Resident Evil 6 Contains On-Disc DLC [Updated]

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Capcom has responded to today's news regarding Resident Evil 6's on-disc DLC, suggesting that the 'No Hope Left' difficulty may actually be on the disc, while other items noted are unlockable content. Game files that refer to taunts, maps and co-op for Ada's campaign are apparently only partially on the disc.

"We still have unannounced DLC for RE6 that will be revealed in the coming months and while virtually all such content will not be on the disc there will be one piece of content, that for technical reasons, requires the use of a combination of newly downloaded data and data that is included on the retail game disc," a spokesperson for Capcom told Eurogamer.

Original Story

Oh dear. Modders have discovered that Resident Evil 6 contains on-disc DLC.

Tucked away in the retail disc’s code are a No Hope difficulty setting (Pro is the hardest difficulty setting in the standard game), plus extra taunts, costumes and melee attacks.

The content has been revealed in a series of videos uploaded by YouTube user, Fluffyquack. We’ve posted them below with very brief descriptions, but beware of spoilers. Seriously, spoilers.

No Hope difficulty setting

New costumes, character models and melee attacks

New taunts for multiplayer characters

Following the uproar that greeted the revelation that Street Fighter X Tekken contained 12 extra characters on the retail disc for sale as DLC at a later date, Capcom announced that it intended to "re-evaluate" the practice.

However, it’s possible that all the extra content discovered for Resident Evil 6 is intended as free DLC. It’s possible. We’ll report back when we hear word.

