Want to Beat Halo 4 on Solo Legendary? Here’s 13 Top Tips to Help You

Dan Webb

Halo 4 is launching all over the world now and in the next few hours... heck, it's even out in Australia, so we thought we'd bring you some helpful pointers so that you can beat the game on Legendary, on your lonesome, and net those two big cheevos.

I think I said pre-launch that Halo 4 (read our review here, by the way!) was shaping up to be the hardest Halo yet, and having just come off the back of a mammoth Legendary session, completing the hardest Halo yet on the hardest Halo difficulty setting, I can tell you one thing: I was right. I like saying that, by the way.

That’s not to say that Halo 4 is impossible, far from it. But with new enemies, new larger environments and new weaponry, you’re going to have one hell of a ride if you want to complete it on Legendary. That’s where we come in with our ‘unlucky for some, definitely not unlucky for you’ 13 top tips at beating Halo 4 on solo Legendary.

Obviously, some skill is required, but if you follow all of the tips below, it should make everything so much easier. It is recommended that you play it on Heroic first to get a feel for the new enemies and how the levels shape up, but that’s not entirely necessary if you pay particular attention to our section on the enemies below. Notice I said Heroic too, don’t play it on Normal as the jump from Normal to Legendary is enough to kill the will of even the strongest man!

Oh, and the insinuation that Heroic in Halo 4 is harder than Legendary on other Halos? Just not true. Also, there will be no spoilers here, so you can read on without a care in the world. Here goes...

1. Utilise all of the weapons on the battlefield – There are often times when playing on Heroic I’d skip past power weapons of sorts, knowing that I won’t need them in the long-run because I had enough on me to take the fight to the bad guys. When you ramp the difficulty up to Legendary, that all changes. Beam Rifles that you’d walk past because you already have one are weapons to go back to once you’ve used the ammo in your current gun. Fuel Rod guns that you just don’t need because you have an Incineration Cannon are good stop-gaps so that you can save your IC ammo until you truly need it – like on the odd Banshee or against a pair of Hunters.  So, our advice is to pick them up, use them on Elites, Knights, whatever, and then go back for your original weapon once you’ve used all of the ammo up. It’s a valuable tactic that should prove to be one you use again and again. Be careful you don’t go through some doors though as some may close and never let you back through to collect your original weapons.

2. Vehicles are the way forward – Common sense, right? Well, yes, but sometimes though it might not seem possible to take a vehicle any further, but trust me, where there’s a will, there’s a way… within reason! So, for example, after you’ve tackled the open section in Chapter 2 (very early on), you can use the enemy grav lift to take a Ghost with you further into the level. When trying to gain access to the Forerunner facility and facing off against tons of foes, you’ll thank us for this tip. Another example, in Chapter 4 (at the very end), you have to make sure you take the Scorpion in the lift with you, so keep it alive until the end - first time through on Heroic I had lost it at this point. It’ll make the next area a lot simpler. The little things like this make Legendary so much easier.

3. Know your enemy – Knowing the easiest way to kill enemies in Halo 4 on Legendary is actually more key than anything else, and it wasn’t until the end of my first playthrough on Heroic that I'd honed my tactics against each foe. We’re going to break each enemy type down here so you know the easiest way to tackle them. You’ll thank us later.

Promethean Watchers – Watchers aren’t particularly hard creatures to take down, but it’s essential to dispatch these ASAP, if not first. Why? Simply because they're basically the best battlefield aids that the Prometheans have at their disposal. They’ll shield allies while their shields restore, they’ll construct powerful beam emplacements, they’ll throw your grenades back at you, they’ll shoot at you and they’ll even create more Knights to take down, which can be a pain. Focus on the flying disc type creatures early on, probably at range with a Light Rifle, or if they’re close range a Scattershot or a Suppressor will make quick work of them. This is an invaluable piece of advice.

Promethean Crawlers – The Crawlers can be relentless foes if you don’t know what you’re doing, but if you do, you can make quick work of a whole pack of them before they make their mark. You’ll want to use a ranged weapon with supreme accuracy, whether that’s a Light Rifle, Magnum, Covenant Carbine, Battle Rifle, DMR, etc. One shot in the mouth – the glowing yellow part – or to the head, thereabouts, and this beast will explode into a ball of hot yellow acidic matter. Using the Scattershot or Suppressor will work eventually but you’ll have wasted a lot of ammo. If they’re surrounding you, smack that melee button.

