Grand Theft Auto V Infosplosion Leaks Ahead of December Reveal

Grand Theft Auto V Infosplosion Leaks Ahead of December Reveal

Lee Bradley

Today’s a big day for Grand Theft Auto V fans, with pre-orders going live and the promise of a brand new trailer to get us excited.

But before all of that, someone over at Gamefaqs has posted what purports to be all the info from the December issue of Game Informer, which contains a welter of exclusive GTA V info. There's stuff in there about the story, main characters (!), property purchases, music tracks, mini-games and more.

It’s all unconfirmed, obviously, but yeah, looks kosher enough.

So, presented in an easy to digest, bullet-pointed list, here’s all the salient info posted online. If you’d rather go unspoiled, then you should probably avoid looking.

  • You play as Albert DeSilva a half American half Puerto Rican
  • He is 42 years old and has an ex-wife and two kids
  • The show Breaking Bad has a little influence on the game, as Albert is drawn to the life of crime from an older age for the money
  • You also play as Dougie Vejo a younger criminal just coming up in Los Santos
  • Los Santos is the only large city, smaller towns round out the countrtyside
  • Grove Street makes a return, however Carl and Sweet are not in the game
  • Money plays a large part as Albert lost most of his in a ponzi like scheme
  • Property buying is back
  • The only customization for characters are clothes/hair/facial hair. no gyms or tattoos
  • one or more characters from 4 may show up
  • car customization is back, seems more fitting for Dougie however Albert may be going through a midlife crisis
  • the triumphant return of Lovefist!!! or as the band is now known as the Jezzies
  • Songs confirmed so far: My Michelle-Guns and Roses, Magic Power- Triumph, California Dreaming - The beach boys and Beautiful-Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell
  • New mini games include golf, tennis and surfing
  • Mission played was called "Alimony" featured the scene from the trailer in which they rob the jewelry store
  • Robbery returns only for Dougie, dispensaries are a large source of cash income
  • You can switch between Albert and Dougie by holding down the back button(360)
  • Game autosaves at that point
  • Stinger makes a return
  • Speculated not confirmed Aziz Ansari voices radio DJ for current hip-hop station