  • If it's meant to be free, that's great, nice to see. But...I can't help but find myself asking the question, if it's free, why not include it in the game to begin with?
  • Really now? I thought developers had learn their lesson of on disc dlc...
  • shocking...
  • @1 Maybe it's a PR thing, making them look kind or something? Look when Bethesda released free upgrades like more kill cam things and horseback combat. People loved it and continued talking about it and stuff. Just my opinion, I'm probably wrong and that's a great tragedy.
  • I respect developers for making the games, but charging people for content on the disc makes me sad. If I pay $60, (thats over half of a hundred dollars,) for a new game I would expect the developers to include all the content in the package. Maybe it is intended as free dlc, but why not say something about it? Now Capcom looks like they are liars and that they don't care about their consumers. Thats not a good image to be carrying around as a company. For the sake of your company, PLEASE BE FREE DLC.
  • when a game is as awsome as this is , i dont care about on disc dlc, there is so much content here , im suprised they managed to fit any thing else on it.
  • 'Don't open that door!'
  • Hahaha free DLC from Capcom. Riiiight. The No Hope difficulty is... Well doesn't seem THAT bad but doesn't seem necessary neither. Too bad you can still heal yourself when down.
  • Could it be stuff unlocked from
  • Are we sure the taunts and melee moves aren't just things cut from the game? People do realize that sometimes stuff is just... you know... cut, and left in the game. RE5 has dialogue between the Mercenaries Reunion and original Mercenaries characters that doesn't exist. It was never DLC. This doesn't actually mean anything. No Hope Difficulty does, but oh boo. It also doesn't necessarily mean you have to pay for it. And on top of that, if this is all DLC, do people really care about the taunts and stuff? Of all the DLC to exist/be on-disc, these seem absolutely irrelevant and aren't even rage worthy. More like "Capcom, you silly". If it were Ada's story, Mercenaries, or something like that, then I'd be mad about them being on-disc and removed. But this is just generic crap I don't even need/want and will likely not even have achievements. This is way better than it could've been.
  • awesome give us some new merceneries maps aswell and i'm happy
  • I don't know why but I'm not shocked
  • 800 msp thank you very much.
  • Also worth noting, I can't tell which costumes are supposed to be 'DLC' or not. I think some of it (like Sherry's hospital gown) is just modding the model in. If the PS1 costumes are DLC, that's the only thing worth getting here. Recolors of the normal alternates are irrelevant.
  • Capcom,EA,Activision = Proudly making you keep paying for the games you allready paid full retail for.
  • If you bought this game, you have no right to complain about the on-disc dlc. You could have seen this coming.
  • This will not be free Comment #1 pretty much proves it
  • This all sounds like stuff that was probably going to be retailer-specific pre-order DLC
  • This is one of the two reason's I did not buy this game 1) Capcom and there notorious disc locked content and 2) For making a game action orientated when it does not need to be, for me I don't care about that there are other Bio-hazards apart from zombies but how it has been implemented, RE4 had other Bio-hazards, but it wasn't all out guerrilla warfare like this and RE5(more so RE6)and to top it of another pointless and unneeded MP mode.
  • Its Capcom, I am not shocked.
  • @2 and what lessons are those? As long as ppl keeping buying, they'll keep at it...
  • The red version of the outfit Sherry has is from
  • Capcom treat us worse than Al Qaeda.
  • I hope this is just cut things... because I've already lost allot of faith for what capcoms done to resident evil... I don't need another nail in the coffin.
  • this the first actual footage i have seen from he game and it looks awful. bot on disc DLC, screw you capcom. just fell from wait until its cheap to pretend it doesn't exist to me. And as a fan of the franchise that makes me feel sad.
  • Also from the strategy guide ' Completing a campaign in Professional difficulty unlocks the No Hope difficulty for that campaign'
  • DLC will be the deathstab of gaming one day.... Now DLC, we allready have that Season Pass bullshit. Seriously....
  • I honestly don't think any of this (except costumes) will be its own DLC. If they really do plan to give out the taunts/melee attacks, I expect them to be bundled with the costumes. I could see them charging for No Hope (the charged for MM9/10 Hard/Super Hard), but I don't know why anyone cares. Only a few crazy people are actually going to pay for TAUNTS and MELEE MOVES or RECOLORS. And for those who keep going FREE DLC FROM CAPCOM? LOLOLOLOL - Guess you forgot RE5's Extra Figures (and Dead Rising's costumes, which I am positive were on-disc, so being on-disc doesn't really dis-prove anything; but they will still probably charge)
  • Oh, and duh. The costumes could always be through at some point. What's on there now doesn't mean it won't update later. Rockstar had stuff like that (costumes and things) unlockable through Social Club.
  • Capcom making free dlc for content that's already on the disc that's diabolical!
  • And they've already done it before, so have other companies. But okay. Also, I have seen multiple reports that No Hope is not even DLC. It's in the game normally. You have to beat everything on Pro, apparently? So I guess none of you did that. Sounds more like people didn't unlock everything and decided it must be DLC since they don't know how to get it.