Promethean Knights – This is the main one to pay attention to. When you first cross the Knights it can be an overwhelming affair, especially if they’re accompanied by a Watcher, however, once you work them out, they’re not as dominating as they first appear to be. The trick here is to get them on their own (take out everything else first – Watchers first, then Crawlers, then Knights) and then get as close as you can with the Suppressor and let rip. Make sure you get to some close by cover first, so you go in with full shield. Don’t get too close either as they’ll take a swipe at you and if they do come towards you for a hit, back off slightly while still firing. The blue discharge is their shield dissipating, so keep going until they disintegrate. It’ll likely take one and a half clips if you’re accurate. The Scattershot super-close can take three shots, maybe two, depending on your connection, but these aren’t as readily available as the Suppressor is. When you get towards the end with 5-7 Promethean Knights at once, things do get tricky, but try to isolate and lure them in. The best distraction and assistant is the Autosentry armour ability, so try to have that with you whenever possible. Some Knights even drop them, so keep an eye out for that.

Elites – As with other Halo games on Legendary, the best way to take down an Elite is using the “n00b” combo – charge blast the Plasma Pistol, hit them with it to take away their shield, and then follow it up with a headshot using a pinpoint accurate gun i.e. Magnum, DMR, BR, etc. The Needler is effective too, as is the Light Rifle if you can execute headshot after headshot. Just keep your distance and stay close to some cover you can quickly duck behind.

Hunters – You’ll face many pairs of Hunters in Halo 4’s campaign, luckily there are usually weapons around to take them down with. The trickiest pair is easily the first set, towards the end of Chapter 3, so try to make your blows count there. When they're distracted by the Sentinels, throw a Sticky Grenade on the weak spot on their back. Rinse and repeat. There should be enough grenades lying around. With the second pair in Chapter 4, you should be in a tank. The third pair, in Chapter 7, there should be a Sticky Detanator lying around in a side room and on the wall (you’ll want to get the achievement associated with this chapter involving the Hunters and the Sticky Detonator while you're at it). And finally, the fourth pair, Chapter 8, try and keep hold of the Incineration Cannon that you can pick up from a Knight earlier on in the level.

Grunts – Pop in the head with a Battle Rifle, DMR, Covenant Carbine, Magnum, Light Rifle. It’s as simple as that. Line up the headshot though, so as to avoid wasting ammo.

Jackals – One shot in the head and they die, like the Grunts, so adopt the same strategy. If they have a shield, shoot their hand (left side of the shield) and when they’re recuperating, shoot them in the head – you have to be quick and this may take practice but it's a handy move. Halo Legendary veterans will know this tactic. Jackals with long-distance weapons, take them down ASAP with the BR, DMR, Carbine, etc. because they can cause a lot of damage.

4. Headshots are key – Seems like a simple thing to suggest, but it's important. Sometimes it might be easier to load the previous checkpoint than to continue if you miss your headshots… especially if you miss shots with power weapons or the DMR, the Battle Rifle - actually, any UNSC weapon, as the ammo is few and far between and they are generally the stronger weapons. Two headshots with a sniper rifle could take down an Elite, but miss the headshots and it could take as many as four. It’s the difference between failure and success. Practice taking down Jackals with shields in two shots. I’d recommend turning on the Grunt Birthday Party skull too so you know when you’ve connected with a headshot on a Grunt – that way you don’t waste ammunition shooting at a falling corpse. 

5. The right tool for the right job – There’s no point firing a Suppressor at a Watcher from the other side of the map, it’s just pointless. Use the right piece of kit for the right job. Take down a Watcher with a Light Rifle; shoot Crawlers with precision weapons; and get close and take down Knights with the Suppressor. Don’t use a power weapon on a standard Grunt and save your grenades for times when you really need them. Use the Binary Rifle on Knights and Elites, use the Sniper Rifle, Beam Rifle, etc. exclusively on Knights and Elites. Be sensible, and if you only have two weapons in your arsenal, then search for something close by to use temporarily.

6. Big things can come in small packages – “Oooohhh, look at that Grunt there, he’s so cute… I’ll just pop him in the head. Wait, what’s that!? What the hell!? He has a Fuel Rod Cannon!! Ruuuuuuunnn!!” On Legendary there seem to be more and more Grunts armed to the teeth with some bloody strong weapons. Our point is simply to pay attention to these folks first and take them down before they do any serious damage. They’ll often have a jetpack, so look out for that trait when they’re on the battlefield. Just because they’re small and weak by definition usually, don’t discard them. Whip out your accurate ranged weapon of choice, whether it’s the Light Rifle, Battle Rifle or whatever, and then quickly take them out with a headshot. Then when you can, pick up their weapon and turn it on their allies.

