BioWare's Founders Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka Retire

Richard Walker

BioWare co-founders and recognisable video game industry figureheads, Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk have announced that they're to depart the company that they founded together, with neither suggesting that a return to video games is on the cards in the foreseeable future.

"After nearly two decades in videogames, I’ve decided to move on to pursue an entirely different set of challenges," Muzyka declared in his parting statement on the BioWare blog. "This has been an incredibly difficult decision to make; after thinking about it for many months, I made the decision to retire from videogames back in early April 2012 – at that time I provided six months’ notice to EA, to help enable a solid transition for my teams at BioWare."

Both Zeschuk and Muzyka have written lengthy statements about their decision to retire from BioWare, with current General Manager of BioWare in Edmonton and Montreal, Aaryn Flynn sharing his thoughts on the pair's departure and the future of the Mass Effect and Dragon Age developer.

"I know this might be concerning for some of you but the leaders at BioWare have had some time to think about it – to think about how the games, the fans, and the creative teams would move on without the two guys who started this organization back in 1995. We – including Ray and Greg – think the studio is solid and the team here is ready to embark on a whole new era of games," Flynn writes, noting that next on the cards for BioWare is Dragon Age III: Inquisition in late 2013 and Mass Effect 3 's Omega DLC this fall.

"Writing a note like this is something one imagines doing once in a lifetime, if at all. The experience of following a dream, achieving it and along the way working with the most talented, passionate and engaging people imaginable isn’t something I’m likely going to repeat again," said Zeschuk. "Building BioWare over the years with Ray and the many other people involved was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I’ll cherish it always."

You can read Greg Zeschuk, Ray Muzyka and Aaryn Flynn's statements in full over on the BioWare Blog. We wish both Zeschuk and Muzyka all the best for the future.