  • Unlock conditions and more revealed for Resident Evil 6’s No Hope difficulty mode All enemies will move at max speeds 100% of the time Enemies that are downed recover in about 1 second Enemies attack practically non stop until they are killed ie: basically no pause between attacks Enemies that attack in combos/multiple times in quick succession now have longer combos/more attacks Enemies are very, very difficult to daze with firearms Enemies recover from dazed states insanely fast regardless of what caused the daze (melee, gunshots, flash grenades are all basically ineffectual for dazing distant enemies) Enemies that use firearms are insanely accurate (basically never miss when shooting you) Enemies that use firearms also shoot much more frequently and reload their guns much faster then pro mode J'avo mutate at an insanely high frequency (most likely around 80-90% chance of a mutation) Enemy grapple attacks are now much faster and offer very little time to dodge Enemies now hit you more after grappling you A special miniboss enemy encountered in the campaign now recovers from it's immobilized status very, very quickly after it's limbs are destroyed.
  • And all you have to do is beat a campaign on Pro
  • Just looked at the actual videos themselves. Maybe 360a should actually read before posting. - The Taunts are not DLC. They just posted a video of all the taunts. - The costumes and melee actions are not DLC. The player just modded to access them all from the start and said: "I accessed all of these via modding, so I don't know which of these are available, or how they are available (I suspect many of these are available only via The weapon loadouts you see here are sometimes for a different character, something you can't do without modding." - No Hope, he did say was LISTED as DLC, but the official guide says it is not. - The only DLC the game mentions is No Hope, and has partial space for Ada co-op, 2 Mercenaries stages, and 4 game modes, but the actual game modes/stages are *not* on the disc, they're just mentioned. So this is a huge false alarm and being blown out of proportion.
  • Ok now we are talking but that's what I figured when I bought a unlockable costume (EX2) for one of my characters on Got it right away!
  • What a shocker.. The day will come when video game companies will hired people to just break into our house and steal our stuff. Remember when games weren't mainstream and just for geeks with low self esteem? Thems were the days!
  • @35 thats right, maybe just copy and paste isn´t a good idea.
  • *chuckles* i dont really care for this at all RE 6 is a brillient and awesome game on its own but lucky for me i dont waste my money on minor add ons even if they have achivements attached unless of course they are free so i will just continue playing this game and if the dlc is free i will get it if it costs anything then like every other priced dlc i will give it a pass good luck to everyone else who feels they must have every single little thing related to games *chuckles*
  • Aren't that the costumes from ? The leon's one is sure a reward from the site.
  • @40 i think all the stuff is free, nhl difficulty is unlocked for finishing pro campaign, seems like,in this case capcom are struggling to shake of the bad rep they have gained over the last few years, no news here.
  • Hi! I'm the one who made these videos! I just wanna point out that the costumes and taunts are not DLC, they are unlockables. No Hope difficulty is the only thing which is completely on-disc DLC. The other content (multiplayer modes, maps and coop for the last campaign) is partially on disc.
  • I'm the limited edition guide it says that u unlock no hope after u beat everything on pro.
  • Its not locked, I can unlock the costumes shown in Mercs. Lmao
  • @42 like @26,@34 and@43 says nhl is unlocked after pro according to the guide ?? So there is really no disc locked content like re5 had.
  • It seems you done goofed guys.
  • Is this really news? Surely this was implied when you bought the game, this is Capcom after-all. Joking aside, I actually really like RE6, so suck that reviewers.
  • Maybe they are rewards from RE.NET i have unlocked a couple of costumes from the page.
  • Just another reason not to buy this game i'll wait till this trash hits the used under twenty bin. Rule#1 Dont believe the hype. Rule #2 Dont follow reviews
  • Are you really surprised? They defended on disc dlc months ago
  • lol good one none of that is even close to on disc dlc you unlock no hope by finishing professional, the costumes are unlocks and the taunts are already in the game. the only thing that could be on disc is the preorder mercenarie maps.
  • I can confirm the costumes 2 are unlocked via RE.NET. I have the Chris and Helena alternative of the alternative costume.
  • I enjoyed Resi Evil 6 and it is good game unlike we have crap Resident Evil game in early this year. I hope there DLC for achievements coming soon for Resi Evil 6. If happen I will buy DLC day one.
  • Wow, you guys really need to fix or updat this article, since it is actually untrue. this looks like the typical capcom trolls just trying to fuel their rage-filled butthurt at capcom by saying things that arent even true.
  • Probably future unlocks
  • They ARE unlocks that are already available...not even future..I just bought all of these.
  • Well I am still unlocking shit in this game and only finished 2 out of 4 campaigns, so who's to say that those aren't hidden in the game somewhere for us to unlock? Be as it is, I don't really care I got a lot for content for my $60 already and would gladly pay $10 or something for a subtantial DLC, like new campaign or additional maps and skins for Mercenary.
  • You don't have to be a modder to know there was on disc dlc. They did a terrible job of hiding it. Or maybe they just figured everyone knows they do it so they aren't even trying to hide it anymore.
  • @49 most reviews have given this 7/10, which I feel is pretty low for a main series RE game. I personally found it fun. I just wish they had worked Chris' story some more.
  • Capcom needs to stop putting DLC on the disc like this. Hopefully the costumes & extra difficulty level are either unlocks or free cause that's BS if they try charging for it.