7. Stick to cover, hang back – In Halos gone by on Legendary, it was a case of hanging back when you had AI with you and then sweeping in to mop up the rest. Halo 4 doesn’t really present that many opportunities to do this, mainly because Master Chief is a lone wolf. In Chapter 3 there’ll be a few instances on the way to the second pylon and then to the end where you should hang back and let the action play out before you jump in, otherwise you’ll be faced with a mammoth task while wasting ammo in the process. When you do get friendly AIs to assist, use them as distractions more than anything, because chances are they won’t last long. War is tough, and Master Chief knows it.

8. Don’t get frustrated, if all else fails, seek a different approach – Sometimes there’ll be moments in the campaign where your usual strategies don’t work. If they don’t, try something else. In fact, just try anything to get through, but make sure you’ve hit that checkpoint first – it’s essentially a license to experiment. For example, taking on a Knight with an Incineration Cannon isn’t like taking on a normal Promethean Knight with a Light Rifle. Chances are you’ll have to distract it using the Autosentry, maybe sneak closer using the Hardlight Shield as protection and then unleash on him while he reloads. Heck, there might be points where you’ll have to spam grenades at groups of enemies, use different weapons that you have at your disposal, come from different approaches... Basically, do something unconventional and against what you’ve been doing for the rest of the game. The main point is to not get frustrated. You’re going to die a lot. Just accept that. And if the method you’ve been trying for an age isn’t working, there will always be another tactic that might be more risky but could get you over the finish line. It’s all about finishing, no matter how messy it might seem.

9. Make use of those armour abilities – Some armour abilities in the campaign are completely useless, others are invaluable. For instance, the Promethean vision is only likely to help you in Chapter 4 briefly, whereas the cloak doesn’t really seem to ever help, and neither does the Hologram. In fact, it’s all about the Hardlight Shield and the Autosentry. The Hardlight Shield is good last minute cover, but in all honesty, it’s ALL about the Autosentry, which is like an AI turret that fights your corner. Not only is it a perfect distraction for the enemies you’re trying to takedown on the battlefield, but it’s also accurate and does a fair bit of damage. It’s great for ammo conservation amongst all else and is even dropped by some Promethean Knights, so it’s quite readily available. Don’t be afraid to wait behind cover and let it recharge either. Seriously, get this, use this, fall in love with it as it becomes your most valuable asset when playing on Legendary.

10. Don’t use power weapons until absolutely necessary – I mentioned this a bit earlier, when talking about utilising all of the weapons on the battlefield, but I feel I need to stress this point further. Don’t use a Fuel Rod cannon to take down a Grunt, unless you’re just using it to pick up your original weapon, but even then, use it on an Elite, on a vehicle, something that deserves it. You can take down a Grunt with one bullet, why waste a Fuel Rod shot? If you’ve played Halo 4 through on Heroic beforehand then you should know what’s coming for the most part, whether you have vehicles to take out or Knights with Incineration Cannons. These are the times to save the power weapons for and the best time to use them. You don’t want to find yourself taking on a pair of Hunters with a Magnum and a Covenant Carbine.

11. Even the Master Chief gets scared – Sometimes running and bypassing enemies is a perfectly viable option, so remember that. It was an option in other Halos (Reach is a good example) and it is here too. There are a couple of really good examples early on in the game in Chapter 2: when you have to bypass the Covenant and the Prometheans in a battle on the planet’s surface – if you try to take them out before progressing, it could take you an age; and on your way to the second pylon, where you have to take out the three field generators to unlock the grav lift to the top of the pylon – simply take out the shields zipping round with the Ghost, and then take the Banshee up to the top. It’s not cowardly or cheating at all, it’s necessary if you are to keep your sanity and finish the game in a reasonable amount of hours. So if it’s possible, just peg it, staying behind cover where possible as it doesn’t take that many shots to bring you down. Bear in mind that it isn’t always possible though and in order to open some doors and hit checkpoints you’ll need to clear the way first.

12. Scavenge and don’t get ahead of yourself – 343 Industries have put some really interesting weapons in some really interesting places, and all you need to do is explore a little. Players who climb places they maybe shouldn’t be climbing and heading into rooms to rummage through whatever may lie there will generally get their just rewards. We’ve found Sniper Rifles lying on top of ships, Sticky Detonators on boxes off the beaten path, ammo on corpses and what not, so it pays to explore and scavenge. The truth is you’re not going to spend much time with the UNSC weaponry during the campaign on Legendary, mainly because the ammo on the battlefield is sparse, so getting your hands on any weaponry that can give you an advantage will certainly aid your cause.

