Fable: The Journey Launch Trailer Trots into View

Lee Bradley

Fable: The Journey is out this week, bringing its classy storytelling, quirky humour and slightly shonky Kinect controls to retailers across the globe.

To celebrate, Microsoft and Lionhead has released the launch trailer for the game, providing a little rousing stage-setting and a lot of Theresa’s oh-so-sexy voice.*

You can watch the trailer below, then look out for our review later this week. A thoroughbred, or fit for the knackers yard? We’ll find out soon.

*What? It's DEAD sexy!

  • Goodbye Fable, I'll miss ye
  • 0 Reviews = Bad sign.
  • I will buy it because am a big fan Lionhead Studios please make the next game without the kinect
  • i must complain about the PSP vita advert on before the trailer but otherwise i am going to hold on to my money until Fable 4 comes out
  • I wouldn't say goodbye to the Fable series just because of a Kinect game. Microsoft most likely talked Lionhead into making it. I have high hopes for Fable 4, assuming Lionhead learned their lesson from the reaction to Fable 3.
  • Fable and Gears of War will be milked dry by Microsoft.
  • MS don't own Gears.
  • I would have loved a new fable game to play ,but im not getting this as it requires kinect ,i do have kinect , i just hate TRYING to use it.
  • This trailer left me unimpressed, the demo i downloaded yesterday make this a sure buy, if not on day one, then soon after.
  • Looks like last gen graphics, wtf? Why do you keep trying to stick kinect up our ass Micro$oft
  • A bit generous on a control tracking there LOL I've had pretty hard time gettinng it to work 50% in the demo and my hands were numb after 45mins (Thankfully demo ended there too LOL). Like most Kinect games this will be a pass...
  • I can't wait to read how many copies were sold when its released.
  • Only Kinect? What a shame. That's one less copy sold to me.
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