  • I fail to see what the big fuss is about concerning this topic or the game itself... People jumped on the band wagon to hate this game weeks before it came out even before the demo was released... Some of the most idiotic criticism I heard was people complained that the " Laser sight " was not included in the game yet they never played it to confirm this...Then old school fan boys jumping on the band wagon that its an action game and not survival horror so I won't buy it, is getting very old- If Capcom gave you Resident evil 2 all over again, you guys would then complain that there repeating the same thing over and over. The fact of the matter is, I got this game on launch day and I'm not let down in anyway shape or form and half the people " Hating " The game when I bet they have not even played it or enough of it to form a decent opinion is pathetic. On the DLC, you know what who cares? So what if Capcom do " CHARGE " for melee attacks or color mods- Don't buy it for christ sake...I own Street Fighter X Tekken and I was very pissed off about the 12 locked fighters, but I didn't buy them, this here is different and not even worth arguing over. If they do charge for melee attacks/taunts and anyone here buys them- Who is the bigger fool? It ain't Capcom its you guys if you do indeed buy it, there's a saying anyway- A fool and his money are easily parted.
  • i have got like a super crazy idea here but how about we make things more simple and more fair and do away with dlc and have the devs just put everything that is for that game on the disc(s)when it is released. and if people still want more to there game maybe they should tell them to shut there holes and wait for the next game. games may get released sooner as well if devs are not working on dlc for games that are already out. but i guess no one wants to be logical anymore.
  • lol response Complete BS
  • We're up to comment #62 and no one has remembered that Capcom admitted this game would have on disc DLC, or at least components of it, months ago? Despite the fact that the article is wrong about some of it, Capcom has admitted to having DLC assets on disc.
  • it will probably be free but if its not thats bs
  • ... Really? TAUNTS as DLC? Capcom, you bunch of money-grubbing whores...
  • I like how people actually read what the truth is and the update on the article...oh they don't.
  • If it's on the disc then it should be free. @67 >Capcom >truth Choose ONE
  • I at least skimmed it. . . But some is RE.NET and #64 I didn't hear about that, Thank you. Also just because its "main series RE game" doesn't mean it deserves a 10/10, 9/10 rating. Honestly They say year of the bow. I say Generation of The Generic shooters. Honestly I loved 1,2,3 and 4. I'm about to play through RE:VX. But 5 was just run in gun. RE4 had an amazing atmosphere to it. I feel like I'm playing a COD game with zombies and mutants. Honestly I feel as if COD fans will pick it up and then if they do go back to the RE4 which RE fans would like for the most part. New people will be upset with them. Its really crappy deal.
  • It comes to no real suprice it would say, Capcom doing this while EA mainly always try and make gamers buy the their famous season pass (wich in most cases is just a waste of money, example Saints Row 3 season pass ;) And i agree with above altho RE6 looks amazing in terms of graphics it nothing more then a casual shooter if you strip away all the fuzz. I not say its bad at all and the reason companies walking this path with known franchises as RE, Splinter Cell, and a few more, is to the simple fact that most newer generation gamers basicly want shooters instead of taking their time and look around or solving puzzles like what basicly was RE at the starting point in their first few games. If its a good or bad thing the way its going only time will tell, what is sure is the fact already some players long for the old days where we had a huge variation of games with different gameplay.
  • RE6. A lengthy Resident Evil title with stunning graphics and fun gameplay, 4 campaigns + Mercenaries, a release date a month earlier than originally planned. Also, on-disc DLC. "Capcom treat us worse than Al Qaeda." - #23
  • You know if they do make it free then thats great. But why complain if its free? If its free dlc then we're not paying any extra for what we already got. All we're doing is basically downloading any extra data to fully work on the disc.
  • "there will be one piece of content, that for technical reasons, requires the use of a combination of newly downloaded data and data that is included on the retail game disc" You dirty liars. There is absolutely no reason you couldn't patch in everything later.
  • re6 is great there some very stuipd ppl that reviewed it im loveing this game lot better than re5 only few site know what there talking about
  • Most of these retarded modders should actually play the game before calling the highly original on disc dlc card. What fucking retards they are.
  • Fuck do People still not realise the point of On Disk DLC? its so people with the DLC can matchmake with people without the DLC without the people without the DLC having to download a specific pack or something. Fucking whinging kids how strapped for cash do you have to be to complain about this game it has so much Replay value its not funny.
  • Unfortunately, the DLC will almost definitely not be free. It's ultimately up to Micro$oft about DLC prices on their market because they charge third party developers royalties for hosting game content on their market. That's how corporations operate, why offer something if there is no profit being made? Greedy bastards...
  • No Hope difficulty setting means no fun and more cheap deaths. Thanks but no thanks Capcom. Trade this game after completing it and get something new...
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