  • Would be nice if Bioware still made good games like they did in the 90's. (Baldurs gate) I hate Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Leeeeeeets see how many thumbs down I get for having said that :D
  • Obvious troll is obvious?
  • if my company was owned by the rEApers id retire too.
  • best of luck to both them in the future
  • And with their departure, so ends the era of BioWare's dominance in gaming. EA will strip what talent BioWare have left to be re-allocated to work on some yearly rehash instead of what made BioWare great.
  • Well this doesn't sound good, ahha.
  • handed his notice in a month after me3 came out... go figure
  • RIP Bioware.
  • What nooooooo why ?? they aren't that old are they ?
  • Movie title devs from now on then?
  • Yeah, I'd retire if EA took over my company and turned it into another shit developer that forces multiplayer where it doesn't belong, on disc DLC, obnoxious PC DRM, and other anti-gamer business practices into the games. The funny thing is that there are people out there who think EA isn't evil anymore just because they publish teh varitee of gaymz lol! News flash people, you can publish a variety of interesting new IPs and top-rated sequels and still be shit due to awful anti-consumer business practices. Stop sucking EA's dick over the things they do right and get on their case about all the things they still do wrong, and maybe we can turn this shit around and get those IPs you all love about WITHOUT all the anti-consumer bullshit attached. Only then will EA no longer be considered evil by logical gamers everywhere.
  • RIP Bioware
  • A sad day indeed... :-(
  • Well, that's what happens when you sell out to EA.
  • Soon, Bioware will be laid to rest by EA. Probably sometime after DA3 tanks.
  • Thanks Ray and Greg for the countless hours, days and weeks of great adventures played in the games you developed. Most of the games I still have today are from Bioware. Also, it's sad to see this great studio being integrated into EA's shit universe. Anyway, thanks again and good luck in your new challenges.
  • You guys realize that Bioware willingly got bought by EA right? If EA does anything to them its Biowares fault for leaving Microsoft. I am not trying to defend EA but I really think Bioware will be fine, they didnt change much since going to EA. I mean I am not a fan of Dragon age, but all 3 Mass Effect games were great to me. And the Old Republic was also great. I have been secretly a little upset with Bioware since a Knights of Old Republic 3 was never made for the console, so I kind of hope that might happen now, or at least a HD remake of KOTOR I
  • @11 normally, fixing a company would be nice, but with a company like EA, it would be better just to see them close their doors and go away forever. Because I believe that there's no fixing EA, i think the evil publisher is engrained too much in them, not to mention their awful reputation, there's no returning from that.
  • Sad to see them go, not only from Bioware, but from gaming in general. Despite there current problems Bioware has made some incredible games, such as Baldur's Gate, SW:KotOR, Dragon Age: Origins, and the Mass Effect Trilogy, and without these two, I think Bioware will find it hard to reproduce the magic these games had.
  • I love all the comments of "I'd retire too if EA took over my company". If EA was the issue, they wouldn't retire from video games altogether, they'd simply leave and start a new company/join a new developer. They're retiring from keep the EA bashing in your head and simply wish these two a decent farewell.
  • Hell, lets be's much more likely that all the hate they received from you fans drove them into retirement than EA >_>
  • @20 I agree, all these comments are pretty pathetic
  • @17 Bioware was never owned by Microsoft though. Bioware was a private dev, and they didn't WANT to go to EA, they where just forced into the same position as many game developers where, they couldn't afford to remain open as a private developer as it was simply too expensive, and EA offered the most money to keep them open.
  • #11: I know....but I'm still getting Dead Space 3 day one. ^_-
  • @21 Yeah, all of which was totally unwarranted, right?
  • Those gosh darn gamers.
  • Now you see what all you fanboys did. had to complain about decent ending to a great franchise? These 2 couldn't hack it and now they're leaving, probably straight for therapy in neighbouring white rooms!!=+) In all seriousness, though. Good luck to these two knuckleheads!=)
  • dont blame them for leaving, theres no hope for consoles they way things are going anyway
  • @17 and that's why these two are "retiring". They probably signed a clause where they had to stay with the company for an X amount of time. The buyout from EA secured their personal financial security. It'll be interesting to see what happens to Bioware from here on out. Only time will tell.
  • This good news overshadowing the tremendously bad news was perfect... At first I was very sad but now I am extremely excited for everything they are working on.
  • meh, it's not like they are making anything good anymore. FUCK BW/ FUCK EA.
  • A way out from EA?
  • They could've at least done a Jade Empire sequel first :(
  • They sold out to EA after ME 1 so to fucking bad plus the old republic is the biggest flop in video game history which is why it is going free to play
  • @21.. you kinda just countered your entire argument there yourself, its not EAs fault its the hate mail they receive on account of the bad decisions they made since joining up with EA.... all the EA hate aside though they did create one of the best game companies ever and have had some fantastic games that i have sunk hundreds upon hundreds of hours into even if their recent stuff has had a ton of problems they have a great legacy with games like baulders gate, neverwinter, KOTR etc it has been a good run
  • @23 Yes I understand Microsoft didn't own them, but I am pretty sure if they went to Microsoft and said we would like to be owned by you Microsoft would have taken them in no problem. Microsoft lacks in console exclusives so they would have loved to have the Mass Effect series all to themselves. But Bioware (and I do not blame them for this) went where the most money was in EA, and give EA some credit here, they have really let Bioware do their own thing for the most part. (online pass in ME3 was most def EA's idea though.) @29 I do not necessarily agree with your thought that there was a clause that they had to stay with the company. If these 2 guys go out and start another video game company then I will believe that, but until then I think they are retiring from gaming in general and that has nothing to do with EA.
  • This is the end of Bioware. Everything they release from now on will be crap. It's because if these 2 guys that games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age Origins, Jade Empire, Baldurs Gate, Knights of the Old Republic & Neverwinter Nights were so damn good. I would not be surprised if the real reason they retired were because of EA. Microsoft should have bought them out when they had the chance, I bet things would've turned out different. Dragon Age 2 would have been better, Mass Effect 3 too. Maybe we wouldve even had a KotoR 3 & Jade Empire 2.
  • This comment section reminds me that just because you have an opinion, doesn't mean you are necessarily qualified to share it.
  • Shame to lose the founders but hey you can't play games forever.
  • #11 Well said Sir, couldn't agree more!
  • @ #20 have u never heard of a cant compete clause?!? Do u believe EA bought this company and didn't insert that clause? Which basically means that if they were to leave Bioware they cannot start up another company? Retirement is the only option, although those clauses usually have a set amount of time. Therefore sometime in a few years they would be able to start up another company
  • good decision.. leave before you both get indoctrination by EA
  • Ray obviously realised, after the release of ME3, what a bunch of whiney little bitches gamers are these days and thought "fuck this, I'm not doing it any more"! I can't blame him!
  • am looking forward to the omega dlc for mass effect 3 but priorities first....GIVE ME A FUCKING KROGAN SQUAD MATE DAMN IT!!!
  • @38 They've been shit since Dragon Age 2 or Mass Effect 2. Whichever one came first I can't fucking remember. I liked Mass Effect 1, but that game had a lot of problems, many of which were either ignored or made worse in 2, chief of them being how fucking lifeless and stiff all the dialogue is, which in an RPG of Mass Effect's scope, is a pretty big flaw. EA will kill them off one day. Just like all the others.
  • "Is there a doctor in the house?" "Not anymore." Ba-da-bum. =(
  • Very sad Bioware was always one of my favorite developers! Jade Empire, Stars Wars KOTOR, KOTOR 2 and Mass Effect 1 will always be some of my favorite games. Since EA has taking over Mass Effect has gone downhill... RIP Bioware :(
  • I don't think the "EA takeover" theories are going to be as bad as everyone thinks. At the end of the day EA is all about making money, and Bioware makes money for them. Plus, Casey Hudson is still there. That's better than nothing.
  • Casey Hudson is one of the biggest *problems*.
  • *Sigh* One of the things I've noticed over the past few months is: Gamers are never happy. I'm sure EA could wipe your ass with $100 bills, and you'd still whine and bitch about the tiny splash from the toilet. OT: Best of luck to what ever they wish to pursue in their futures, and thanks for the great games.
  • End of an era. Best of luck to the both of them with whatever they do next.
  • @51 I get what you're *trying* to say, and I agree generally, but what part of having your ass wiped by rough, filthy currency is supposed to be a good thing?? lol
  • Also, this hasn't been brought up regarding their "retirement": EA could have slapped them with an anti-competition clause that keeps them from working in the games industry with another developer. So maybe it's that they no longer want to work with EA, but cannot continue to work in gaming due to the agreements made with EA when they sold the company. Can you imagine how bad the this-is-what-happens-when-you-sell-to-EA vitriol would sound then?
  • @54 a non-compete would be time limited, and those time spans typically aren't too long, so if that is the case, they will probably be back in the business in a year or two.
  • @53 - I'm Canadian, we have brand new, and rather smooth, $100 bills :P
  • Yeah, no-competes are time-limited. There's no way EA would be able to bar anyone from the games industry for life. That'd be shot down in court rather quickly.
  • Ray is one of the nicest guys ive met. I wish him all the best in the future. Good luck with the beer diaries.
  • @@55 & #57 - I wasn't suggesting that it was indefinite, but it might still be long enough that they need to find something else to do with themselves for awhile. Also, what will and won't be "shot down" by a court can change drastically when it comes into contact with a corporation with a lot of cash.
  • @1 I know that feel, bro.
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