that I love Trials and will gladly buy any DLC RedLynx release. I was making a simple joke about the price. It's a perfect price and no-one should wait for a price drop, which will probably never happen anyway.
  • I do hope for some more awesome Extreme tracks. I love the ones in Evo after I became good at them. My highest faults is like 30 something on Way of the Ninja. Everything else is lower and I've got all golds so I can handle Extreme. Now Ninja difficulty (not the gimmick exploit ninja crap) is something else but I doubt RedLynx would pull something like that difficult.
  • I just finished the cheevos for trials evo. Hopefully they put in some more fun ones!
  • Sweet to bad I raged quit at the License D test......just kidding
  • Can't wait for this! I hope that if there's extreme tracks, there's no more than a few, simply because I can't complete them. Only managed to beat the first track in core game. Hard I can do and find to be a good challenge. Extreme I find ridiculously insane.
  • Bargain, day one
  • #2 Bipolar?
  • @#10 My thoughts exactly...
  • #2 was obviously being sarcastic. Anyways, i'll download this day one! Have completed both Trials games, so I'll complete this DLC.
  • Really looking forward to this DLC and getting back into making tracks.
  • More trials is always a good thing
  • Definitely stoked and outstanding price!
  • @12 whoops, my bad. Didn't see him winking.
  • My tear ducts aren't ready for more punishment.
  • @2 Contradictive much, cheap basterd?
  • @2 Nice oxymoron.
  • ROFL @2 you've brought the retards out to play now haven't you...don't use sarcasm here, it would appear that most gamers are too stupid to make 1+1=2 hence why i love trolling them so much, i've seen brighter lunar eclipses than half of the population of this site, and take great pleasure in winding them up at least some noticed, but christ, i thought everyone who played trials was a sarcastic asshole tbh, thats how you make it through the game, doing nothing but shouting about how shit the game is (trying to convince yourself that it's all the games fault, not your own retarded hands) and how much of a clown the rider is because he won't lean forwards gently, he just lurches forwards and lays himself out with some piece of scenery either way, i'm ready for the DLC, i've got a pad that needs breaking and some MSP just sitting there getting fat....also, i've not hit myself in the head with a pad recently, so it's about time for me to play some more trials
  • Still waiting for actual game to go on sale, but when it does I will defo pick up this DLC right away=)
  • Guys, please, it was a joke! How can you all not sense sarcasm if I don't end it with a winking smiley at the end?
  • People really need to chill out about Callum's DOTW joke. This is precisely the reason why I don't want like/dislike buttons.
  • Love to see what new maps the community chucks up with the added map editing tools, as if they weren't already mind bogglingly rich enough in content.
  • Oh, lawd... if there are any more Extreme tracks in Origin of Pain, I might have a nervous breakdown! Still can't wait, though, for reasons I can't explain.
  • @23 Don't worry, those of us who read past the first sentence know what you were doing there. You'd think people have never seen the constant flood of 'Guess I'll wait for DOTW' before -___-
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