  • Well... Looks like I will be pre-ordering this tonight when I pick up Halo 4... :D
  • Wow, two playable characters? Awesome :D
  • @1 I would, but Halo 4 is going to be the last game I pre-order in a long time. (I am extremely broke)
  • Two playable characters? That's weird, why does that scream Co-oP to me? Should be an awesome game nevertheless, GOTY, no, more like game of the Century.
  • Absolutely amazing news and my most anticipated game for 2013. Nice to see property buying back making money useful. Robbery was a blast in SA and nice to see that back as well. Two playable characters = epic!
  • I already pre-ordered my copy on thursday, and got my Limited Availablity Poster from GameStop. It is a sweeeeeet double sided poster. Can't wait!!!
  • cant wait for this game
  • Well that's.... interesting, not sure how I feel about this information if I'm honest :/
  • However, if we are able to get some kind of co-op out of these two characters, THAT would get me very excited (sorry for the double post)
  • Guns n' Roses & GTA? Hell Yheaaaaaa!!!!
  • Breaking Bad influence? I'm sold.
  • Sounds pretty fantastic to me! Shame Sweet and Carl aren't making a respectful cameo though...
  • @12 If they did they would be much older seeing as the years these are based on are different with GTA SA in 1992.
  • multiple charaters is a big no for me. 1 protagonist only please :) still, im not believing anything till its confirmied. are we not ment to be getting a massive info blowout at somepoint today anyway or is that on thursday
  • If its still a "sim style" GTA then forget it, take it back to the GTA3/Vice City times when the game was actually FUN
  • @#1 if you are in the UK and you are pre-ordering from GAME,i pre-ordered GTA5 last Friday(and Halo 4),i had to pay a fiver for GTA5,just letting you know to take a fiver with you :) Next Spring can not come soon enough!!
  • two playable characters is a nono for me. Wont buy it now. waste of time. As always M$ and R$ are a let down. one or more characters from 4 may show up why is that even news? surely they are going to show up or the whole statement is pointless.
  • im not looking forward to playing a middle aged guy i think it takes it away from the fun factor and sprinting around jumping over fences, i think thats part of why 4 didnt appeal to me, im glad we are going back to san andreas but i think il be playing most my time as the younger guy where possible
  • FAKE We'll just have to wait & see though. While I believe this is fake, it still believe it is all very plausible.
  • Los Santos/Grove Street without Carl (CJ) or Sweet? yet they will be bringing back far less memorable characters from 4? definetly a missed opportunity on Rockstars part. They should at least bring back OG Loc, man the missions with that character and CJ's interactions with him were hilarious.
  • "The only customization for characters are clothes/hair/facial hair. no gyms or tattoos". Damn, I was really hoping for it to go back to how San Andreas was.
  • Hope they bring something stronger to the hip-hop front than "Beautiful", or my car will be pretty quite (I say that now). For the location it's set in, I deem tracks from TDE (Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, etc.) mandatory, but I know it all comes down to licensing (and a lack of knowledge regarding semi-underground music). Either way, Broke ex-husband struggling to feed the kids, plus robbing Cali weed dispensaries? If this info is legit, then my purchase is guaranteed.
  • AAAH damn these leaks are apparently fake.
  • If the two characters means coop, then HELL YEAH! But I don't like the idea of switching characters in the game. And if this list is true, it's very disappointing that Los Santos is the only large city. Just my opinion though, I'm still excited as hell for the game. I used to play GTA4 every day until the modders really got into it a few months ago.
  • That pic isn't inspiring to me other than the big gun and quad...This isn't really a "Must Reserve" title for me,just a purchase at some point.
  • If characters from IV show up, then that means it takes place in the same universe & that's great to hear. Maybe well run into more of them in DLC's & future games
  • @26 I find your comment disgusting, obviously you werent there during the days when your mom had to buy these kind of games for you. Ah the days of my youth Must buy because R* will always be one of the best devs out there
  • Yay Golf & tennis I much prefere the old kill frenzies & carnage
  • Albert DeSilva is Walter White and Dougie Venjo is Jessie Pinkman... Biatch !
  • @28 I'm 30yrs old Sir. I've played every single GTA game(even way back when the were "new" on the pc back in the day) and most of the other R* game made,except for LA NOIRE. I would hope that your comment was directed at someone else.
  • @27 All GTA games since GTA III take place in the same GTA universe, characters from III show up in SA for example, or Ken Rosenberg showing up in vice city and SA, the only real difference is the timeline.
  • ugh, i dont want two fucking playable characters, its hard to relate to a character you play as when there is two of them....
  • @33 LA Noire had a good take on it. As did AC3 recently. I wouldn't worry too much (plus these are fake rumors anyway.)
  • Oh man this game is looking better than ever!
  • This has been confirmed as fake. Thank God, I really don't want to play as two different people.
  • No gyms or tattoos. Letdown.
  • So you switch back and forth between the two characters with the back button? How would that even work? What happens to the character that you're not playing? Does he just stand around like a dumb shit waiting for you to take control again?
  • 'one or more characters from 4 may show up' I don't see the point of 'may', as by even mentioning that you've basically confirmed it... Relief that these are fake; the whole 'hold down back button' seems a bit stupid to me.
  • What is Half American? Literally every race on the planet has American representation. You mean half Caucasian?
  • Breaking Bad is the best show on tv at the moment !!
  • @40 It means he was born in the US and that 1 of his parents was born in the US and the other was born in Puerto Rico. That means he's half American, half Puerto Rican.
  • Well if they have 2 characters that you can change, then it's got to be co-op! Announced or not. Excited as I Am for everything, it would be a big let down if campaign turned out to be SP only...
  • hope the guy in the pic isn't Dougie! Im betting one of the characters from IV is the guy in one of the first missions you are sent after to kill but you have the choice, If you choose not to kill him Niko tells him to move far away, could this be where he decided to settle?.. :)
  • This has already been confirmed as fake by one of the GI editors.
  • Hmm... two characters, sounds like an evolution of the main game/Lost And The Damned scenario. Rather than two entirely seperate single player campaigns in the same city, perhaps the two happen simultaneously? I mean, I know GTA/LatD were set at the same time, but it would've been cool if actions in one affected the other, i.e. switching back and forth in the same play session. Realise a few people have posted by now that this is all fake, but then, until it actually comes out next month, who knows? They could just be trying to put the cat back in the bag.
  • I doubt any of the information is true since several other sources say its fake.
  • since when has a poster on gamefaqs constituted as a reliable source for writing an article?
  • So Albert DeSilva is half-puerto rican and half-vague? Got it.
  • This has always been my favourite site for fake information and rumours mmmm
  • I hope the two character thing is fake. As much as I can appreciate the Breaking Bad connection, controlling two characters would be cumbersome and annoying. You'd have to have different pools of money, different weapons, different everything. It'd certainly allow for better dual-character narrative but I don't think it be worth the trade-off. It certainly seems a little too radical for a GTA game, so I'm not too concerned.
  • 2 Protagonists!? Loving this already, I love it when big franchises try something new.
  • SenatorVreenak.gif
  • golf was in gay tony. not new.
  • Am i the only one who isnt all that excited for gtav? I mean 4 was a sweet step up in graphics for the series... But the repetative 3rd person openworld/mission based game is getting stale... Just being honest... I dont hate Rockstar or the games... but even pizza gets old... They need to add badass ranks and 100's of challenges.. like Borderlands 2... More things that lvl up... To keep interest in the game/series... I actually wish Borderlands 2 had more than 5 lvls per challenge...
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