13. Turrets are your new best friend – We’re not talking the Autosentry armour ability here - although that’ll probably be your Legendary playthrough BFF - we’re talking UNSC fixed turrets and Covenant plasma turrets. If they’re around, jump on them to thin out the numbers, being careful to jump away if you’re close to death. If no-one is around and you have to continue on into the level, grab them and take them with you. Not only will this save on ammo and what not, but it’ll allow you to make quick work of the next few batch of Covenant or Promethean patrols, which will make you feel like you’re making progress AND saving your ammunition.


If you stick to these key points, the game that some people (namely, me) are dubbing the hardest Halo ever, is in fact very doable. There seems to be far less frustrating moments in Halo 4, but every battle seems to be a chore. There’s no sniper alley lined with Jackals and sniper rifles like in Halo 2, and there’s no relentless end battle like in Halo: Reach. Sure, there’s the odd choke point, but take these tips with into battle with you and you’ll do just fine, Spartan. Good luck when you get your hands on the game and don't forget to bookmark this page!

  • Yeah bring it on!!!
  • Thx for the tips :)
  • I just completed the campaign for Halo 3 and Halo: Reach in the last week. While I did get stuck in certain spots and it caused a lot of frustration, sometimes avoiding battle is the best option. If you can get past a number of enemies without dying, you can hit the checkpoint and your progress will be saved there. It helped a lot in Reach and I'm sure it can be applied to Halo 4.
  • took me all day to do it on normal and i've done the other halo's on mythic so deffo hardest halo yet, most of the weapons i ended up using were the promethem ones since theres lots of ammo and most of them are awsome
  • Thank you for these, they will help many including myself!
  • So in other words... use common sense.
  • I beat the game on Legendary Solo on Saturday in about 9-10 hours. Really short campaign.
  • ughh can't believe this is harder than CE! Im gonna have a nightmare playing this.. But i still will play it on legendary!
  • So the tips are.. think and don't play like an idiot. Gotcha.
  • Can't wait to play, only a few more hours!
  • GET TACTICAL MARINES!!! Once again, it is our job to finish what the flyboys started. We are leaving this ship, platoon, and engaging the Covenant on solid ground. When we meet the enemy, we will rip their skulls from their spines, and toss 'em away, laughin'! Am I right, Marines?
  • @#9 - If that's what you got from that, sure.
  • @9 Tips, not a strategy guide. Why do you have to be a sarcastic douche when someone is trying to help?
  • Cortana is a lie
  • pleeeeeeeeaaaase have infinite ammo skulls pleeeeeeeeeeaaaae!!!
  • Will definitely consider these.
  • I second #16. Does the Bandanna skull make a return? If so, does it still allow for achievements? I sure do love infinite ammo.
  • @#16 & #18 - The skulls are all unlocked from the off in Halo 4, and no, there's no Bandanna skull in that lot. Whether there's skulls hidden in the levels, well, we've not found any yet... although that doesn't mean there aren't any. Although we have had a good search =P
  • @7 You're in the wrong forum. Please look at the Avatar: TLA forum to post your comment.
  • 2.5 more hours 'til I have my copy!
  • "It’s all about finishing, no matter how messy it might seem." I lol'd
  • Pop out behind cover, shoot the enemy, wait until your shield recharges. WHOA SO FUCKING HARD
  • The majority of the tips pretty much applies to any FPS game.
  • So.. Its the same as any halo then.
  • wow all you commentors are such pros! good job on being so sick at everything!
  • This'll probably save people some pain and frustration, but me, I like killing all the enemies before I progress, I mean Chief always finishes the fight, right?
  • Thank thank for tip. Big kiss!!! :D
  • #26 you mean... All you commentors, good job at being dicks... Right? Well at least some of them. Somehow i think the cod shit heads are at work in here. Just look at the amount of annoying, ignorant remarks :/
  • I play solo split screen. Leave the idol controller in a safe spot and charge in with the main account and if I die I respawn and charge in again with fresh ammo and grenades.. MUCH more fun.
  • I remember completing Halo: Reach on Legendary alone. It sure was a pain, but just cover and clear out the room, basically.
  • Prob won't even get round to attempting this on Ledge, only got about a 3rd of the way through Reach before my soul started to erode.
  • I beat every halo game solo on legendary before I even start coop! That's how its supposed to be done...
  • Thanks for the tips man. I'm having a hell of a time beating Mission 4 on Solo Legendary. It's the Defend the Hilltop Objective where you have to survive against the Promethean Knights and Crawlers. Might be the hardest part of any Legenday Campaign in all Halo games (I've completed all previous on Legendary). I'll keep trying tho
