Mass Effect 3 Getting a Massive Multiplayer Expansion Featuring The Collectors

Richard Walker

Mass Effect 3 is set to get an enormous multiplayer expansion that'll see the return of the nefarious alien race from Mass Effect 2, The Collectors. Entitled Mass Effect 3: Retaliation, the DLC will be arriving next week and it'll be completely free. It's undoubtedly the biggest multiplayer add-on yet, adding new maps, characters and more.

In fact, there's a total of six new maps, 16 new characters such as the Krogan Shaman Adept, Turian Havoc Soldier, Batarian Brawler Vanguard and Asari Huntress Infiltrator. With The Collectors returning - despite not being in the Mass Effect 3 campaign - there'll be a collection of weapons from the insectoid race, including the Collector Assault Rifle, Sub-Machine Gun and Sniper Rifle, as well as new ammunition types and a bunch of new gear items to equip and play with.

There's also a new Challenge feature being added with the free Retaliation DLC, rewarding objectives with 'challenge points' that can then be spent on multiplayer titles and banners. Furthermore, Mass Effect 3's existing multiplayer maps will be updated with new 'hazard' versions where the likes of "Acid, Lightning, Meltdowns, Sandstorms, Swarms and Whiteouts' will make fighting against waves of enemies even more testing.

There's a possibility that the return of the Collector's could be explained in a bit more detail in the upcoming Mass Effect 3: Omega add-on coming to single-player. The Collectors themselves meanwhile, consist of the Praetorian, Scion, Abomination, Trooper and Captain, while the Geth and Cerberus enemies add a Drone and Dragoon class to their ranks, respectively.

Mass Effect 3: Retaliation will be available to download for free on 9th October. You can check out the action in the trailer below.

  • Hopefully the Collectors will be added to single player.
  • F*@k lore, bring on the collectors
  • Assuming control !!!
  • About time, i thought would been in from the start
  • This is great, haven't played it recently but was going to do a second playthrough, there's gonna be so much new content to get through!!
  • Challenge points?! WTF 16 new characters? That is not a multiple of 6. Either they are counting enemy types or some classes are getting left out.
  • I'll have to jump back into MP when this lands!
  • nice
  • This makes the multiplayer much more interesting. I may actually start fully playing it again instead of the odd occasional match.
  • ...B-but I don't wanna fight Praetorians again! Oh well, this pack is awesome anyway.
  • So the leak was right afterall
  • Multiplayer just keeps getting better and better. Was waiting for this one.
  • Incredible... I love this game so much.
  • There was a time when I cared about ME MP... That time has passed sadly.
  • ya know i love anything free and i gotta say i respect EA/bioware more now cuz every MP expantion has been free and now with the bring on of titles and active weather making the maps harder and more awesome, i gotta say this will def be a reason for me to jump back on ME3 for a lil bit lol
  • Praetorians.. WONDERFUL...
  • Free DLC support, awesome.
  • Best multiplayer game 2012
  • If it wasnt for all the fanboys complaining about the game all this MP DLC would probably cost money
  • @19 Hah, you know, you're entirely right. When people bitch enough, the company will eventually feel the pressure. Hence the "Extended Cut" and all of this free MP DLC for the MP mode that so many people were furious even existed. I've called the addition of Collector enemies since the game released, it's just a shame that all of these new guns, enemies, powers, and items never make it into the SP campaign. Lore, lore, yeah, whatever, they could make something up and have it work. The campaign just always feels like you're fighting Reapers over and over and over, with the occasional Cerberus fight. The Geth are only in that small section of plot concerning the Quarians and the Collectors aren't in at all. There's just so much content that would be fantastic to see in the MAIN game, that just never makes it there. With the Earth N7 classes alone, look at all of the new powers that they added to the game, which are in no way useable in the story. Make them optional or put them in the bonus powers machine, anything, I just feel like the SP game could really use all of this content. My brain always tweeks when I realize that I am spending more time in a Mass Effect game's tacked-on *multiplayer* than I have with the actual campaign. That always feels wrong to me. Anyway, glad this is finally coming - next they can add indoctrinated mercenaries as an enemy, so that we can fight a combo of the Blood Pack, Eclipse, and Blue Suns enemies from the last game. Sounds like a good edition to add around the Omega pack, don't you think?
  • Prepare yourselves for the Arrival! I'm surprised Harby didn't say that at the end of the trailer ;D
  • More Single Player DLC, Less Multiplayer DLC. That goes for all games!
  • I.Fucking.Love.This.Game. I wish everyone took Bioware's approach to announcing everything a week (5 sayds usually) before it's out.. Fuck yes.
  • I had a tonne of fun playing ME3 multiplayer, I think dlc will get me playing it again.
  • Just when I thought I was done with Mass Effect 3 multiplayer after I beat the single player campaign....and now this. This sounds awesome! I can't wait!
  • @19, most likely not. The MP mode is supplemented by microtransactions, essentially a F2P model on a Pay to play game. The DLC being free allows that to happen, while also removing potential conflicts between users since it is a co-op game.
  • Come on! Not that I don't like the multiplayer, but what about some more single player DLC?
  • Time to jump back into ME3 multiplayer!
  • I can't wait for this. The Rebellion DLC (think thats the one with the Vorcha) was brilliant, Earth was as well, and this looks to top both of them.
  • Now only if they would fix data pad
  • ...meh. If I cared about this game at all still, I would be excited - it does sound like they are adding a lot of interesting new content. (Though I'm still not sure how they're planning on explaining bringing the Collectors back - I thought we killed ALL OF THEM at the end of ME2?) Because no one else has said it yet, though, grumble grumble the ending sucks. ...yeah, honestly, that's about all I care anymore. You don't want to hear me rant, I don't feel like typing it all out for no reason, so... if you can still enjoy the game, good for you; this does sound like it would definitely be worth your time. As for me, though? Unless they can find some way to redeem the storyline, I'm pretty much done with this series, sad though it is to say.
  • Maybe they find another stasis cache with more protheans still alive and they add new protheans to campaign and as playable characters in multiplayer
  • Where's my Volus Adept?
  • MP DLC > SP DLC anyday
  • its time to return to mass effect then
  • Am I retarded or did I make the Collectors go extinct in ME2?
  • Really, really impressed with how good (and free!) ME3's multiplayer DLC has been. Just staggering, really.
  • Woo, looks like you might battle one of the walking reapers during some of the campaigns.
  • @34 wow your exciting, go back to cod
  • nope the collectors are dead I killed them all, stole their ship.
  • But I liked being pretty much the only with the collector rifle up until now... Oh well! Looking forward to getting back into the MP
  • The collector's aren't dead -_- Maybe the main part of their group was killed in ME2, but for those who have read ME:Invasion, you'll know they are basically back thanks to a certain someone >_> Of course, these could also simply be Collector's that were out gathering specimens when Shep blew up their base as well. You really think every single one of them just happened to be at home during ME2's ending?
  • @40 Who knew. To stop the reaper horde all we need to do is clone an army of radio active chickens, If just one is enough to take out the collectors and jack their shit.
  • I hope this will add a few more days to the mp. Thank you for your continued efforts bioware and thank you for the news!
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