THQ Secures Lifeline as CFO Paul Pucino Resigns

Lee Bradley

Mixed news for ailing publisher THQ overnight.

The company, which has been on the brink of bankrupcy for months now, has announced the resignation of its chief financial officer.

No replacement has been named, with FTI consulting retained to assist THQ’s finance and accounting team.

“We would like to thank Paul for his significant contributions over the past four years and wish him well in his future endeavors,” said THQ chairman and CEO Brian Farrell.

So that’s the bad news. The good news is that the publisher has secured a loan that will keep it operating into 2013.

It’s an important move as it will give THQ enough time to get its upcoming slate of (recently delayed) games onto shelves, thus allowing for a spike in revenue.

Now all THQ has to do is cross its fingers that Metro: Last Light, Company of Heroes 2 and South Park: The Stick of Truth perform well enough at retail to save it.

  • I'm still not sure about Metro: Last Light, but i may be getting it. Good luck to THQ.
  • They'll both be good but not that good, bye bye THQ
  • Metro should shift a few copies, Company of Heroes was given really good scores so should do alright and as much as everyone loves South Park, will the game sell enough to keep THQ going? I hate to see any gaming related company close so best of luck to them.
  • Metro: Last Light, just like 2033, will be underrated and it won't be as big as it should be. Unfortunately, in today's gaming society, we are fed the most simplest of FPS games, which take you by the hand and guide you point-to-point. Metro asks that you play smart and find your own way to the objective. Tell me, how is a game like that to survive? /sarcasm It is disappointing, but when you are pushing another revision of Saints Row into stores and not worrying about the future, you are digging your own grave. Hope they can make it out alive, otherwise sell your IP to a publisher worthy of owning them.
  • Metro best thing thq ever made...
  • when it didn't do the gasmask glitch on you, i enjoyed 2033 until that point where i was outside, and nob jockey threw his mask away just as it checkpointed, and it refused to pick up a fresh one after that rendering my save void i'll probably get last light, 2033 didn't annoy me too badly til the glitch, happened a few times on my first run, but never as i went through a CP...put it this way, i'd much rather play last light than BLOPS 2 as for the other 2 games, well, i doubt i'll bother, probably not my cup o tea
  • Can't wait for the south park rpg !
  • Out of the 3 Company of Heroes will probably sell the most copies. With South Park people might be worried due to Obsidian's recent track record of games, plus South Park has lost a lot of its luster over the years. If the game gets some really good scores, I'd be happy with an 8 out of 10, then it might be worth playing. And Metro: Last Light. God I want this game to sell and be a sleeper hit, but unless they seriously worked out the kinks that made the first game problematic, its gonna be a tough sell. A good demo and some pushing by retailers would be the best way to get this title moving. Also since they've sold the first game cheap anyway, a weekend where Metro 2033 is free for Gold members.
  • I'm grabbing Metro as soon as it hits the shelves. I will never forgive THQ if they go tits up before the game is released!
  • Now, they will cancel the horrendous delay on South Park. Right? Right?? Right???? :(
  • The sad thing is, scores mean nothing. Company of Heroes may be garnering great scores, Metro may be critically acclaimed, and Saint's Row may be a fantastic series, but all of that doesn't matter because they don't have a golden goose like CoD. Some may disagree with that sentiment, but it's based in truth. Everyone I know personally that refuses to play SR do so because they see it as a poor-mans GTA, most of those people haven't even played it. These same people don't pick up under-the-radar games like Metro, they buy the games that everyone else plays, or that are incredibly popular, and that goes for the general public as a whole. Go down to your nearest game store and look at the top ten for any console. Do you see any surprise entries that aren't part of a sale? Chances are, you won't.
  • I'll be picking up two of those games (if they're ever released).
  • I sure hope gamers will come through. This is one great developer that shoudl stay around and second hand market could lead this company to bankrupcy next year. If you want to see another Darksiders, Warhammer, Metro, etc I urge you to preorder or at least buy new all of their games. I know I will=D
  • I hope they dont fold, i want darksiders 3+4
  • I always liked THQ I hope they do not close. I will be preordering South Park Stick of Truth. I need a good RPG and I love South Park so much. That game looks awesome. I hope it will help them.
  • Actually giving serious thought to pre-order Last Light. Really enjoyed 2033.
  • Buying South Park day one. Hope THQ pulls though this.
  • Phew, I've been looking forward to those titles for quite some time and I'd hate to see them cancelled.
  • I hope this South Park game turns into a franchise. It's been 14 years since the original South Park game came out and I've been jonesing for one (I'm NOT counting Chef's Love Shack lol) to come out ever since. They should make a casual South Park MMO or game collection on the 360. I'd be all over that. And to whoever says South Park has lose it's luster, you might wanna check the ratings. It's one of the only shows to sustain it's audience after 10 seasons and actually GAIN viewers with every season. So South Park isn't going anywhere any time soon.
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