  • @7 Wow, he got thumbs down for THAT? You people seriously need to grow up. 9-10 hours seems like a fairly standard time for a Legendary run. OT: Thanks for the tips! I juts about managed ODST and Reach on my lonesome, hopefully the difficulty hasn't ratcheted up 'too much'. If it is has, then oh well, Games are rarely at their best when they're easy :)
  • Why is ammo conservation so high priority? Couldn't you use this to your advantage, and wait for your enemies to run out of ammo also?
  • 343 Industries probably made this game EXTRA-CHALLENGING (on Legendary)... so when "Halo 2" comes out for the 360... you'll be like, "Oh... I remember this being harder, but then I played "Halo 4!" ;-) With the variety of achievements to unlock in this game... it looks like it will involve multiple play-throughs for all the campaign achievements - which is find by me. I've NEVER played a Halo game just once-through and said, "I'm done!" Hours of fun to be had (and I haven't even mentioned the Spartan Ops)!!! :-)
  • @36 Are you kidding? What kiddie-game have you been playing, where the enemy runs out of ammo?!!
  • Tips seem rather obvious, but I do like the run away one. I only play co-op Halo pretty much, so when I do that, I get made fun of. I ran away a lot in Reach and ODST I think, and tried to bring it back for CE, but the confined maps put a stop to it.
  • Thanks for the tips! Need to stop being so haphazard and running in all the time, the missus has to keep waiting for me to respawn :p
  • Finished the first level on legendary last night, but dropped it down to Heroic for the time being. I'll go back through on legendary after I know the level layouts. @30 surely you won't get the achievement if it's in split screen, right?!
  • Why are people being dicks about this? This was created to help a majority of players, so there is no need for sarcasm and piss-taking! If you automatically know all this (like me) then fair enough, but you don't have to shit all over it!
  • @38 I've never played a Halo game before, I wasn't sure. I know in Metal Gear Solid 3, you can destroy ammo caches and the enemies will run out of ammo and be forced to use a lousy Makarov. You bring up a good point - why DON'T enemies run out of ammo in games? That could add a new level of strategy, I would think.
  • already finish the game on legendary twice!!!
  • @44 Wow! Why don't you start a Legendary Speed Run Thread and spread the knowledge?! @43 Then wouldn't anybody w/ sense just let the Enemy AI just shoot themselves empty? You are also comparing Apples to Oranges IMO. OT: Thanks Webb for putting this "Heads-up" strategy up. I'm personally doing it on Heroic 1st to get the hang,not get frustrated and to enjoy the story. I would like to know in advance if the Legendary ending is different than Heroic. This would give me inspiration and a "inner goal" when grinding.
  • @#45 - I believe so, but only a tiny bit different. Like, less than a second or so... it's a good fraction of a second though =P
  • So in short, play it the opposite of a boring COD game.
  • Well most of these are pretty self explanatory really for whoever played HALO... But there are a few things I could at least try and see if they will work to my advantage. Having said that, how is that a news article? Shouldn't this be in features section?
  • @#48 - So, the way the site is made up is this: specific game content, whether it's news, a feature, an interview, preview, etc., they all go in the gaming news channel. That way they all appear in the game's overview page if people need to track them down. Non game specific features go in the right hand features column. It's as simple as that.
  • THanks Dan, so it's just your code limitations, though makes sense to put it so it's associated with the game. Now back to counting down hours till I get out of work while looking at mint copy of Halo that UPS delivered=(
  • @#50 - Now worries. And yeah, effectively. We'd have to rewrite the whole site to put features in the right in the games overview page, which is why we reserve it exclusively for non game specific features.
  • Some great tips. I have a feeling not many people have tried solo legendary before so this will be very helpful for them. I have to say though I'm four chpaters in on Solo myself and I can't agree that its the hardest Halo game. It's much tougher than Reach and harder than most but Halo 2 is still much worse. 2 had all those parts sitting in a small space waiting for waves of Flood and Elities to come at you that where much harder than anything since.
  • I don't think i will even try solo legendary , having a tough time in co-op right now and only 2 missions done. Reach was not too bad after all i gave up on that half way through and didn't finish it for a year and a half. But this i think i have no chance.
