Dance Central 3 Going 'Gangnam Style' With PSY and Usher DLC

Richard Walker

You wanna dance? Anybody wanna daaance? Well, you can dance to two new Usher tracks for Dance Central 3 from tomorrow, with both tunes taken from his latest album 'Looking 4 Myself'.

Both tracks also feature authentic moves and choreography designed by Usher’s choreographer, Aakomon “AJ” Jones, just like the pair of Usher tunes already featured on the Dance Central 3 disc. Yay.

On November 27th, you'll also be able to download PSY's "Gangnam Style", which is taking the world by storm. Probably. We really don't know to be honest. It'll feature all the moves from the YouTube phenomenon, which has garnered over 700 million views, so it must be good.

Look at the tracks and a lovely video from Mr. Usher below.

November 20th - Usher Pack 01 - 400 Microsoft Points (240 MSP each)

  • Usher - ”Euphoria”
  • Usher - “Twisted” featuring Pharrell

November 27th - 240 Microsoft Points

  • PSY - "Gangnam Style"
  • Always good to know there's an abundance of 'good' music these days...
  • Opa Xbo Style!
  • Must resist urge to buy Kinect
  • HEY!! wheres call me maybe?! jk I have the usher songs... they really suck. dance and songs.
  • Why do people listen to this gangnam song crap?
  • #5: Because they are inferior human beings to you. That's why. :)
  • You cares whether you like the the gangnam style song, it's just going to be awesome to learn to dance like that!
  • Love it. Getting "Gangnam Style" day 1. This game is pretty amazing so far. =D
  • Ay sexy lady...My children have been gripped by this song! but its cute because they are 3 & 4!
  • I don't care what you guys say, Gangnam style is awesome
  • Gangnam Style DLC already.. this is why we can't have nice things.
  • ^ I don't get it.
  • Too bad there wasn't an achievement tied to Gangnam Style lol.
  • I think I now want this game.
  • Open Condom Style!
  • There should be an achievement for finished gangnam style called something along the lines of "American Idiot" (I am an american, before anyone gets offended). People do realize that dance is meant to be a joke right?
  • Aakomon, oh you're my best friend, in a world we must defeeeeend.
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