ToeJam & Earl and Serious Sam 3: BFE Dated for XBLA

Lee Bradley

Two new (old) titles have received release date details for Xbox Live Arcade.

First up, bonkers over-the-top shooter Serious Sam 3: BFE (released last year on PC) hits XBLA next Wednesday, on the 17th October. As previously revealed the game will cost 1200 MSP, plus a further 1200 MSP if you want the multiplayer suite and Jewel in the Nile expansion.

Meanwhile, the fondly-remembered Megadrive classic ToeJam & Earl now has an official XBLA release date. It’ll funk its way to Xbox Live on November 7th. MCV is reporting that you will be able to pick up a bundle of the game and its sequel, Panic on Funkotron, for 800 MSP.

Here's another reminder of the game's ace music, should you need it. It's ace.

  • Are they having a bubble with the pricing for Serious Sam? Toejam & Earl is getting bought tho!
  • That's still a bad joke on the pricing for Serious Sam, I swear if other games start separating content like that and still charge full price... I'll just give up on most gaming.
  • Serious Sam's price.. why so serious ?
  • Glad SEGA seems to be releasing more vintage collections. I bought all 4 of the last ones they released earlier this year. They got some great games they haven't tapped yet. How about a Shining Force/Shining in the Darkness collection? Or bundle something like Cadash and Beyond Oasis together?
  • Serious Sam, lol.
  • There's also a DLC for Serious Sam second encounter HD well its on Steam anyway
  • Shining Force collection please!
  • I was just saying last night about T&E release date. DAY 1 lol And the pricing for SS is ridiculous; anyone know if that's the sand price it was on pc?!
  • TJ&E could be 2400 and I'd still buy it...but only 800?! Shut up and take my money!
  • @9: Comments like that are the reason for higher prices! ;)
  • @8 Serious Sam is $39.99 on steam and doesn't come with the Jewel of the Nile DLC, that will most likely cost extra. I'm betting they separated it like this because the file w/ everything on it was bigger than Microsoft's policy allows for an arcade game. From what I heard they could not get a publisher for a disc.
  • Stop bitching about the price. Even with the summer sale, I had to spend 15 bucks on the game and it was more than worth it. I don't even know why it's not on Demand.
  • well serious sam is finally here. while im very happy its finally made its way to xbox live, im confused with the structure and pricing. i hope i dont have to purchase both to get the shitty 200 gs. it shouldve been a games on demand title for $20 or $30 with a full 1000 gs. at least itll look even with the other 2.
  • @12 once again Microsoft's policy. They would have had to release a specific number of retail games (can't remember the number, for some reason my brain is saying 3) before Microsoft would allow them to put the game on demand. Same reason that Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath wasn't able to be put on demand.
  • @4 & 7, Yes, a Shining Collection would be GREAT. I used to play those all the time when I was a kid! Throw in achievements (I could think of some great ones) and I would play them all over again!!! I now have the Shining in the Darkness soundtrack stuck in my head :)
  • I have been waiting since the first Sega Genesis game came out on this. Bring me Toejam & Earl!
  • 3-4 years of waiting is soon over!!! TJ&E fuck yeah
  • I would love to have the Panzer Dragoon games on XBLA and psn.
  • TJ & Earl was one of my favorites as a kid, literally the first game i ever rented the day i bought my genesis. here's hoping they didn't skimp out and gave the game full online co-op....and a save system because man did those old codes suck. and as for the people asking for shining force check out Sonics Ultimate Collection can get it super cheap and it has Shining Force 1 & 2
  • The news ive been waiting for , a release date for toe jam, is it sad to be more excited over toe jam than i am assasins creed 3 ?
  • @19 Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection is one of the best deals around. It has a few stinkers on it, but a lot of the games are 16-bit essentials. The price really can't be beat.
  • toejam & earl is a must buy.
  • OMG Toejam and Earl!! Must get it!! I loved the games as a kid.
  • No online multiplayer, no sale. I've got the game already on the Genesis collection, I hate the sequel (but liked the XBox game alot), so no real motivation to buy again without that feature
  • Bring TJnE 3 over!
  • SEGA need to stop releasing all these awesome games so close to big retail releases!
  • @24 - Toejam and Earl the original wasnt on the collection though.
  • This NEEDS Multiplayer online. Love Toejam & Earl.
  • YES. TJ & E. All I can think about is the "HALLELUJAH" part. haha WOO
  • YES. TJ & E. All I can think about is the "HALLELUJAH" part. haha WOO
  • To anyone still complaining about the SS3 content split, it's because of the game's file size exceeded XBLA's limits, so they had to split it but wanted to make sure that you could still get the meat of the game for a decent price, and the DLC and the MP is the other. It was originally going to be one whole package I bet for 2400.
  • toejam & earl is awsome.. but i agree with 4, 7 and 15, a shining collection would be even better.. especially darkness, i spent alot of time playng that game, loved it.
  • People gotta understand that the original Serious Sam PC titles were full version games, not a $15-$20 downloadable title. It's listed as an arcade game but consider it more along the lines of a Games On Demand title for $40 if you want the full version.
  • I LOVE these Sega Vintage collections! The ToeJam and Earl games were among the few games I missed back in the 16-bit days, so I will definitely grab these at some point.
  • Roll on 7th November Toejam & Earl are EPIC! Although will most likely still be on assassins 3 XD
  • This is great reminds me of my brief half year in college playing this game just smoking and drinking at NYU but the sonic collection is linker is got one of my all time favs Phantasy Star 3 and they need to do a "strike" bundle Desert Strike Jungle Strike Urban Strike (although I'm sure they will omit the protecting the twin towers level since they took it off the box art of Command and Conquer 3 Red Alert) Although.... Soviet Strike and Nuclear Strike they can keep those 2 were shit shit T&E on XBLA live I love it Oh they also need to get that arcade game "NARC" the one that was getting all the parents nutty if they had any idea what the future gaming would be like they would have kept their mouths shut,some of these gory games out make NARC look like fuckin Romper Room!
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