  • Man. It's those damn knights. I feel like I've been shooting at this guy for 10 minutes. I've used up literally 4 clips of my suppressor and lightrifle and he is still not dead. I can tell this will be super hard in the later levels when you fight 4+ knights at once, but hopefully I will be able to find some better weapons then.
  • Here's tip #14: The weapons can be "thrown-forward" as you are picking up a new weapon. Try to anticipate where you think a checkpoint will occur, and bring a few extra weapons with you as you move through a level (particularly, when inside of a ship where doors can close behind you)! I used to do this when I played Halo on Legendary, solo, on the original Xbox. Where I would normally have to struggle with the 2 weapons I could carry... I would flip-forward about 2 "dozen" weapons to where I knew a big battle would take place (and a door in a hallway would close my path behind me)... and not worry about running out of ammo. I NEVER needed a "Bandanna" skull! ;-)
  • thanks for these tips! i'm currently going back to CE and playing all the way through before starting HALO 4.. just to kind of refresh my memory and relive the old days. should be fun!
  • Great help thanks! Just finished the normal playthrough, time to smash out the legendary run!
  • I've made it up to mission 4 by solo legendary. mission 3 was kinda of a hassle for me. I really need to find a better way to kill the knights though. they seem to be the biggest problem. If anyone has any hints let me know please cause i gotta finish this up soon lol
  • at comment #6 its funny how you beat halo 4 on saturday on november 3 when the game just came out on november 6 hmmm.awkard isn't it?
  • @58 Plasma pistol overcharge takes down their shields, and then use a precision weapon until its dead (or automatic if you are close). If you don't have a plasma pistol, precision weapons work pretty well too (although they can take quite a few shots). Anyway, am I the only one who thought this was the easiest halo to date? I beat it on legendary solo with no problem. Sure, I died a few times, and some spots took a few tries, but no problem really...
  • If anyone wants to go though this on legendary co-op then feel free to add me. Gone4aDuck
  • yeah, i beat this on legendary and i thought it was the easiest halo yet. just aim for the head!
  • already beat this on legendary co-op, now time for a solo go through
  • @7 9-10hrs isn't that short of a campaign for an FPS these days, CoD rarely clocks in at that. Plus Spartan Ops picks up after the main campaign (just not as Master Chief), so you're essentially getting another games worth of material for free.
  • Another useful tip: Know where the ammo towers are, and know which ones are limited and which are infinite (ex: UNSC ammo tower on the right when you first encounter the Covenant on Foreward Unto Dawn.) they are placed in some key locations later in the game and are nice places to crouch while waiting for your shields to recharge since you can pick up ammo for Light Rilfes, Assualt Rifles, BAR's and Supressors at the same time.
  • if anyone needs help in lendendary in coop please add me i'm only be online on monday to friday on morning like 9am to 1pm uk time. my gamertag is hussainsajid25
  • The solo walkthrough is a PITA (for me anyway). These tips should help so thanks!
  • BIGGEST TIPS I NEED TO TRY: -Use the autosentry. -Use suppressor on knights. (I was attempting to kill them from a distance) I'm going to give this Legendary run a shot.
  • The cloak and the hologram are extremely useful if you want to conserve ammo. You can use the cloak to line up headshot Undisturbed so you don't end up spraying, and you can use the hologram to lure enemies in closed or an assassination. (You can also sneak around with the cloak from cover to cover to get past groups of enemies, which is what I did)
  • Question about this guide. In the area you wrote about the hunters you wrote, "The trickiest pair is easily the first set, towards the end of Chapter 3..." I haven't quite finished ch 3, but did you mean the end of ch 2? There was a pair right before the end and they were fighting sentinels. This set would have been hard except there were fuel rod cannons everywhere laying around made it easy. Didn't know if this was the set you meant, or if I should be watching out for the pair at the end of ch 3.
  • Defending one point in Chapter 4 was downright maddening.
  • This will help a lot I am doing the campaign on legendary cause you get mark vi armour and I am getting so frustrated mainly on mission 4 not just parts of the level the entire thing I have 4 more to do and they are harder then the first 4, so, I have a night tonight and a long day on Sunday, then I have to get 4000 more kills for the monthly challenge. It will be all worth it.
  • very good advice but despite this I still can not finish this campaign
  • Thank you so much! These tips really helped improve my skills as a Spartan and helped me to finish the campaign with my brother. Now I just need to finish it myself!
  • this is so easily the hardest Halo yet hahaha so excited for 5 tho
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