X360A Reviews: Just Dance 4 & Carrier Command: Gaea Mission

Richard Walker

We've got a double dose of reviews for you today, with the comeback of 80s strategy classic Carrier Command and yet another Just Dance title for Kinect. Two more polar opposites you could not find, but our intrepid reviewer, Mr. Lee Abrahams has somehow managed to juggle both. Poor sod.

First up is funk-tastic mover and groover, Just Dance 4, which aims to take Ubisoft's multi-million selling dancing series to the next level, whereas Carrier Command: Gaea Mission presumably features no dancing of any kind, and hopes to win a few strategy fans with its own brand of briny, seabound tactics.

Is Just Dance 4 worth throwing shapes with? Is Carrier Command: Gaea Mission a sea-worthy vessel, or should both be locked away and sent to the bottom of the ocean?

Read our definitive Just Dance 4 review to find out.

Read our definitive Carrier Command: Gaea Mission review to find out.

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